8+ Hominy Substitutes

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Hominy is a bean-like grain with several health advantages that complements a variety of different cuisines. The grain has long been used in Mexican cookery, and it is the major component in the popular Mexican dish Pozole.

Hominy is derived from the Powhatan language and meaning “prepared corn.” Corn, of course, has been around for a long time and has been used to make various ingredients such as this one. After going through the nixtamalization process, the maize has a particular taste that many people fall in love with right away.

If you lived in a big Hispanic neighborhood, getting this ingredient would be simple. If you don’t, you may have to make do with replacements. Since you’re undoubtedly wondering what the greatest hominy alternatives are, we’ll go through them in this piece.

What to Substitute for Hominy?

Looking for alternatives to hominy? They are as follows:

1. Canned Hominy

When you can’t find fresh Hominy, the first thing that comes to mind is canned Hominy. Several companies produce this preserved variant to make it easier to obtain Hominy when fresh options are unavailable. They are identical to the original grain, with the exception that they must be preserved with preservatives.

Other from the fact that one is in a can, there isn’t much difference between the canned and fresh versions. They both have a mild and tempting taste and should be dried before used. Canned Hominy, like canned maize, is a fantastic replacement for making dishes like beef soup.

2. Samp

Samp is another option to explore as a replacement for Hominy. This maize has been around since colonial times and is of Native American origin. It, too, is made from dehulled maize kernels, but the techniques are different.

The difference in production results in a difference in appearance. Samp, unlike Hominy, comes in fragmented chunks because it must be diced and crushed during manufacture. Apart from that, it has a similar flavor to hominy and a high fiber content, giving it another nutritious alternative.

3. Corn

Since maize is the source of hominy, it stands to reason that corn grains make excellent hominy alternatives. Grain was dominating in Mexico about 9.000 years ago before migrating to other continents. Its sweet flavor also makes it an excellent ingredient for a variety of dishes.

Hominy differs from maize in appearance because it must be soaked in an alkaline solution. While the technique alters the taste, it remains true to the excellent corn flavor. Corn grains are now cheaper than hominy.

4. Dry Beans

If your recipe calls for Hominy, substitute dried beans for the grain. These beans have been dried, as the name says, to help them last longer in storage. After harvesting, some bean plants, including kidney beans, black beans, Great Northern Beans, and navy beans, may be dried.

Since beans are not corn, they do not taste like hominy, but they may be soft and filling if cooked properly. Since they are dried, you must boil them until they are tender before using them in cooking. You may also add garlic or onion to give the meal a distinct flavor and scent.

5. Grits

Grits are also a good alternative for hominy, which is similarly prepared from maize. The dish originated with the Native American Muscogee, although it was adopted by American colonists later. It quickly became a delicacy in many regions of America.

Grits, unlike hominy, are mushy and resemble porridge, creating the impression that the two meals are not the same. Nonetheless, both are maize products, and whereas Hominy is seeded, grits may be an excellent alternative. You simply need to boil them for a few minutes before adding them to other meals or serving them as a side dish.

6. Polenta

Despite many people are unfamiliar with this dish, it is one of the best hominy replacements. Polenta is an Italian dish that was popular among working-class households. The straightforward meal was cooked using maize and other beans or legumes.

Polenta is a mashed version of Hominy that is made by stirring it in a saucepan for forty minutes. The time required to cook Polenta is one of the reasons many people choose alternative replacements. Nonetheless, it’s a versatile dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways, including grilling and baking.

7. Chickpeas 

Chickpeas are one of numerous good hominy replacements. The pea has no known origin, however most people believe it originated in Turkey or Syria. Nowadays, both light and dark-colored chickpeas are mostly grown in India.

Chickpeas and hominy are not the same, but they make an excellent alternative due to their gritty and nutty taste. It has a high nutritional value since it includes a lot of protein, minerals, and vitamins. If you want to use exclusively corn meals, you may want to consider different hominy options.

8. Millet

If you want to replace Hominy in your dish, millet is a fantastic substitute. Despite its popularity in the United States, whole grain originated in Neolithic China. Its powdered form is rather normal, but its intact seeds may be utilized to produce delectable recipes.

Since these seeds are smaller than maize yet comparable to corn grains, they taste like Hominy. Apart from that, they have a sweet flavor that adds a new depth to any dish. Millet Grains are another inexpensive hominy alternative that may be found in practically any grocery shop.


You have many hominy selections to choose from while preparing your meals. The option you choose is determined on the food you’re making. Thankfully, canned Hominy is available at a variety of places. If you can’t locate one near you, get one from Amazon. If you are not making pozole, you may substitute other ingredients.


What can be used in place of hominy?

While cooking homemade pozole, chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) may be used in place of hominy. It has a mild, earthy taste that goes well with the other ingredients of pozole Verde. Chickpeas have a mild gritty feel and are less chewy than hominy. When cooked, it has the texture of a potato.

What can I substitute for hominy in pozole?

Garbanzo Beans replace Hominy in Pozole

Hominy has a somewhat chewy kernel texture with a mild savory taste similar to grits or tortillas.

Is hominy a substitute for corn?

Canned hominy may be used in place of canned sweet corn in many recipes to add complexity of taste and texture. Bake it into a delicious dish like Slow Cooker Hominy Squash Casserole or use it in your favorite cornbread or chili recipe.

What is hominy compared to?

Cooked hominy kernels are around three times larger than fresh sweet corn kernels. They may be eaten plain or added into corn-based meals like succotash.

Is hominy the same as corn grits?

Yellow corn grits are manufactured from dent corn, often known as field corn. (Hominy grits are distinct in that they are manufactured from nixtamalized maize, which has been steeped in an alkaline solution.)

Is hominy the same as grits?

Grits are porridge prepared from boiling cornmeal. Hominy grits are grits produced from hominy – maize that has been nixtamalized (processed with an alkali) and the pericarp (ovary wall) removed. As a breakfast food, grits are often flavored.

Can you make menudo without hominy?

Juanita’s Sin Maiz Menudo is created in the same manner that generations of families have made handmade menudo. This variation sans hominy is popular in Mexico’s center and southern regions.

What did Mexicans use to make pozole back then?

Pozole was originally produced from the human flesh of captives whose hearts had been torn out during ceremonial sacrifice. Luckily, cannibalism was outlawed during the Spanish invasion in the 1500s, and the flesh in this meal was substituted with pig.

What can I use instead of hominy on Paleo?

The hominy in the stew starts to thicken the sauce as it cooks. Nevertheless, since maize products are not Paleo-friendly, a substitute for hominy is required. Acorn or butternut squash are excellent substitutes for this corn product.

Can you buy hominy not in a can?

While dry hominy may be purchased and cooked in the same manner as dried beans, canned hominy is our preferred option in the BA Test Kitchen. Cooking dried whole hominy from scratch seldom (if ever) matches its irresistible consistency.

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