Answered: Aleppo Pepper Substitute

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The Aleppo pepper, also known as the Halaby pepper, is a Syrian chili pepper. It’s mostly cultivated in Syria and Turkey. If you’re searching for an Aleppo pepper replacement, there are a few options.

It is often used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine as crushed flakes. It has a little heat with a fruity flavor.

In this post, we’ll go through all of your choices for when and how to use Aleppo pepper substitutes.

What Are Aleppo Peppers?

Aleppo peppers are named after the Syrian city of Aleppo. These peppers, which are mostly cultivated in the Middle Eastern nations of Turkey and Syria, are mild with fruitiness and cumin-like overtones.

Dried Aleppo Peppers

Crushed Aleppo peppers are often used as a condiment to season salads, meat, beans, and other meals. They are also used to create dips and as an ingredient in sauces on occasion.

Because they give a comparable brightness to a dish, they are often used as replacements for crushed red pepper or paprika.

Aleppo peppers have a Scoville value of 10,000-25,000, classifying them as a mild-moderate heat pepper comparable to Serrano peppers but stronger than the more prevalent Jalapeo.

Substitutes for Aleppo Peppers

Below are several excellent substitutes that match the taste, lower the spice, or even increase the intensity. When it comes to peppers, there is a solution for every occasion, and the Aleppo pepper is no exception; you will have no trouble finding a suitable substitute.

1. Crushed Red Peppers

Crushed red peppers, often known as red pepper flakes, may be used in lieu of Aleppo peppers as a flavoring for meats and cooked bean cuisines.

Crushed red peppers have a Scoville value of 15,000-30,000 units, making the heat comparable to that of an Aleppo pepper.

They also have a little sweetness, and Aleppo peppers are occasionally used in place of crushed red peppers.

You should avoid using them in salads since the dried pepper seeds are hard and gritty.

2. Paprika + Cayenne Pepper

One delicious combination is sweet paprika and cayenne pepper. This gives you the sweetness you’d expect from Aleppo peppers, but you add a little fire by adding cayenne pepper sparingly.

The ratio is as simple as this:

  • Use 4 teaspoons of sweet paprika
  • Use 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

This should be plenty to season meat or to combine with some excellent Middle Eastern-inspired beans. You can always make more or use less when needed!

This alternative takes a bit longer and does not work for salads, so it is not always the greatest solution.

3. Serrano Peppers

The serrano pepper has a Scoville value of 10,000-25,000, putting it in the same heat class as the Aleppo pepper.

This method works best in instances when you wish to include whole chilies, such as salads, curries, and sometimes sauces or soups.

Serrano Peppers do not have quite the same tomatoey-raisin-like flavor that Aleppo peppers are so often noted for having, but they do have a bright flavor that can work as a substitution in many cases.

Serrano peppers’ fleshy exterior makes them perfect for salsas, curries, and sauces.

4. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper may be used whole or powdered, depending on what you have in your spice cabinet.

Cayenne pepper may be used in place of Aleppo peppers to season meat or to season bean dishes, sauces, and other meals.

Cayenne pepper, on the other hand, is much hotter on the Scoville scale, with a value ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 units. This works good if you want to add extra heat to your dish, but it should be considered if you don’t want anything too spicy.

5. Cubanelle Peppers

Cubanelle peppers are a mild and sweet pepper that is a great alternative to Aleppo peppers if you want something less fiery.

They are usually sold whole and may be substituted for Aleppo peppers in salads, soups, and curries. The flavors aren’t similar, but they do give a sweetness to most foods.

The Scoville rating for cubanelle peppers ranges between 100 to 1,000, indicating that if you want something spicy, another alternative may be preferable.


Whether you’re out of Aleppo peppers or need a replacement for another reason, there are several fantastic options on this list that will work in any scenario. If you want something similar, you may use red pepper flakes or paprika, or you can select one of the other alternatives for something hotter or with less heat.


Can you substitute smoked paprika for Aleppo pepper?

paprika. Again, paprika powder works well in place of Aleppo pepper flakes. Paprika is used to season stews and soups, and it also works well as a topping.

What is the difference between Aleppo pepper and paprika?

Is Paprika the same as Aleppo pepper? Aleppo pepper is not the same as paprika, although they have very similar tastes. The only difference is the heat from Aleppo peppers, which may be substituted with a pinch of cayenne.

Can you substitute Aleppo pepper for chili powder?

Many chefs use crushed red pepper flakes, ancho chili powder, pasilla chili powder, or pimento de Padron for the Aleppo peppers. Each of these items offers a deep earthy flavor that might benefit a meal as well as a smokey flavor.

Is Aleppo pepper hotter than cayenne?

The Aleppo pepper has a sour and faintly sweet taste with a Scoville heat rating of 10,000. Cayenne peppers have a fiery and lemony taste with a Scoville heat unit rating of 30,000 to 50,000.

What does Aleppo pepper taste like?

Aleppo-style pepper, like salt, enhances taste. It combines slow-burning heat with earthy, cumin-y overtones and a hint of fruity tang—and it’s every bit as good as it sounds.

Is Aleppo pepper hotter than jalapeno?

The semi-dried, ground form of the ripe Halaby pepper, which resembles a jalapeo pepper but is four times hotter and has a sweeter, more nuanced taste profile. Aleppo pepper is called after Aleppo, a Silk Road city in northern Syria.

Is sumac similar to Aleppo pepper?

Overall, the two spices are really distinct and work very well together.

What is another name for Aleppo pepper?

The Aleppo pepper, also known as the Halaby pepper, is a dried brick red chili pepper used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Is Aleppo pepper still available?

Aleppo pepper is available online and at most Middle Eastern markets and spice stores. Look for jars that have a dark, brilliant red Aleppo pepper with tiny, delicate flakes. Because of the oil covering them, the flakes should be relatively glossy.

What kind of pepper is Mccormick chili powder?

You may be shocked to learn that chili powder is a combination of herbs and spices. Ours starts with whole, ripe chili peppers that have been grilled and combined with cumin, oregano, garlic, and salt. Chili is only one of its numerous applications.

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