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Chipotle peppers are a form of dried jalapeo pepper chili pepper. They are used to impart a unique, smoky earthy taste to meals while also providing some heat. We’ll look at the finest chipotle chili pepper alternative for each occasion in this post.

These small-medium-sized peppers provide a touch of fire to your food and may be used in meat dishes, barbecues, and other similar cooking settings.

If you’re looking for a great substitute for chipotle peppers, keep reading to find out what you should use and when.

What Are Chipotle Peppers?

Chipotle Pepper is a smoked, dried version of the jalapeo pepper. Chipotle peppers are typically used as a condiment and are available in the form of chipotle powder, flakes, entire pods, and sometimes canned.

These peppers are a vital element in hundreds of dishes and are mostly utilized in Mexican cuisine and similar influenced cuisines such as Tex-Mex.

Chipotle peppers range in intensity from 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville heat units, making them milder than fresh or matured jalapeos (SHU).

They seem black to dark-red in color and, when entire, are clearly desiccated, influencing their size proportionately.

Best Substitutes for Chipotle Pepper

1. Chipotle Powder

Most grocery shops will have chipotle powder in the herbs and spices section. Because of this, chipotle powder is a viable substitute for entire chipotle chiles.

Another advantage is that you may use the powdered chipotle in the same meals and recipes.

The key difference is that powdered chili is more concentrated. The increased concentration of taste and heat might overshadow a meal, so regulate the amount you use.

Chipotle powder may be used in place of actual chipotle peppers by using half a teaspoon per full dried chipotle chile.

2. Smoked Paprika

Smoked Paprika is a tasty and generally accessible substitute for smoky chilis like chipotle.

Smoked paprika may be used in many of the same recipes as regular paprika, but it works best as a substitution for chipotle pepper powder.

It is not as fiery but has a more powerful smokiness when made with pimento peppers, making it suitable for fish, poultry, and beef. Paprika is also delicious in sauces, soups, and stews.

You need 4 teaspoons of paprika. 4 teaspoon chili powder for each half 3 If you can locate it in your local shop or on your spice rack, you may add 1 teaspoon to this milder choice.

When replacing chipotle, use smoked paprika rather than plain paprika since the tastes aren’t exactly the same.

3. Chipotle in Adobo Sauce

This selection is your best bet for a chipotle pepper paste alternative.

Chipotle in Adobo Sauce is a tomato-based sauce with earthy, acidic, and smokey notes. The tomato adds sweetness, making them ideal for sauces, salsas, tacos, and other dishes.

This substitute may be used in a 1:1 ratio to replace dried chipotle peppers or chipotle pepper paste.

4. Crushed Red Pepper

Crushed red peppers are a fantastic alternative for ground chipotle pepper. The main drawback is that, although they have fire, they lack the delicate earthy tastes and smokiness that you may want.

Crushed red pepper is fairly fiery, yet it has a distinct sweetness that shines through in many dishes. Although you may use them in a variety of dishes, they may not be ideal when you would normally use something like chipotle paste.

5. Dried Pasilla Pepper

Pasilla peppers are native to Mexico’s Oaxaca area. The dried variety of these chilis, also known as Pasilla de Oaxaca, is even smokier than chipotle peppers.

They may be used in the same foods and recipes. They are, however, not as effective in terms of heat.

The pasilla pepper has less Scoville heat units (SHU) than chipotle chili peppers, which may have up to 8,000 SHU.

To add heat without keeping the smokey characteristics that are vital in many recipes that call for chipotle, blend dried pasilla peppers with crushed red pepper or chili powder.


Whatever your reason for needing a chipotle pepper replacement, there are several options that may readily be used to replace these peppers in any cuisine. Therefore, give one of the aforementioned ideas a short shot and eat your meal as normal!


Can I substitute cayenne pepper for chipotle powder?

Cayenne peppers are well-known for their incredible health benefits. In fact, it is because of this that cayenne powder is an excellent chipotle powder alternative and a fantastic flavor for people following a healthy diet. It’s quite spicy; just a sprinkle will elevate soups, stews, meat or fish dishes to new heights.

How much chipotle powder equals 1 pepper?

2 tsp is around 1 big canned chipotle pepper. 1

What is a mild substitute for chipotle peppers in adobo sauce?

Paprika with a Smoked Flavor

Replace the chipotle with smoked paprika in dishes where there is already tomato. Begin with 1-2 tablespoons smoked paprika and gradually increase to taste. If you wish to add some heat, use any fresh or dried chili peppers to taste.

Can I substitute chili powder for chipotle?

Chipotle Powder

Chili powder is a fast and simple substitute for chipotle powder. Most individuals already have some kind of chili powder in their pantry. If not, it’s available at any grocery shop. As previously said, this is a blended spice blend, so you won’t only receive smokey heat.

Is chipotle powder the same as paprika?

Chipotle powder is much hotter than smoked paprika. As compared to chipotle powder, even the strongest smoked paprika will be quite light. A hot smoked paprika will have 500 Scoville heat units (SHU), while chipotle powder would have 2,500 to 8,000 SHU.

Which is hotter cayenne or chipotle?

Cayenne pepper powder has a much higher heat level than chipotle powder. Cayenne pepper has a Scoville heat unit range of 30,000 to 50,000, whereas chipotle pepper has a Scoville heat unit range of 2,500 to 8,000.

Is chipotle powder spicier than chili powder?

This recipe has just one ingredient: ground chipotle chile, which has a significantly stronger heat than chili powder, which contains additional spices. Because of the intense heat of the powder, it is classed as an extremely hot chilli powder.

Is a chipotle pepper just a dried jalapeno?

Chipotle peppers are essentially smoked and dried ripening jalapeo chilies. They may be pulverized and used in a variety of Mexican and Tex Mex dishes, and they are usually offered in a rich, smokey-flavored adobo sauce.

Which is hotter chipotle or chili powder?

Heat. Because to the addition of additional spices, Chipotle has greater heat than Chili powder.

What’s another name for chipotle pepper?

The Chipotle is a big, dried, smoked jalapeño that is also known as a chile ahumado or chile meco. The Cactus is veined and ridged in color and is 2-4 inches long and 1 inch wide. Chipotles, which provide a subtle, deep heat, are extensively utilized in Mexican and Hispanic cuisine.

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