Alternatives to Oaxaca Cheese

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Several Mexican meals include Oaxaca cheese. It is named after the Mexican state of Oaxaca in the south of the country. This post will provide you with some outstanding oaxaca cheese substitution ideas to assist you in selecting a suitable replacement.

Oaxaca cheese has a soft texture similar to mozzarella. The manufacturing technique is even comparable to that of mozzarella. The cheese is coiled into a ball after being stretched into strings. It has a little salty flavor. Since Oaxaca cheese melts easily and compliments other ingredients, it is popular in quesadillas, empanadas, and other filled foods.

Oaxaca cheese is excellent, but it might be difficult to locate in your local supermarket. If you still want to eat Mexican cuisine for supper, here are some cheese substitutions.

Substitutes for Oaxaca Cheese

1. Mozzarella

As previously said, Oaxaca cheese is remarkably similar to mozzarella in texture, flavor, and even manufacturing procedure. Because of their similarities, mozzarella may easily substitute Oaxaca. Shredded mozzarella may be added to your next tostada or taco.

Mozzarella has much more water than Oaxaca cheese. To avoid this, search for low moisture mozzarella at the shop. It may not work as well in quesadillas or other dishes that need the cheese to be melted.

2. String Cheese

Most people think of string cheese as a snack rather than a component in a meal. In a pinch, string cheese may be substituted for Oaxaca cheese. Both cheeses are stringy and soft, with low melting points. Their mild, salty taste is similarly comparable.

String cheese is also more widely accessible than Oaxaca cheese or many of the replacements suggested. Most string cheese, on the other hand, is severely processed, and the flavor will be more artificial than Oaxaca cheese. The manufacturing method also reduces its melting capacity, yet it will still work nicely in a quesadilla.

3. Monterey Jack

Another Mexican cheese is Monterey Jack, which originates from the state of Monterey rather than Oaxaca. Its mild, salty flavor is sometimes compared to Oaxaca cheese, and the similarities in taste explain why it is an excellent alternative. Monterey Jack melts nicely, so it may be used in empanada fillings, quesadillas, and other dishes.

If you’re looking for an Oaxaca cheese substitute, be sure to acquire the unaged Monterey Jack. The saltier, more pungent taste of aged Monterey Jack will overpower the meal.

4. Asadero Cheese

Another popular Mexican cheese is asadero. It is produced in the northern Mexican states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, and Michoacn. It’s a pleasantly salty, soft cheese that melts and grates readily. Asadero cheese is traditionally used in chiles rellenos and other filled meals. It may be used in lieu of Oaxaca cheese in quesadillas and other similar recipes.

Because of its comparable flavor, texture, and even origin, Asadero is one of the greatest Oaxacan replacements. Asadero, on the other hand, is even uncommon in the United States than the far more popular Oaxaca. If you’re seeking for an alternative because you can’t locate Oaxaca cheese in your local grocery shop, asadero is unlikely to be available either.

5. Muenster Cheese

Slices of Meunster Cheese

Muenster cheese has an orange peel and is mild and semi-soft. It was invented in the United States by German immigrants attempting to reproduce a cheese from their homeland of Alsace (a region now in France).

Muenster, like Oaxaca cheese, is soft and melts readily, making it suitable for quesadillas. But, avoid the older variety since it is considerably more pungent.

6. Queso Panela

Queso Panela is a great substitute for Oaxaca cheese in salads, tortillas, and quesadillas.

This white Mexican cheese has a silky texture. It has a creamy flavor and a salty flavor, and it melts beautifully over most meals without getting stringy like Mozzarella.

It is more widely accessible in certain locations than others, and it may even be branded as Queso Canasta in the shop.


If you require an oaxaca cheese alternative, any of the cheeses listed above would suffice. Whether you’re looking for a salad substitute or some tasty finger food, this list has something for you.


What is Oaxaca cheese compared to?

Oaxaca is a mild cheese with a stringy texture similar to mozzarella that melts quickly. Cotija cheese has a harsh sour taste and a gritty texture that won’t melt, similar to aged parmesan. Queso fresco is a fresh cheese similar to feta with a little acidic taste and a crumbly texture that won’t melt.

Can I use queso fresco instead of Oaxaca cheese?

Cheddar Queso Fresco

It works well as an Oaxaca cheese replacement because it melts nicely and its mild taste blends well with the other ingredients in the meal. It’s not a string cheese like queso oaxaca, and it has a saltier taste. Nevertheless, queso fresco may be used in lieu of Oaxaca cheese.

Is Oaxaca cheese the same as mozzarella?

Mozzarella may be prepared with either cow or buffalo milk, but Oaxaca cheese is only made with cow milk. Both are white, but the mozzarella is spongy while the Oaxaca cheese is stringy and soft. Oaxaca cheese is not cured, while mozzarella is.

Is Oaxaca cheese the same as queso blanco?

Captioning Possibilities. Alright, so they are all technically white cheeses, but queso blanco is a separate cheese. It has a similar taste to oaxaca, but it keeps its form when cooked, making it ideal for frying or grilling (that kind of grilled cheese).

What is a good melting Mexican cheese?

Queso asadero is a melting cheese from Mexico. It has a moderate flavor and is soft, white, and creamy. It is often used to create pizzas, quesadillas, and queso fundido.

What is Oaxaca cheese in English?

w-HAH-k), also known as quesillo and queso de hebra, is a Mexican white, semihard, low-fat cheese. It tastes like unaged Monterey Jack yet has the texture of mozzarella or string cheese. wəˈhɑːkə Queso Oaxaca (Spanish: queso Oaxaca) (

What makes Oaxaca cheese unique?

Oaxaca is prepared in a unique style that takes both time and talent, which is one of the many reasons why this cheese is so sought after. Rennet is added to whole milk during the cheesemaking process to separate the curds and whey. The curds are then immersed in boiling water to soften and malleable them.

Does Mexican queso fresco melt?

When heated, queso fresco softens but is difficult to melt. You may melt it over low heat to produce a cheese dip or sauce, but it will likely stay chunky. It is often used as a filler for chiles relleos (stuffed chiles), quesadillas, and burritos in its soft condition.

What is Mexican cheese Oaxaca style?

Queso Oaxaca is a fresh, typical Mexican-style cow milk cheese. It has a salty-sour flavor and is light and creamy. Mexican cheese is wrapped in string and is perfect for melting into a creamy dip or in quesadillas.

What is the closest cheese to Mexican cheese?

Paneer, halloumi, or a firm ricotta are the finest replacements.

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