7+ Mafalda Pasta Substitutes

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Mafalda pasta, often served with a Bolognese sauce, is one of Italy’s pasta gifts to the world. These curling ribbon-like pasta strands originated in Naples, Campania, but are now popular in Sicily and Puglia as well. After Princess Mafalda of Savoy’s birth in 1902, several pasta producers named this pasta after her.

Mafalda pasta is also known as reginette (small queens in Italian), mafalde, and mafaldine. It is typically produced with durum wheat semolina and water and is available in both short and long strips. Rich, creamy sauces complement this versatile pasta. It goes well with pesto, beef shin ragu, and tomato-based sauces.

Since the ridges of Mafalda pasta retain sauces effectively, every mouthful is packed with your preferred sauce. But, it may be difficult to locate on your typical shopping run. As a result, we’ll look at several alternatives to mafalda pasta, as well as the best methods to utilize them.

7 Perfect Substitutes for Mafalda Pasta

Mafalda pasta is essential in dishes such as La Barba di San Giuseppe, Mafalde Funghi, and Tuscan Cavolo Neropesto. Here are 7 ideal mafalda pasta substitutes to keep the flavor of these delicacies:

1. Pappardelle

Pappardelle is a kind of classic pasta that is formed like wide ribbons. They are long and flat, with a width of around 13mm, and may have straight or ribbed edges. Pappardelle is created using an egg batter. As a result, the dough for this pasta is smoother and richer.

For creating thick, rustic sauces and stews like beef stroganoff, use this mafalda pasta replacement. Pappardelle is great for mopping up pot roast or other well-cooked meat stews. It works best in a big bowl or on a plate.

2. Lasagna

Lasagna is most likely a familiar dish in your household. As a result, it is a commonly accessible substitute for mafalda pasta. Lasagna is a flat, wide sheet of pasta that does not need pre-boiling since it absorbs moisture from the sauces in which it is baked.

To make a luxurious replacement for mafalda pasta, just boil the lasagna sheets and top them with your favorite sauce. If you like, you may cut the cooked lasagna into ribbons for a similar shape.

3. Linguine

Linguine is flatter and wider than spaghetti, but not as wide as fettuccine or tagliatelle. Nonetheless, it is an excellent replacement for mafalda pasta. This is especially important when making a meal that asks for longer pasta strands or ribbons.

Linguine pairs well with thinner, lighter sauces like herbed clam sauce. If you want a healthy alternative to mafalda pasta, whole-wheat linguine is one option.

4. Fettuccine

Fettuccine is a long, hand-cut noodle that is usually regarded as one of the original pasta shapes. This pasta resembles tiny ribbons and is popular in Tuscan and Roman cuisine. Linguine is wider, fatter, and flatter than fettuccine.

The exquisite fettuccine dough yields pasta with a soft texture and delectable taste. For preparing a creamy Alfredo sauce, it’s a great alternative for mafalda pasta. This will be the ideal complement when topped with more parmesan and heavy cream.

5. Casarecce

Casarecce is a delicious Sicilian pasta with shorter lengths and a subtle twist. Any pasta with ridges and hollows, as you may have seen, retains and conveys sauces effectively. Casarecce pasta and its grooves are an excellent companion to any sauce, light or rich.

It goes well with pesto or cream-based heavy sauces. To acquire an extraordinary joy, soak up your excellent tomato-based sauce with each piece of casarecce pasta.

6. Penne

Penne is an Italian dish that is called by its similarity to the quill. Its rigate or ridged version would be a superior mafalda pasta alternative since it is sturdier and holds more sauce.

Serve penne rigate with any thick sauce that is oil-based, tomato-based, or cream-based. Penne pasta is excellent in a number of ways. It’s also ideal for recipes that call for baking the pasta.

7. Rigatoni

Rigatoni is derived from the Italian word rigato, which means ridge. These are short, broad pasta tubes with a smooth inside but a rough or ridged outside.

Rigatoni is an excellent replacement for mafalda pasta due to the ridges running along its length. It’s also fantastic for baked meals like timballo, which is famous in Sicily. In baked pasta dishes, this spaghetti works nicely with cheese. Rigatoni goes well with hearty recipes like Spaghetti Alla Norma or ones with a lot of meat and veggies.


There are other varieties of pasta available, but these are the finest substitutes for mafalda pasta. Each has a similar flavor to mafalda pasta and goes well with a variety of sauces. Any of the aforementioned mafalda pasta substitutes should provide a delicious Italian supper.

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What can I use in place of Mafalda pasta?

Mafalda is a suitable substitute. Noodles that are long, broad, and flat with rippling edges; thinner than lasagna. Strong enough to withstand a thick cream or meat sauce. Fusilli may be substituted.

What is another name for Mafalda pasta?

Mafaldine, also known as mafalda or reginette (meaning “little queens”), are long broad flat pasta ribbons with scalloped or ruffled ends, similar to pappardelle.

What type of pasta is mafalda?

Mafaldine is a ribbon-shaped pasta that is also known as reginette (Italian for “little queens”) or simply mafalda or mafalde. It is flat and wide, typically 1 cm (12 inch) wide, with wavy edges on both sides. It’s made in the same way as other ribbon-based pastas like linguine and fettuccine.

What are the thick flat noodles called?

Fettuccine: Flat, thick noodles with the Italian term “little ribbons.”

Which pasta substitute is best?

6 Healthy Substitutes for Classic Pasta
“Zoodles” are Zucchini Noodles. Zucchini has a minimal saturated fat, salt, and cholesterol content.
Shirataki Noodles. Quinoa Pasta. Rice Pasta. Black Bean Pasta. Shirataki Noodles.

What is Mafalda pasta in English?

What Exactly Is Mafalda Pasta? Mafaldine is a ribbon-shaped pasta that is also known as reginette, mafalda, or mafalde. It is flat and broad, with wavy edges on both sides, generally around 1 cm wide. These seem to be thinner lasagna noodles.

What does mafalda mean in Italian?

Matilda is well known in Italy and Portugal. “battle-mighty”

What is cheese stuffed pasta called?

Ravioli. This is the most popular filled pasta. Raviolo is the solitary form, and they are often produced by sandwiching the contents between two sheets of pasta (versus using one piece of pasta and folding it over). The most common filling is cheese-based, and its details vary from place to region.

What is stuffed pasta called in Italy?

This packed pasta dish, known as cannelloni in Italian, is known as manicotti in America.

What is the Italian pasta that looks like candy?

You’ve most likely never heard of caramelle. It’s filled pasta, and if the name seems like it might be a candy bar, that’s not by chance: The previously unknown pasta form gets its name from the caramel wrappers it resembles.

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