7 Excellent Grenadine Substitutes

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Grenadine is a brilliant crimson, non-alcoholic syrup that is sweet and tangy. It is often used in the preparation of cocktails. And is well-known for giving a splash of color and flavor to cocktails such as the Shirley Temple and the Tequila Sunrise.

Pomegranate juice, sugar, and water are combined to make this delectable syrup. Yet, contrary to popular belief, it does not contain cherry extract. The term grenadine is derived from the French word grenade, which signifies pomegranate.

Are you creating a cocktail that calls for grenadine syrup but can’t seem to get it anywhere? This article has a list of 7 grenadine replacements that will do the job and make your drink taste amazing.

Top Pick: You may replace homemade grenadine for store-bought grenadine.

1. Homemade Grenadine

The first grenadine syrup replacement is homemade grenadine. If you can’t find the syrup at your local grocery shop, you can make it yourself. Creating your own grenadine syrup at home using pomegranate, sugar, and water is an excellent replacement. It has the closest texture, color, and flavor to grenadine.

Since homemade grenadine is generally a bright pink tint, it gives your drink a lively, colorful appearance. If you’re concerned about the strange substances found in store-bought syrups, homemade grenadine is a great alternative.

2. Pomegranate Juice and Simple Syrup

Pomegranate juice and simple syrup are two more alternatives to grenadine. The end product is a sweet syrup that tastes like grenadine. To make it, use 2 parts simple syrup and 1 part pomegranate juice.

This bright-red syrup is a great alternative for those who find grenadine overly sweet. This manner, you may control the sweetness by varying the quantity of simple syrup used.

3. Raspberry Syrup

Raspberry syrup is another grenadine replacement that has an equal mix of sweet and acidic tastes. It’s created from raspberries and has a stronger flavor than grenadine. This fruit syrup is also tart, making it an interesting addition to drinks.

Since it is bright red and has a similar texture to grenadine, the syrup is an excellent choice for cocktails. Raspberry syrup imparts a unique berry taste to the dish. It’s also available at most liquor shops and supermarkets.

4. Pomegranate Molasses 

Pomegranate molasses is an excellent replacement for grenadine syrup. This is a syrup prepared from pomegranate juice that has been cooked and reduced. In reality, it’s a Middle Eastern staple with a robust sweet yet acidic taste.

The molasses is thick and sticky, with a deep and powerful flavor. It is also a rich crimson hue, similar to grenadine, which adds a striking visual accent to your cocktail. While it is not as sweet as grenadine, you might alter the flavor with a little simple syrup.

5. Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Cranberry juice cocktail is a concoction of concentrated cranberry juice, syrup or sugar, vitamin C, and water. This is a delightful combination of sweet and acidic tastes, akin to grenadine syrup. It also works well as a replacement for grenadine.

This delightful beverage adds a splash of vibrant red color to drinks. It tastes more like cranberry than pomegranate. As a result, it will be a touch sour. Cranberry juice cocktail is available at most supermarkets and retailers.

6. Strawberry Daiquiri Syrup

Strawberry daiquiri syrup is strawberry juice mixed with sugar that is used to enhance the taste of beverages. It’s a pre-mixed beverage that’s often used to prepare the popular strawberry daiquiri drink.

This syrup is a sweeter alternative to grenadine. It also has a thicker consistency and less tartness. It also has a distinct flavor from grenadine since it is created from strawberries. But, if you want less sharpness and more sweetness in your smoothies and drinks, this is an excellent choice.

7. Cocktail Cherry Juice

Cocktail cherry juice, with its rich cherry taste and balanced undertones of sweetness and acidity, is a great substitute for grenadine. It also has a vibrant red hue that enhances the appearance of the drink.

This tasty drink has an unique cherry flavor and does not taste exactly like grenadine. They are similar in color, however, and cocktail cherry juice provides a rush of sweetness with a tinge of tart. It is widely available in supermarkets and grocery shops. It has several health advantages, making it a great grenadine alternative.


Why not try one of these gorgeous alternatives for your drinks the next time you can’t locate grenadine syrup? Try with different grenadine substitutes to see which one works best for you. You could even prefer it to grenadine.


What can I use in place of grenadine?

What about another amazing grenadine substitute? Simple sugar with pomegranate juice. Combine 2 parts simple syrup and 1 part pomegranate juice in a mixing bowl. It produces a delicious, vibrant crimson syrup that tastes just like the genuine thing.

What fruit is similar to grenadine?

These are the top five Grenadine alternatives.
Pomegranate Juice (one).
2 – Cherry Juice.
Raspberry Syrup (no. 3).
Strawberry Syrup (no. 4).
Red Grape Juice is number five.
Jan 11, 2023

Is grenadine just cherry syrup?

Grenadine, contrary to common perception, is not a cherry-flavored syrup. It has nothing to do with maraschino cherries. This sweet-tart syrup is created from pomegranates and is surprisingly simple to prepare at home. Consider grenadine in the same manner that you would consider simple syrup and sour mix.

Can you use honey instead of grenadine?

Honey is another good grenadine substitute since it has a similar sweet-and-sour flavor. You may simply make a basic syrup out of honey and water, which you can then use to substitute grenadine in beverages that ask for it.

What flavor is grenadine?

Grenadine is a sweet tart red non-alcoholic syrup that is widely used in cocktails and mocktails. It’s created from pomegranate juice and has been used in cocktails and bartending for a long time.

What is simple syrup vs grenadine?

Is Grenadine the same as regular sugar? Grenadine is often made using simple syrup, although grenadine is not simple syrup. Grenadine is just simple syrup with the addition of pomegranate juice.

What is grenadine made of?

The three major components of homemade grenadine syrup are pomegranate juice, sugar, and lemon juice, which creates the right mix of sour and sweet. In contrast, store-bought grenadine is often produced with little more than high-fructose corn syrup, citric acid, and red food coloring.

Is grenadine a pom or cherry?

Pomegranate is used to make grenadine. (The name “pomegranate” is derived from the French word “granade,” which translates as “pomegranate!”) People may sometimes substitute maraschino cherry juice for a brighter color and because it is less expensive, but authentic grenadine is derived from pomegranate, not cherry.

What is the most common grenadine?

The Mott’s brand “Rose’s” is by far the most popular brand of grenadine sold in the United States, and is made up of the following ingredients (in descending order of concentration): high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, FD&C Red #40, natural and artificial flavors, and FD&C Blue #1.

What is the boy version of a Shirley Temple called?

So many people wonder whether there is a male Shirley Temple. There is, indeed! This is the Roy Rogers. A non-alcoholic Roy Roger’s cocktail is also produced using coke and grenadine syrup.

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