8+ Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitutes

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The liquid left behind after cooking chicken is reduced and condensed as chicken stock concentrate. When used in your meals, it gives a rich, savory kick. In certain cases, a chicken concentrate alternative is required, and we will look at some of the finest possibilities in this post.

Substitutes For Chicken Stock Concentrate

1. Chicken Stock

Chicken stock concentrate is simply concentrated chicken stock, as the name indicates. As a result, preparing homemade chicken stock or buying fresh broth from the grocery would be an ideal option.

The ingredients and tastes in both chicken stock concentration and fresh chicken stock are the same. In your meals, substituting one for the other would be undetectable. Chicken stock, on the other hand, is not as thick as its concentrate cousin. As a result, you should not use additional water while cooking with it.

2. Vegetable Stock 

If you don’t want to use a concentrate or stock generated from meats, vegetable stock is a healthy replacement. The broth is produced by boiling herbs and vegetables in water. Onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, bay leaves, thyme, spice, and other seasonings are common.

This nutritious stock has a rich taste and a lot of nutrients. It’s also great for vegetarian or vegan recipes. It doesn’t have the taste of chicken, but it will bring a lot of flavor to your recipe. It may be prepared from scratch or bought at the grocery.

3. Bone Broth

Bone broth has been around for millennia and is becoming more popular owing to its nutritious value. It’s also a great replacement for chicken stock concentration. Bone broth is created by boiling animal bones and connective tissues in order to create a broth.

This nutrient-rich broth may be used to create soups and sauces and has several health advantages. To be sure, it may have a somewhat different taste than chicken stock concentrate. When chicken stock concentration is unavailable, it nevertheless gives a meaty blast of flavor.

4. Gravy Granules

Gravy granules are freeze-dried stock grains. They may also be combined with hot water to produce gravy. Nonetheless, because of their salty and powerful characteristics, these delectable granules are an ideal replacement for chicken stock concentration.

They thicken foods well, and a little goes a long way. As a result, when adding gravy granules to your saucepan, add a bit at a time until you get the desired consistency. There are also other gravy granule tastes available, including chicken and veggies.

5. Beer

Beer works well as a replacement for chicken stock concentration. Cooking with beer gives your meal a moreish depth of flavor and eliminates the need for extra salt. It’s also used as stock, broth, and baste in a variety of sauces and stews across the world.

If you’re looking to reduce the salt level of your cuisine, this refreshing beverage is a great option. But, keep an eye on the consistency of your meal since beer does not decrease as much as chicken stock concentrate. As a consequence, too much beer may result in a watery meal.

6. Wine

Wine is an excellent replacement for chicken stock concentration. It is often used in cuisine, particularly in sauces and stews. It adds a rich and warm fruity taste to any food, which is why it is so popular.

Wine, like beer, is watery, thus using too much may impair the dish’s consistency. As a result, it’s better to start with a little amount and monitor how it affects your diet.

7. Stock Cubes

Stock cubes are a great alternative to chicken stock concentration. All you have to do to create stock is dissolve the cube in boiling water. For a more strong taste, crumble it immediately into the dish. They have a lengthy shelf life, making them an excellent component to have on hand.

These concentrated flavor cubes have a salty flavour to them. Thus, if you’ve added a stock cube to your pot, try it before adding salt. Stock cubes are available in a variety of tastes, including beef, chicken, mutton, and vegetable.

8. Water and Butter

Maybe you want the thick and fatty flavor of chicken stock concentration. In such scenario, a butter-water mixture might be a good replacement. Just combine a stick of salted butter and a cup of warm water.

It gives the meal a comparable oiliness and a creamier taste. And it will not change the consistency of your soup, stew, or casserole. This may not have the same chicken taste as chicken stock concentration. Yet, the water and butter combo remains an excellent fatty alternative.


Because of the deep, savory taste it lends to meals, chicken stock concentrate is a must-have in any kitchen. Yet, when it is unavailable, certain substitutes do an excellent job of adding depth of flavor to your foods. Thus, don’t be afraid to try the above-mentioned substitutions for your next culinary production.


How do I substitute Hello Fresh chicken stock concentrate?

If a recipe asks for stock concentrate plus a few cups of water, you may use broth for the stock concentrate.

Can I use chicken bouillon instead of chicken stock concentrate?

Bouillon cubes are salty and have a little chicken taste. As a result, you might substitute them for the salt in the recipe to enhance the taste of the chicken stock. Easy procedure, although rather time consuming. Bring the supply on hand to the amount of concentrate required.

Is chicken broth the same as chicken stock concentrate?

What exactly is broth concentrate? Broth concentration is just stock or broth that has been super-reduced to a minimal quantity of powerful taste. It’s probably not all that different from when I used to decrease my own handmade stock, freeze it, and then rehydrate with water as required.

What can I use instead of liquid chicken stock?

What Is the Greatest Chicken Broth Substitute? Here Are Four Excellent Suggestions (Including One You Definitely Have on Hand)
Water. Don’t be afraid to replace water with chicken broth…. Bouillon cube…. Vegetable stock…. Bean or chickpea liquid.
Aug 20, 2020

What is a unit of stock concentrate from HelloFresh?

HelloFresh, Benita Burney.

They are given in tablespoons. Each packet of stock contains about two concentrated stocks.

Is better than bouillon a chicken stock concentrate?

carton that can be stored on a shelf. Stock, as the name implies, is formed from bones, while broth is derived from meat or boiled vegetables. Better Than Bouillon is a concentrated paste consisting of cooked meat or vegetables that you dilute with boiling water in whatever amount you choose, and it can keep in the fridge for months.

Can I reduce chicken stock to make concentrate?

Yes, editor! You may manufacture your own concentrated stock by simmering it until it has decreased. It takes a bit longer, but it results in a more concentrated product.

How much chicken bouillon equals chicken stock?

One chicken bouillon cube equals about one cup of chicken stock. It is crucial to remember, however, that the bouillon cube must be dissolved in water before usage. Hence, if you use one bouillon cube to produce one cup of chicken stock, you must also add one cup of water to the mix.

Is better than bouillon a broth concentrate?

or veggies that may be utilized in a multitude of ways, like as preparing a simple soup or adding flavor to a favorite dish. What is a Better Alternative to Bouillon? Better Than Bouillon is a concentrated food foundation composed of cooked meat and vegetables.

What is chicken stock concentrate made of?

Natural flavor, salt, chicken fat, sugar, maltodextrin, yeast extract, and xanthan gum.

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