Best Garlic Powder Substitutes

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Garlic powder, like salt and pepper, is a pantry must-have, and it’s simple to understand why. Apart from its many health advantages, garlic powder is utilized in a variety of dishes. But, you may not always have it on hand, so having a garlic powder replacement on hand is a smart idea.

Garlic powder is an essential ingredient in stews, curries, marinades, and grilled meats and vegetables. It eliminates the need to cut up fresh garlic cloves. As a result, garlic powder has been a culinary staple for many years.

Garlic powder is used in a plethora of delicious cuisines. This means it’s a good idea to have a backup on hand if you run out of garlic powder.

What Is Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder is prepared by crushing dried garlic into a powder. It has a strong garlicky taste, a fine texture, and a bright yellow to off-white appearance.

This makes it ideal for a variety of meals, such as soups and stews. It’s also great for dry rubs and flavoring popcorn. It’s also a popular element in savory bread and pasta meals.

In addition, garlic powder is often free of preservatives and chemicals. As a result, it is ideal for everyone who is concerned about their health.

Substitute For Garlic Powder 

If you don’t have a container of garlic powder on hand, a few simple substitutes may already be in your pantry. These are some great garlic powder substitutes to use if you don’t have any on hand.

1. Fresh Garlic Cloves

Real garlic is an apparent replacement for garlic powder. It works nicely in soups and pasta recipes. Yet, since it is wet and meaty, it will be difficult to mix with dry rubs. It also takes a bit more work since fresh garlic must be peeled, smashed, or minced before use.

Yet it’s definitely worth the effort since it delivers a flavorful punch. Not to mention the delectable aroma of the allium plant from which it is derived.

Since garlic powder is significantly more potent than fresh garlic, for the greatest results, use one full clove for every teaspoon of garlic powder.

2. Minced Garlic

Since it needs minimal effort to produce, minced garlic is an excellent garlic powder replacement. It is, nevertheless, more potent than garlic powder.

You may buy minced garlic in a jar or squeeze bottle at your local supermarket. It’s also great for slow cooking or sautéing. It’s also good in marinades, however it may add acid to your cuisine.

Use roughly a teaspoon of minced garlic as a replacement for one teaspoon of garlic powder. This will prevent it from overpowering your food.

3. Granulated Garlic

Granulated garlic, like garlic powder, is manufactured from dried garlic cloves. As compared to the fine texture of garlic powder, the texture is significantly coarser, nearly cornmeal-like.

Since it does not dissolve as rapidly as garlic powder, it may need more work to incorporate it into your recipe. You may also notice a textural change. But, in terms of taste, it is an excellent substitute in any recipe, including dry rubs.

To obtain the same effects in your recipe, replace one teaspoon of garlic powder with two teaspoons of granulated garlic.

4. Garlic Flakes

Garlic flakes are another good garlic powder option that you may already have on hand. This spice is manufactured from dehydrated garlic bits, comparable to garlic powder. As a result, it closely resembles the taste of garlic powder. It is, however, less potent than garlic powder.

This substitution is perfect for recipes that include a liquid element throughout the cooking process, such as soups and stews. This will rehydrate the garlic flakes and lend a strong taste to your meal.

When substituting, you may ground the garlic flakes into a powder, similar to garlic powder. In either case, garlic flakes may be substituted at a 1:1 ratio.

5. Garlic Puree

Garlic puree is made by blending fresh garlic cloves into a paste-like consistency. Since it mixes readily into meals and is often available in a long tube, it makes an excellent garlic powder alternative. And the fragrance is just like garlic powder.

It’s a great substitute for spaghetti, stews, soups, curries, and sauces. Yet, because of the high oil content, it has more calories than garlic powder.

Since garlic purée is more strong, you’ll only need one tablespoon for every tablespoon of garlic powder.

6. Garlic Juice

Garlic juice may seem to be an unusual garlic powder alternative, but it is pleasantly delicious and has a lengthy list of health advantages. It is more strong than garlic powder since it is made from pureed garlic that has been strained into a liquid form.

It’s also twice as rich as garlic powder, making it a great substitute for marinades and sauces. In your recipe, replace one tablespoon of garlic powder with one tablespoon of garlic juice.

7. Shallots

Shallots are a popular garlic powder alternative if you don’t want to use garlic. Shallots are also in the allium family. As a result, they have qualities comparable to garlic.

Shallots, on the other hand, are more sweeter and more acidic than garlic powder. Nonetheless, they will complement practically any meal. Garlic powder may be added both during and after cooking. But, you must add the shallots early in the cooking process to allow them to cook completely.

When using shallots in place of garlic powder, grind or dice them up. They won’t add an undesirable texture to your food this way. Then, in equal quantities, use it as a replacement.


Even if you currently use garlic powder, examine the alternatives listed above. We guarantee you won’t be sorry if you use a garlic powder replacement from our selection.


Why don t chefs use garlic powder?

The primary reason for this is because it has little similarity to fresh garlic. To an unskilled palate, it tastes the same, but not to a chef. It also has little nutritional value since the majority of the advantages of consuming garlic are conveyed in the oil of each garlic clove or toe.

What is 3 cloves of garlic equal to in powder?

4 teaspoon of granulated garlic powder. The same conversion holds true for dehydrated or freeze-dried garlic, as well as minced refrigerated garlic. One fresh garlic clove equals one

Is garlic powder a good substitute for garlic?

Garlic powder may be used as a replacement for raw garlic, in salad dressing, and as a flavoring. Garlic powder has a milder taste than a clove of garlic.

How do I substitute garlic salt for garlic powder?

Garlic salt is a seasoning salt that consists of dried powdered garlic, table or kosher salt, and an anti-caking ingredient. If you’re asking whether you can swap garlic powder for garlic salt, the answer is yes, but not in a 1:1 ratio. To produce a DIY garlic salt alternative, use 3 parts kosher salt and 1 part garlic powder.

What are the disadvantages of garlic powder?

Adverse effects include bad breath and body odor, heartburn, and stomach trouble. With raw garlic, these negative effects may be more obvious. Garlic may cause allergic responses in certain individuals. Garlic supplements may raise your chances of bleeding.

What is the chefs hack for garlic?

Many skilled chefs pour an entire head of garlic into a lipped metal bowl, top it with another lipped metal bowl of the same size, pinch the bowls together, and shake violently. The skins of the cloves loosen and fall away as they bang about.

What is the equivalent of 1 garlic clove to powder?

8th of a teaspoon garlic powder – not much, so start small and taste as you go! 1 bulb garlic equals around 1

How much mccormick garlic powder equals one clove?

8 teaspoon garlic powder. 1 bulb of fresh garlic, medium size

How much garlic powder equals 8 cloves?

If your recipe asks for garlic powder and you don’t have any or prefer fresh garlic, you may substitute 8 fresh garlic cloves for one teaspoon powdered garlic.

Is garlic powder better than fresh garlic?

Nutritional Value of Fresh Garlic. Organic garlic powder, like other dried and processed (in this instance powdered) foods, is less nutritious than fresh cloves. This isn’t entirely a negative thing since it has less calories. An ounce of fresh garlic (about 6 cloves) has 27 calories.

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