5+ Substitutes for Campari Tomato

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The Campari tomato is a medium-sized tomato that is well-known for its juiciness and sweetness. You may wish to utilize these tomatoes in a variety of dishes, but they are not always available. In this post, we’ll look at several good substitutes and alternatives for Campari tomatoes.

The Campari tomato is a flexible fruit that necessitates several outstanding substitutes for a variety of situations. Thus, whether you’re searching for a recipe for filled tomatoes, pizza, sandwiches, or something completely different, there’s a suitable alternative waiting for you to try.

1. Tomaccio

Tomaccio is a cherry tomato with a strong sweet taste. Because of the sweet taste, sun-dried tomatoes found on grocery store shelves may make a good alternative for the Campari kind.

Since they are cherry tomatoes, they are somewhat smaller than Camparis. Take this into consideration when substituting amounts in recipes.

2. Super Sweet 100

The Super Sweet 100 is a sweet-tasting cherry tomato that may be used in salads in lieu of Campari tomatoes. The Super Sweet 100 is great for putting into Mediterranean salads since it is just approximately 1 inch in diameter.

The tart-like sour flavor combines with the sweetness that erupts in the mouth to make the Super Sweet 100 an excellent snack.

3. Ciliegino

Ciliegino, a variety of Pomodoro di Pachino, is one of the best quality, premium-tasting cherry tomatoes available on the shelves of high-end grocery shops. These sweet tomatoes are a wonderful substitute for Campari and are ideal for chopping into little chunks and presenting with mozzarella and speciality meats like salami.

If you can’t get Ciliegino, you may substitute practically any other cherry tomato. In fact, we’ve included more than one cherry tomato on this list to offer you a few options.

4. Grappolo

These grape tomatoes, a kind of Pomodoro di Pachino, are somewhat bigger than some of the other cherry-style tomatoes on the list thus far. Grape tomatoes go well with olives, cured meats, and other salty appetizers that benefit from a little sweetness and moderate acidity.

With Campari tomatoes often used in pitas with slices of mozzarella, crisp salad leaves, and juicy meats, the Grappolo type may also be utilized well in such recipes.

Another fantastic feature of these tomatoes is their stunning appearance and aroma, which is guaranteed to wow dinner guests, partners, or family members.

5. Plum tomatoes

Plum tomato cultivars such as Roma and San Marzano are ideal culinary substitutes for Campari tomatoes. Whether you’re preparing a sauce, paste, or salsa, they may be a great substitute.

There are hundreds of plum tomato kinds available in stores, with many of them canned, which is good to pick up if you want to cook with them.

Avoid using plum tomatoes as non-cooking substitutes, such as in salads, when a grape tomato or cherry tomato would be preferable.


Are campari tomatoes same as cocktail tomatoes?

Campari tomatoes, often known and sold as tomatoes-on-the-vine or cocktail tomatoes, are a sort of hybrid tomato. They are between cherry and plum tomatoes in size, having a somewhat rounder form than the plum kind.

Can you substitute campari tomatoes for plum tomatoes?

Conclusion. Finally, plum tomatoes are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a tasty and nutritious tomato. But, there are a few more excellent replacements available that provide comparable advantages. Canned tomatoes, Campari tomatoes, tomato paste, beefsteak tomatoes, and grape tomatoes are the five replacements.

Are campari tomatoes similar to cherry tomatoes?

Tomatoes with Campari

This tomato has a similar look to Cherry Tomatoes, although it is significantly bigger. They’re prized for their sweetness and juicy texture, and they’re often served fresh over salads, mozzarella, or speciality meats.

What’s the difference between Campari and cherry tomatoes?

Campari tomatoes are classed as cocktail tomatoes because they are somewhat larger than cherry tomatoes but smaller and rounder than plum tomatoes. They are deep red, even redder than most store-bought tomatoes, since they are produced hydroponically and matured on the vine, without the need for pesticides.

Is there another name for Campari tomatoes?

In supermarkets, they are often offered as “tomato-on-the-vine” (TOV), a kind of tomato that has grown in popularity over the years.

What is so special about Campari tomatoes?

Campari tomatoes are widely recognized as among the sweetest and most delicious tomatoes available. They’re famous for their exceptional texture and specific acid and sugar balance, which gives them their particular flavor.

What do Campari tomatoes taste like?

Campari tomatoes, a retail staple, are said to be among the most taste tomato kinds. They have a great acidic to sweet flavor and are delicious in a variety of cuisines as well as just off the vine.

Are Campari tomatoes sweet or sour?


The Campari tomato is commonly considered as not only the sweetest but also the most flavorful tomato type. They have a very deep red hue since they are cultivated hydroponically and matured on the vine.

Are Campari tomatoes expensive?

Campari tomatoes cost $4 per pound.

What tomatoes are best for canning pasta sauce?

Roma-style tomatoes provide the biggest production of sauce in the shortest length of time. Roma tomatoes are your best choice for bulk canning tomato sauce or making your own tomato paste!

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