Best Mustard Powder Substitutes

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Mustard powder is a powdered version of dry mustard seeds. This spice provides a little fire to a dish while also imparting the distinct taste of mustard.

What should you use as a replacement for mustard powder?

Try out some amazing replacements below.

1. Dijon mustard

You may use mustard powder in lieu of Dijon mustard. All you have to do is follow the formula below.

1 teaspoon of mustard powder Equals 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard (or 3 teaspoons).

Since Dijon mustard comes in a jar and is more of a condiment, you must properly incorporate it into your cuisine.

If you need a dry alternative, consider the choices listed below.

2. Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder, although lacking heat, is a good alternative for mustard powder.

In this situation, the spice provides the same bitter tones and a comparable tanginess, in which case it makes a wonderful option for adding to the overall taste of a meal.

You should be cautious not to use too much turmeric. With most dry rubs or mixtures, a teaspoon is adequate.

If you want to spice things up, try the following:

teaspoon of turmeric + teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

This combination will not taste the same as the original, but the similarities are apparent, and it is still tasty.

3. Horseradish powder

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Horseradish powder is more bitter than mustard, so reduce the ratios specified in any recipe you’re following or the quantity you’d typically use.

Horseradish should only be used as a substitute for mustard powder in dry rubs since it loses pungency and spiciness when heated. You should also use the powdered condiment kind rather as the grated condiment version, which might be vinegary and impair textures.

Horseradish powder should be used as a replacement for mustard powder when it is meant for a dry rub or any other usage where you dont need to heat or boil it.

4. Ground mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are a good substitute for mustard powder if you can ground them, which is what mustard powder is!

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You will receive the same tastes and therefore taste from ground mustard seeds, but keep in mind that the ground spice is fresher and thus more concentrated.

As a result, you should use slightly less than the recipe calls for, but season to taste.

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