8+ Excellent Mizithra Cheese Substitutes

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Mizithra, commonly known as Myzithra cheese, is a fresh whey cheese from the Greek island of Crete. It is produced by curdling goat or sheep milk. The curd is then placed in a cheesecloth bag and let to dry for a few days. The drying curd transforms into a sweet, velvety mass of Mizithra cheese that may be cooked or eaten on its own.

There are two types of Mizithra cheese: fresh and aged. Fresh Mizithra is white, wet, and creamy, having a milky sweetness to it. It may be served as a table cheese or crumbled over fruit with honey for dessert. Mizithra cheese has a salty flavor and is often crumbled over casseroles, spaghetti, and salads.

Mizithra cheese substitutes are in considerable demand these days. This is most likely due to the scarcity of Mizithra cheese. Thus, if you’re seeking for Mizithra cheese alternatives, here are a couple to try.

1. Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone is an Italian cheese that is somewhat sweet, creamy, and spreadable. It also has a high level of saturated fat. As a result, it is preferable to consume it as a treat.

It is composed of heavy cream and is used as a garnish for sweets such as cheesecake and fruit salads. Mascarpone may also be used to thicken savory meals such as soups.

2. Ricotta Salata Cheese

Ricotta Salata is an Italian cheese prepared from whey that has been matured for at least three months. Its fresh form is white, creamy, and sweet, making it an excellent alternative for Mizithra cheese.

This delectable cheese is often served with sweet sweets and baked goods. Aged Ricotta Salata, like aged and salted Mizithra, goes well with pasta and salads.

3. Kefalotyri Cheese

Kefalotyri is a salty hard Greek cheese manufactured in Cyprus from sheep or goat milk. It is normally aged between 2 months to a year, adding taste as it ages.

Kefalotyri has a taste comparable to Gruyere, but with a touch more salt. It’s usually served with Saganaki, a Greek cheese snack. But, it may also be grate over stews, sauces, vegetables, and meats. Kefalotyri is especially popular on cheese boards with fruits like figs and red wine.

4. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese, a white goats milk cheese from Greece, is another good option for Mizithra. It’s a brine-aged sour, salty table cheese.

Feta, which has a crumbly texture, is often sprinkled over baked foods and is occasionally used in savory pastries. It may also be used in sauces, soups, and salads.

5. Cotija Cheese

Cotija is a salty, milky-flavored hard and dry Mexican cheese manufactured from cow’s milk. It’s a crumbly cheese named after the municipality of Cotija de la Paz in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

Cotija cheese is available in two varieties: fresh and aged. Because of its tangy, salty taste, this Mizithra cheese alternative is great on soups and salads. Crumble it over grilled corn, tacos, black bean soup, or serve with charcuterie for a tasty treat.

6. Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano is a popular Italian Mizithra cheese replacement. It’s a firm, salty, aged sheep’s milk cheese.

Because of its earthy, powerful taste, pecorino is finest grated over pasta, pizzas, and soups. Because of its conjugated linoleic acid concentration, it is regarded as one of the healthiest cheeses.

7. Manouri

Greek Manouri cheese is another option for Mizithra cheese substitutions. Manouri is a byproduct of the feta-making process derived from goat or sheep milk.

Manouri cheese may be used in the same way as yogurt is. It may also be crumbled over salads or incorporated to pastries with honey. It has a high fat content and tastes like fresh yogurt, with a mild scent and a somewhat sour flavor. Manouri also pairs nicely with other cheeses and is often seen on cheese platters.

8. Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan is a popular Italian cheese that works well as a replacement for Mizithra. It is made in the Northern Italian provinces of Parma, Bologna, and Reggio Emilia, among others.

Parmesan cheese production goes back to the Middle Ages, when Italian monks created dry cheese. The nutty, salty taste and gritty texture of parmesan make it an excellent complement to pasta, salad, and pizza. Parmesan may also be used to creamy chicken, garlic bread, lasagna, and filled vegetables.


You now have various Mizithra cheese replacements to choose from. Many people consider Mizithra to be the best cheese in the world. Moreover, some claim that it is the most popular cheese on the Greek island of Crete. You’ll understand why after you’ve tried it.


What cheese is most similar to mizithra?

Substitutes. Although nothing compares to the original, you may use mascarpone or ricotta for fresh myzithra and ricotta salata, Parmesan, or Pecorino Romano for aged myzithra.

Is Mizithra cheese similar to Parmesan?

If you get good Parmesan from the store, it will taste and feel similar to aged mizithra, albeit it won’t be as creamy. On average, Parmesan is somewhat saltier than mizithra.

Is mizithra similar to feta?

Mizithra (Xino, Kopanisti and Manouri) (Xino, Kopanisti and Manouri)

Consider a mild feta the consistency of ricotta. This is often found on the island’s horiatiki salads, although it may also be ordered individually.

Is mizithra same as ricotta?

Mizithra (Greek: [mizira]) is a Greek whey cheese or combined milk-whey cheese made from sheep, goats, or both. It is available as both a fresh cheese (similar to Italian ricotta) and a salt-dried grated cheese (similar to Italian ricotta salata). The milk-to-whey ratio is commonly 7 to 3.

Does Trader Joe’s carry mizithra cheese?

Mizithra cheese is available at Harmons, Sprouts, and Trader Joe’s.

Where to buy mizithra cheese in USA?

Mizithra Cheese is available for delivery or pickup.
Delivery by 6:50pm from Sprouts Farmers Market
Pickup is available.
Safeway will deliver by 7:00 p.m.
Delivered by Lucky Supermarkets by 6:55pm
Pickup is available by 8:00 p.m.
Mollie Stone’s Markets will deliver by 6:55 p.m.
EatalyPickup is available.
Costco will deliver by 7:15 p.m.
Delivery by 6:55 p.m. from Lunardi’s Markets.
More to come…

What is mizithra cheese in English?

Fresh Mizithra is a Greek cheese prepared from leftover sheep’s milk whey from the production of other cheeses such as Feta and Kefalotiri. Whole sheep’s milk or entire goat’s milk is added to the whey. In appearance and texture, it is comparable to ricotta.

Will mizithra cheese melt?

Mizithra cheese is somewhat salty and does not completely melt. It’s ideal for this recipe since it delivers a concentrated rush of flavor when you bite into it.

How do you pronounce mizithra?

Mizithra (pronounced mee-ZEETH-rah) is a Greek cheese that has been dubbed “the most sensual cheese in the world” by author Sabine Ivanovas in her novel “When Zeus Became a Man.”

What are the 4 Italian cheeses?

Mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola, and ricotta are among the most popular Italian cheeses.

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