Amchoor Powder Replacement

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Amchoor powder is a delicious, sour, tart powder prepared from dried green mangoes from India. There are various spices that may be used as a replacement for amchoor powder.

Amchoor powder adds a zingy, delightful taste to meals and is widely used in traditional Indian cooking. It tastes like a blend of pineapple and lemon with a tinge of turmeric. It’s popular in curries and spicy rice dishes.

What Is Amchoor Powder?

Amchoor powder derives its name from the Hindi terms Am and Choor, which signify mango and powder, respectively. It is an excellent spice for both savory and sweet foods.

Amchoor powder may be used in recipes that call for tamarind juice, lemon juice, or vinegar. Chutneys, curries, spicy meat, seafood, and rice dishes are a few examples.

Amchoor is most often added towards the conclusion of the cooking process to prevent it from imparting a bitter taste. It also works well as a meat rub. It also enhances the taste of drinks.

Amchoor powder may also be used as part of a balanced diet. It assists in weight reduction and digestion.

Amchoor Powder Substitute

Amchoor powder is often used since it has so many advantages and tastes great in foods and drinks. When seeking for a substitute for amchoor powder, there are various additional possibilities.

1. Anardana Powder

Anardana powder is made from a pomegranate type produced in India. It has a strong taste and is an excellent amchoor powder alternative for both sweet and savory meals.

Unlike amchoor powder, which is added at the conclusion of the cooking process, Anardana powder becomes more flavorful as it cooks.

Many individuals like the pungent scent produced by anardana powder. As a result, it is often used in Indian dishes such as hot curries, Indian dals, and kebabs.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice, with its tart, lemony taste, is an excellent alternative for amchoor powder. Nonetheless, it may dominate some foods, so use caution.

Lemon juice, like amchoor powder, complements tamarind foods since they are both sour. If you use lemon juice as a replacement for amchoor powder in sweet foods, add sugar to it.

When cooking hot sauces, curries, and chutneys, you replace lemon juice. It also goes nicely with pakoras and samosas. It’s also fantastic in marinades.

3. Loomi

Loomi, also known as limoo amani, is a dried, salted lime that is often used in Middle Eastern cuisine. In terms of scent, taste, and texture, they offer meals a flavor comparable to amchoor powder.

Amchoor powder is dark brown, while Loomi powder is black and has a pronounced sour, acidic, or fruity flavor. Loomi goes well with fish, chicken, lamb, vegetables, rice, and biryani.

Loomi powder may be used as a replacement for amchoor powder in a pork marinade. Some folks believe it’s a great complement to tea.

4. Tamarind

Tamarind is a sweet-sour tropical fruit that is utilized in spicy recipes and drinks. It imparts a distinct sweet and sour taste to meals.

Tamarind powder or concentrated paste may be used in recipes that call for amchoor powder. It’s an excellent substitution since the taste of tamarind is comparable to that of amchoor powder, plus it’s less expensive.

To acquire the precise taste you want in dishes, use lime juice to balance the acidity and sweetness of tamarind. It complements the flavor of spicy meat meals, stews, and chutneys.

5. Chaat Masala

Chaat Masala is an Asian spice blend prepared using elements including chile, black salt, and herbs. Chaat masala contains herbs such as cumin seeds, mint, coriander, and amchoor powder.

While amchoor powder is one of the components in the spice mix, you may substitute Chaat Masala for it. To make the chaat masala taste more like amchoor powder, add little lemon or lime juice.

Chaat masala brings out the flavor of pineapple and watermelon juices, making them more refreshing. It also adds a distinctive spicy taste to pakoras, samosas, stir-fry meals, vegetable curries, and other cuisines.


Amchoor powder is a fantastic spice for Asian and Indian cuisine. Its sour and acidic taste adds a beautifully rich flavor to dishes. If you can’t locate amchoor powder in shops, try one of the alternatives listed above as an amchoor powder replacement.


What is amchoor powder in english?

In English, amchur powder is known as dry mango powder, raw mango powder, and mango powder. It is also known as aamchur powder or amchoor powder.

What does amchoor powder taste like?

Amchoor contains all of the acidity and taste of citrus. It’s best added towards the end of cooking, like citrus juice, to maintain the taste, but it should be well mixed into whatever it’s coating. It may also be used to temper the excessive sweetness of fruit-based sauces, syrups, and compotes.

Is amchur powder same as chaat masala?

Chaat masala has a sour flavor that originates from the use of dried mango powder, also known as amchur. Cumin, coriander, and asafoetida are other prominent tastes (hing). Garam masala has no amchur or asafoetida.

Is asafoetida same as amchoor?

acidic flavour that matches dal well. It may also be used as a souring ingredient in curries. Asafoetida is a spicy spice with a strong sulphurous odor similar to garlic. Amchoor is a powder created by crushing dried green mangoes that is delicious in lentil curries. It has a sweet flavor.

Does Amchur powder taste like mango?

Amchoor is a flavor enhancer in Indian cooking. It’s just unripe green mango that’s been dried and powdered. Amchoor is often utilized as a source of sourness, similar to lemon or tamarind, but it also maintains some of the sweetness of mango.

Why amchur powder is used for cooking?

Amchur is often used to season curries, chutneys, soups, and marinades. It contains souring properties similar to tamarind and tenderizing properties similar to lime juice. To make sweet-sour dal or sambhar, use amchur for tamarind. It adds a nice flavor to kebabs and other grilled foods.

Which fruit is used to make amchoor powder?

The mango is indigenous to India, where it is a vital element. Green mango, when dried and powdered down, gives amchoor powder, a deliciously tart flavor.

Is amchur powder good or bad?

Benefits cardiovascular health- Amchur contains several advantages that aid in the maintenance of a healthy heart. Amchur is also utilized in Ayurveda medicine to maintain the heart in excellent working condition. It has been discovered to be a deterrent to heart failure.

What are the other names of amchoor?

Amchur, also known as aamchur or amchoor, is a citrusy spice powder prepared from unripe dried green mangoes and used as a delicious condiment.

What is amchar masala ingredients?

Amchar masala is a Trini spice that is comparable to Indian pickling spices. It contains toasted and ground fenugreek, black peppercorns, coriander, fennel seeds, cumin, and brown mustard seeds. To create the best amchar, combine with green mangoes, tamarind, or golden apples.

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