Best Stewed Tomato Substitutes

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Stewed Tomatoes are a traditional American meal prepared with fresh tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and sometimes extra ingredients including bell peppers, onions, and celery. This article examines what constitutes a great stewed tomato replacement and provides several suitable alternatives.

This classic meal is still served as a main course across the United States. It is often served as a side dish, particularly on holidays such as Thanksgiving. The meal has been served in America since at least the 1700s, when it was listed as tomato stew on a Kentucky racetrack menu in 1788.

You could make stewed tomatoes as a side dish to go with bread, but stewed tomatoes are being used in an increasing range of meals. Thus, if you’re looking for an alternative for stewed tomatoes, keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Substitutes for Stewed Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes may often be used for canned tomatoes, and the spices can be added as usual. With a few exceptions, you may simply replace tomato types. Plum and Campari tomatoes, for example, are famous cultivars with several sub-types that may be utilized for cooking with great tart tastes and sweet undertones. But, you should avoid Cherry Tomatoes, Sun-dried Tomatoes, and Oven-roasted Tomatoes.

1. Crushed Tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes may be used as a basis for stewed tomatoes, eliminating the need to simmer the tomatoes for an extended period of time. Instead, you may smash your tomatoes before boiling them.

Another advantage of crushed tomatoes is that the skins may be removed. The peel of tomatoes may emit a bitter taste when cooked, thus removing the skins is a good idea.

2. Canned Tomatoes

Decanted canned tomatoes

Canned Tomatoes, often known as canned tomatoes in the UK, are a great substitute for Stewed Tomatoes. Start cooking as soon as you open the can. Next, as you normally would, add the herbs and other veggies. To make a somewhat thicker sauce, mix canned tomatoes with Tomato Puree.

Not all canned tomatoes are created equal, so choose the finest quality available. Canned plum tomatoes can help make a more flavorful sauce than chopped plum tomatoes.

3. Tomato Puree

You may combine Tomato Puree with herbs and vegetables to make a sauce that does not include any actual tomatoes. This choice may be preferred by individuals who want to offer soup-like dishes or recipes with sausage or pasta.

Tomato puree may make your food seem more bright, dynamic, and appealing. You might combine the puree with other items on the list, such as canned tomatoes or crushed tomatoes.

4. Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste is a great substitute for Stewed Tomatoes in soups, and you may prepare a Tomato Paste Sauce to use in meat dishes if you don’t like Tomato Puree or Stewed Tomatoes.

Many people are unaware that tomato paste and puree are not the same thing, with tomato paste being much thicker in consistency.

To dilute the tomato paste, add a few tablespoons of boiling water.

5. Fresh Tomatoes

If all else fails, use any fresh tomatoes you have in the pantry. You may create stewed tomatoes with fresh tomatoes by crushing or mashing them before removing any extra skin.

Once you’ve removed the skins, roast them on a low heat for 45-60 minutes. Slow-cooked stewed tomatoes may be made with nearly any tomato, although plum tomato types perform best.


Stewed tomatoes are a popular ingredient in many recipes and cuisines, and you may require a simple and readily accessible substitute for them at times. Fortunately, you just need to know a few more choices to simply replace them. Start cooking using one of the tomato alternatives listed above!


What can I use in place of stewed tomatoes?

Garlic, onion, herbs, peppers, and celery are all components in spaghetti sauce, Napolitana sauce, or marinara sauce, just as they are in stewed tomatoes. Spaghetti sauce’s taste makes it a good alternative for stewed tomatoes. 1 cup spaghetti sauce may be substituted with 1 cup stewed tomatoes.

What’s the difference between stewed tomatoes and canned tomatoes?

Diced tomatoes are tomato pieces that have been packed with tomato juice. These may be a great time saver. Crushed tomatoes are made by combining diced tomatoes with tomato puree or paste. Stewed tomatoes are simmered and canned, frequently with additional spices and sugar.

Can I substitute Rotel for stewed tomatoes?

Tomatoes in Stew

Stewed tomatoes are an excellent alternative for Rotel in chili and dip dishes. Take your regular can of tomatoes and season them with Mexican herbs, seasonings, and spices to taste.

How do I substitute tomato paste for stewed tomatoes?

2 tablespoons sugar. It will be runny when “raw,” but it will thicken as it cooks in a meal like Bolognese (it only takes 3 minutes to thicken). This yields 400 grams (14 oz), or one standard can of tomato. 1 1Mix 2 tablespoons flour and 1 12 cup water 4 tbsp tomato paste with 1 tbsp

Can you replace stewed tomatoes with tomato sauce?

If you have a can of stewed tomatoes on hand, they’ll work well as a replacement for tomato sauce in almost any cuisine.

Why is there a shortage of stewed tomatoes?

California, the biggest tomato producing state in the United States, accounts for more than 90% of domestic tomato production. But, the state’s prolonged drought is to blame for a decreased tomato supply this year. Farmers have been forced to let their tomato crops go parched due to a lack of precipitation.

Are whole tomatoes same as stewed tomatoes?

The Quick Answer

Although they are all tomatoes, they are processed and canned in various ways. Diced tomatoes are diced, stewed tomatoes are cut and cooked, and plum tomatoes are peeled and cooked whole.

Why are they called stewed tomatoes?

Stew is a blend of vegetables and other culinary items cooked in a liquid media. Moreover, Stewed Tomatoes is a tomato stew that comprises slow simmering the tomato to keep its form intact and only cooking till its flavors leak out to produce a sour taste.

How many tomatoes in a can of stewed tomatoes?

A 28-oz can of tomatoes is about similar to 2 pounds of tomatoes, which is typically 10 to 12 tomatoes.

Can I use Rotel instead of canned tomatoes?

If you want to spice up your dinner, look for any casserole that calls for a can of diced tomatoes and replace it with a can of Ro-tel. Ro-tel may also be used in lieu of a jar of salsa, like in this taco casserole.

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