9+ Raclette Cheese Substitutes

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Raclette cheese is a popular soft cheese made in Switzerland’s Alpine regions. It is prepared with mild and unique bacterial strains and aged for three months in brine.

It’s often melted and spread over bread, meat, or vegetables in restaurants. Raclette cheese, with its smooth texture and mild taste, may also be used in fondues.

Raclette may be difficult to buy at grocery shops since it is region-specific. As a result, consumers are continually seeking for mild and nutty-flavored cheeses to compensate. Thus, if you’re seeking for Raclette cheese replacements, here are a couple to try.

1. Gruyere

One of the most typical Raclette cheese replacements is young Gruyere cheese aged 6 to 9 months. It’s a cow’s milk cheese with a gritty texture and earthy taste. Gruyere is a high-fat cheese that mixes well with meals that call for melted cheese.

Young Gruyere may be used in pastries, omelets, creamy soups, and fondues. It may also be served with meats such as braised beef, shrimp, or chicken.

2. Appenzeller

Another good replacement for Raclette is a full-fat young Appenzeller aged 3 to 4 months. Appenzeller is a strong-smelling, hard cow’s milk Swiss cheese that has been around for over 700 years.

It has a mild, nutty taste and creamy texture, similar to Raclette, and is often melted over potatoes and pasta. Appenzeller is aged with a herbal brine, which gives it a unique bite and makes it a perfect element for grilled cheese sandwiches.

3. Gouda

Raclette cheese may be substituted with Gouda cheese, which is widely accessible. It’s soft and airy, with a sweet taste. And it’s created with whole cow’s milk that has been matured for 1 to 20 months.

A fresh Gouda is perfect for fondues, while an aged Gouda goes well with crusty bread and wine. Gouda cheese may also be used in a cheese presentation with fruit.

4. Emmental

Emmental cheese, which has been matured for 2 to 18 months, is another excellent Raclette replacement. Its eyes and golden hue set it apart from other Raclette cheese analogues. Emmental gets its characteristic taste from the eyeballs that develop during fermentation.

In soufflés or baked dishes, young Emmental cheese may be substituted for Raclette. It also goes well with charcuterie, especially flavorful pickles and cold-cut meats.

5. Asiago

Asiago cheese is a replacement for Raclette cheese from the Trentino and Veneto areas of Italy. It has a nutty taste that is comparable to Raclette cheese and grows stronger as it matures. Ageing fresh Asiago or Asiago Pressato takes 20 to 40 days. It takes 1 to 3 months for mature Asiago or Asiago Dallevo to mature.

Aged Asiago may be used in any dish that asks for melted cheese. It’s also delicious in salads, sauces, and pasta dishes. Fresh Asiago goes well with sandwiches and panini.

6. Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg, a popular Norwegian cheese, is a low-fat cheese that works well as a Raclette alternative.

It has a nutty, sweet taste and a semi-soft texture, making it one of the greatest Raclette cheese replacements. Make grilled cheese meals with Jarlsberg or a cheese dipping sauce for roast or fried potatoes.

7. Beemster

Beemster is a delicious Dutch cheese that is often used in Dutch cooking. It is manufactured from the milk of cows reared in the Dutch Beemster Polders, making it a one-of-a-kind cheese.

Beemster cheese may be used in creamy soups or pasta recipes that call for sweet, creamy cheese. If you desire a different taste than Raclette cheese, there are spiced Beemster cheeses available.

8. Kasseri

Kasseri is a Greek cheese from the pasta filata family that is prepared from raw sheep and goat milk. As a table cheese, this semi-hard cheese has a mild, milky, and sweet taste.

Kasseri is a full-flavored cheese that works great with sandwiches, pizzas, and omelets. It is commonly accompanied with wine in many Turkish meals.

9. Cheddar

If you’re seeking for a British Raclette cheese equivalent, Cheddar is the greatest option. It was called after Cheddar, an English hamlet where it was initially manufactured.

Depending on the meal, you may use white or yellow cheddar cheese. Cheddar, like Raclette, has a moderate taste with nutty overtones. It’s also great for grilled meals like grilled cheese sandwiches with salami.


Raclette is a versatile cheese that may be used in a number of cuisines. Due to its melting qualities, it is most often used as a fondue cheese. Go no farther than our top options for Raclette cheese replacements. You’re sure to discover the ideal substitute for your meal.


What cheese can replace raclette cheese?

The 5 Greatest Raclette Cheese Substitutes
1 – Gruyere. Gruyere cheese is a kind of Swiss cheese that originated in the Swiss area of Gruyere.
2 Emmental Cheese… 3 Fontina Cheese… 4 Asiago Cheese… 5 Appenzeller Cheese.
Feb 26, 2023

Is Gruyere cheese the same as raclette?

Raclette vs.

Raclette and Gruyère are both Swiss Alpine cheeses that are sometimes used interchangeably in recipes requiring melting cheese. Raclette is a semihard cheese that has been matured for at least six months and up to 24 months.

Can Gruyere be used for raclette?

If you can’t get raclette-specific cheese, use any extremely delicious melting Swiss cheese, such as Gruyere or even Appenzeller. Assemble the cheese so that it has a level surface to melt in front of the fire.

What can I use instead of raclette for fondue?

The best part about this dinner is that you don’t even have to use raclette cheese. Comparable semi-soft alpine cheeses, such as French Morbier or Italian Fontina, make an excellent replacement. If you can’t locate them, you may use another kind of Swiss cheese, such as Emmental or Gruyere. In a pinch, Cheddar will suffice!

Is Gouda a raclette?

For used as a Raclette alternative, use young Gouda. Gouda is a delicious Raclette cheese replacement that is widely available. Use a 1:1 ratio of Gouda in raclette cheese grill recipes.

What English cheese is similar to raclette?

Raclette Cheese in England

With its rich, fruity flavors, Ogleshield is most comparable to Raclette in style, and it melts just as well. Put it on a Raclette grill or just melt it on a sandwich!

What makes raclette cheese different?

Swiss raclette cheese is a full-fat, semi-hard cheese that has been aged for at least three months and is manufactured from raw or pasteurized cow’s milk with no additives. Raclette cheese is recognized by its pleasant scent and excellent melting qualities.

Why is raclette cheese so expensive?

To begin with, Swiss raclette cheese is only prepared from premium milk. This typically implies that they make the milk from grass-fed cows and then add particular bacterial strains to it to generate lactic acid and secondary metabolic flavor. So you can guess what types of expenses that procedure incurs.

Is raclette a type of Swiss cheese?

Raclette is a kind of Swiss melting cheese. Raclette is derived from the French word for “to scrape” and refers to both the kind of cheese and the traditional Swiss meal with which it is served.

What is equivalent to Gruyere cheese?

There are several different premium cheeses that may be used in place of Gruyère. Depending on whether you’re melting cheese or adding diversity to your charcuterie board, Beaufort, Comté, Jarlsberg, Emmental, or Fontina are all options.

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