10+ Excellent Halloumi Cheese Substitutes

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Halloumi is a high-fat Greek cheese that originated on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It’s a semi-hard, brined cheese created from sheep and goat milk.

This mild cheese is made out of flaky layers of a younger white cheese, comparable to Mozzarella. It is often cooked and may be used as a meat replacement for barbecue. Halloumi cheese is also often eaten in salads or with fruits like as watermelon.

If you run out of Halloumi cheese at a picnic, what should you do? The good news is that you can try a variety of Halloumi replacements. Several of these alternatives are already in your kitchen. Let’s see who they are.

1. Queso Para Frier

Queso Para Frier is a Central American cheese that works well as a replacement for Halloumi when grilling or frying. When grilled or fried, it gets a gorgeous golden hue and is excellent with salads, vegetables, and meats.

When fried, Queso Para Frier is significantly softer than Halloumi yet retains its structure. You may also use it to create baked goods or popular recipes like Queso Frito.

2. Queso Panela

Queso Panela is a cow’s milk cheese similar to Queso Para Frier. It is a semi-soft white Mexican cheese that may be baked or fried.

This mildly salty cheese has a light texture that makes it a tasty complement to dishes. Crumble it over Quesadillas and other baked dishes that call for a light, moist cheese. Queso Panela stands up well to heat and tastes fantastic when roasted or baked.

3. Saganaki

Saganaki is a good choice for a cheese that can endure very high temperatures. It’s created using Greek cheeses like Kefalograviera and Keflotyri.

This is a Halloumi cheese alternative that may be melted over meals, flambéed, or pan seared. Use it in salads or as an appetizer on warm pita bread. Fried Saganaki is served with lemon to cut through the richness.

4. Feta

Feta is a crumbly Greek goats milk cheese that differs somewhat from Halloumi. It is one of the world’s oldest cheeses, known for its sour flavor and rich scent.

It is saltier than Halloumi and is often used in dishes as a stronger taste choice. Yet, because of its decreased fat level, Feta is a healthier cheese alternative. Crumble it over dishes that need salty, earthy cheese, such as green salads.

5. Kefalotyri

Kefalotyri is a sour Greek cheese produced from sheep or goat milk from Cyprus. It is one of the oldest hard Greek cheeses, dating back to the Byzantine period.

This renowned cheese tastes similar to Gruyere and is one of the replacements for Halloumi, which is firmer and creamier in texture. It’s also more pungent, which means it could overshadow certain foods.

Kefalotyri works well with appetizers that call for salty, creamy cheese. Grating it over salads, sauces, pizzas, and stews is another option. For a healthful snack, combine it with fruits like grapes and other tangy cheeses on a cheese board.

6. Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco is yet another adaptable replacement for Halloumi cheese. It comes from South America and makes a great garnish or topper for dishes.

This widely consumed cheese is soft, unaged, somewhat salty, and creamy. You may either fry or grill it till golden brown and crispy. It may also be crushed and mixed into rice dishes, salads, tacos, and enchiladas, or grilled and eaten on its own.

7. Paneer

Paneer is a fresh white cheese that is also known as Indian cottage cheese. It is widely used in curries and is created from sour milk.

This gentle Indian treat adds a creamy touch to spicy dishes. Paneer, like many Halloumi cheese replacements, is delicious when fried. To temper the spiciness of a vegetarian curry, use it as a meat alternative. You may also prepare cheese skewers and Indian Kheer using Paneer as appetizers and sweets.

8. Provolone

Provolone is a fantastic choice for melting cheese that tastes like Halloumi. It is a semi-hard mild Halloumi cheese alternative that may be grilled.

Although Provolone may keep its form when seared on a grill, it dissolves when pan-fried for an extended period of time. It may be used in lasagna, grilled sandwiches, and fondue. It also complements savory foods like chicken spaghetti and salads.

9. Tofu

If you’re searching for a vegan substitute for Halloumi, consider tofu. Tofu is simply a curdled soy milk bean curd. This healthy alternative originates from Japan, where it has been used for almost 2,000 years.

Tofu absorbs the flavors of the spices and sauces in which it is cooked. Without them, it lacks taste when compared to Halloumi. Yet, it is just as flexible and tastes fantastic in savory dishes. Tofu may be used as a protein in sauces or as a soft cheese replacement in lasagna. It may be be grilled or used in stir-fries.

10. Mozzarella

When you require a thick, creamy cheese, one of the Italian Halloumi cheese alternatives you may use is mozzarella. It began in the 16th century, when buffalo husbandry became popular in Southern Italy.

This creamy, nutty cheese is manufactured from cow and buffalo milk and is often used in pizza and pasta dishes with tomatoes and basil. Mozzarella has a bouncy texture, but when heated, it becomes creamy and velvety.


Halloumi is an excellent cheese to use while frying or grilling. It grills well, but it also tastes great raw and is often used in Mediterranean cuisine. If Halloumi is not available, you should be able to locate any of the aforementioned replacements in a supermarket or specialized shop.


What foods are similar to halloumi?

These are some decent halloumi substitutes.
Paneer. Paneer is often manufactured using buffalo milk in India and other parts of the globe, although it is most typically made with cow’s milk in the West.
Freir’s cheese. tienda.corsolecheria.com…. Kefalotyri or Kefalograviera…. Cheese Curds…. Mozzarella.
And finally…
Nov 23, 2022

What is a hard cheese like halloumi?

Kefalotyri is prepared from sheep or goat’s milk, similar to halloumi, but it’s harder and saltier, with less tang. This Greek cheese also has a high melting point, allowing it to be grilled without becoming a gooey mess.

What Mexican cheese is like halloumi?

Panela cheese is also known as “queso de canasta” or simply “queso canasta.” Panela cheese, like Indian paneer or Greek halloumi, softens when cooked but does not melt, allowing it to keep its form when fried or grilled. After cooked and seasoned, it is often served as an appetizer.

Is halloumi cheese similar to mozzarella?

Halloumi is a white, layered cheese made from sheep’s milk on the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It is comparable to mozzarella. It has a little spongy feel and is semihard, unripened, and brined. It has a tart and salty taste and no rind. Typically made using goat’s and

What cheese is closest to halloumi?

Feta is a kind of cheese.

It is similar to halloumi cheese. Feta is a cheese produced from sheep’s milk or a mix of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk that is delicious in salads. Feta may also be chopped into cubes like halloumi cheese, making it an excellent halloumi cheese alternative.

What cheese can I substitute for halloumi cheese?

If you’re searching for a replacement for halloumi cheese, some choices are feta cheese, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, or Camembert cheese.

What Greek cheese is similar to halloumi?

Mastelo is a kind of cheese.

Mastelo, which is similar to halloumi but creamier and less squeaky and salty, may also be prepared from sheep’s milk and has a somewhat more yellow color and elastic texture.

Does Aldi sell halloumi cheese?

ALDI Emporium 30% Lighter Halloumi 225g.

Can I substitute queso fresco for halloumi?

Fresh cheese

It is created from cow’s or goat’s milk that has been curdled with rennet. The taste of queso fresco is moderate, and the texture is somewhat crumbly. It works well as a replacement for halloumi in salads, pasta dishes, and pizzas.

What is the American version of halloumi?

What exactly is Halloumi? In the United States? If you’re having trouble finding halloumi, it’s possible that you’re hunting for the incorrect item! Halloumi is sometimes known as grilled cheese in the United States. While historically manufactured in Cyprus, it is also popular in Turkey and may be found under the name hellim.

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