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Sour cream is a versatile product created from fermented milk. While sour cream is generally available, there are sour cream replacements you may use if you want to mix things up.

This specific cream gained popularity as a topping in Eastern and Central Europe. It gained popularity and was integrated into numerous meals when Europeans moved to the West. It is now utilized in baking and cooking. Nonetheless, because of its thick consistency and rich taste, it is a fantastic finishing touch as a topping.

Before you go out to the shop, think about the sour cream replacements you probably already have on hand. This post will go through a variety of sour cream substitutes that you may purchase at your local grocery store or in your pantry.

What is Sour Cream?

Sour cream is made by combining microorganisms that produce lactic acid with the high-fat layer on top of whole milk. Lactic acid is produced when bacteria devour the sugar in the cream. Because of the lactic acid, the cream becomes sour, tangy, and acidic. And it is because of this that sour cream has its characteristic texture and taste.

Sour cream has long been a favored component in European cooking, particularly in casseroles and baked goods. It’s also a popular topping for burritos and nachos in traditional Mexican cuisine. Sour cream, with its lovely thick creaminess and acidity, is now an excellent ingredient to a wide range of dishes.

Making cakes and bread using sour cream instead of milk results in soft, fluffy, and moist baked items. Sour cream is also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin A.

Substitutes for Sour Cream

It’s aggravating when you want to make a recipe that asks for sour cream but realize you don’t have any. That’s when sour cream replacements come in helpful. Even if you merely want to use them as a garnish, there are many sour cream replacements available.

1. Greek Yogurt

Since it has less calories and fat than sour cream, Greek yogurt is an excellent sour cream alternative. Also, it has more protein. Hence, if you want to decrease calories, this is a wonderful option.

Despite its peculiarities, Greek yogurt has just as much taste as sour cream. Nonetheless, Greek yogurt has a low lactose content. As a result, if you are lactose intolerant, it is less likely to cause negative effects.

Because of its light and fluffy texture, it’s an excellent alternative for dips, salad dressing, and baked potato toppings. Greek yogurt may also be used in baking.

2. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is rich in nutrients and, owing to its creamy texture, makes a superb sour cream alternative.

But, at first look, cottage cheese has more calories and fat than sour cream. It is also likely to irritate your stomach if you are lactose intolerant.

We suggest adding a splash of lemon juice to imitate the tangy taste of sour cream. It works well as a sour cream alternative in salads, dips, and oven-baked meals.

3. Cream Cheese 

We were huge cream cheese enthusiasts. Cream cheese, which is formed by fermenting milk and cream, is a popular sour cream replacement. When using it as a replacement, we suggest adding a little milk to smooth it up.

Although both cream cheese and sour cream are tangy, cream cheese is saltier and thicker. It is less ideal for making cakes than sour cream due to its consistency and density. It also has more fat than sour cream.

Yet, since it does not curdle rapidly, it is a useful choice for thickening soups and sauces. For an all-purpose sour cream alternative, combine half & half and cream cheese.

4. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is an excellent alternative for sour cream. It is a liquid byproduct of the manufacture of butter. Producing buttermilk entails keeping the liquid for a lengthy period of time until it has thickened to the consistency of thick cream.

Buttermilk, like sour cream, has a characteristic acidic taste but is a little thinner. The thin consistency of buttermilk isn’t perfect for many sorts of baking. Its taste and acidity, on the other hand, may produce flawlessly browned and delectable biscuits and cookies.

5. Crème Fraîche

Crme fraiche is a combination of sour cream and cream cheese. Crme frache has a similar feel to sour cream but is thicker and less tangy. It may not be a smart choice for individuals on a diet since it includes more calories and fat than sour cream.

It also curdles less and has a richer, more nuanced taste, making it a great choice for sauces. A cup of sour cream should be replaced with a cup of crème fraiche.

6. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise may seem strange on the surface, but its tanginess makes it a superb alternative for sour cream. To make an emulsion, mix together egg yolk and oil. The combination also contains mustard and vinegar. This rich and fatty replacement, believe it or not, is ideal for adding moisture to baked products.

When substituting sour cream, use it in a 1:1 ratio. The disadvantage of mayonnaise is that it may somewhat affect the taste of your food. Although mayonnaise contains mustard and vinegar, it lacks the tanginess of sour cream. As a result, a tablespoon or two of lemon juice may be added to give some zing.

Since mayonnaise is made from egg yolk, it is possible to get salmonella if it is used beyond its expiry date. As a result, when substituting it, make sure your mayonnaise is as fresh as possible.


Sour cream is a pantry staple. Nonetheless, certain individuals may need a replacement for a variety of reasons. As previously said, there are several choices. When looking for a sour cream alternative, any of these will suffice.


Is there anything I can substitute for sour cream?

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, crème fraîche, and buttermilk are all excellent dairy substitutes for sour cream.

What is a substitute for 1 2 cup sour cream?

You may use Crème fraîche as a one to one substitution. While crème fraiche is less acidic than sour cream, you may add a little lemon juice if you like a more tangy taste. Buttermilk will provide acidity and tang, but it will be considerably thinner than sour cream.

What can I substitute for 1 3 cup sour cream?

Fraiche Crème

It has a similar tangy flavor and smoothness like sour cream and may be used in baking as well as for dips. If desired, you may even produce your own crème fraiche. In any recipe, use crème fraiche in place of sour cream.

Can I substitute sour cream with milk?

Sour cream is made using vinegar. 4 cup of water and 1 teaspoon lemon juice 3 cup powdered milk (3Milk or Milk Powder)

To create a sour cream substitute, combine 1 cup whole milk and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. If you don’t have any milk, you may use evaporated milk instead. Mix 2

Can I skip sour cream in a recipe?

Use 6 ounces cream cheese diluted with a tablespoon or two of milk, buttermilk, or water for every 1 cup of sour cream called for in a recipe. Let the cream cheese to come to room temperature before mixing it with the liquid.

How do you make sour cream in 5 minutes?

In baking, yogurt may be used in place of sour cream. If it still lacks the acidity of sour cream, add 1 teaspoon lemon juice or 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to 1 cup full-fat active bio Greek yogurt. Mix well and set aside for 5 minutes.

How to make sour cream without sour cream?

In a mason jar, combine one cup of cream and one teaspoon of distilled white vinegar or lemon juice. Let it to settle for 10 minutes before adding 14 cup whole milk. To blend, stir everything together well. Let the jar to remain at room temperature for 24-48 hours, covered with a lid or cheesecloth held with a rubber band.

Can you replace sour cream with regular cream?

11th. Thick Whipping Cream. Whipped heavy cream is a quick and easy sour cream alternative. Just combine 1 tablespoon lemon juice with 1 cup heavy whipping cream.

Can you replace sour cream with yogurt in baking?

Use an equivalent quantity of yogurt in lieu of the sour cream if you want to make healthier baked goods or just want an easy replacement. Whole milk yogurt is the greatest option since it has less fat and more protein and calcium.

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