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When it comes to cheese, few are as readily recognizable as Emmental. It’s also rather good, and it’s used as a melting cheese all over the globe for that same reason. If you’re searching for an emmental alternative, keep reading to learn about your possibilities.

Emmental Cheese is a Swiss cheese known for its apparent round holes all over its surface. Both include a lot of calcium and fat. Emmental is most often seen in grocery stores and is manufactured from pasteurized milk. Traditional Emmental, on the other hand, is prepared from unpasteurized milk.

Continue reading to learn about some of the greatest emmental cheese substitutes. For any circumstance, there are multiple viable options.

Substitutes for Emmental Cheese

1. Gruyere

Gruyere is a silky Swiss cheese famed for its mouth-watering melting characteristics. It’s a terrific cheese to eat on its own, melted over toast, or in a sandwich. It’s an excellent replacement for fondues and other related applications.

You may be aware that in France, Gruyere is utilized in grilled cheese sandwiches. This is known as Croque Monsieur, and it is an excellent alternative cheese for Emmental in anything requiring bread.

2. Fontina

Fontina is a creamy cheese with a sweet and nutty flavor. The rich taste is buttery in the tongue, and the cheese, like Emmental, has microscopic holes that give it its characteristic look.

This semi-hard cheese has a smooth consistency and is great for melting into cheese sauces, grating over pieces of pasta or soups, and even using on pizzas.

3. Comte

Comte de France is a remarkable cheese with toasted hazelnut and creamy butter characteristics. You may use this as a replacement for Emmental in nearly any recipe, but keep in mind that it is quite rich.

Because of the richness of this cheese, you should start with less Comte than Emmental.

Whether creating sauces or using this cheese for melting, one of the finest things you can do with any substitution is to taste-test as you go.

4. Jarlsberg

Is Jarlsberg comparable to Emmental? Indeed, Jarlsberg Cheese is an excellent substitute for Emmental.

It is a mild cheese from Scandinavia that is recognized for being semi-soft and nearly spongey when sliced. Another resemblance is that they are almost identical in appearance, although while mild, it is a stronger tasting cheese than Emmental. Because of this, some people love it in any meal or recipe.

It is an excellent melting cheese that may be used in a variety of recipes, including grilled cheese, pizza, toast, and fondue.

5. Gouda

Gouda is a mellow cheese with somewhat nutty characteristics that is comparable to Fontina. Yet, it is not always a satisfactory alternative.

The biggest disadvantage of Gouda is neither its taste or strength. It’s a sweet, creamy cheese from the Netherlands, although it doesn’t melt as nicely. This is due to the fact that there are several varieties of Goudas. Some are semi-hard, while others, like as Jarlsberg, are softer.

So Gouda is a decent choice, but since there are so many different kinds, you need to pay attention to what you’re purchasing and make sure it has as many Emmental traits as possible if you’re seeking for a 1:1 equivalent.

6. Cheddar

If you wish to substitute Emmental for cheddar, use a milder cheddar cheese. There are additional possibilities, such as medium, mature, or extra-mature, but since Emmental is a light cheese, mild cheddar may be preferable.

Cheddar may be used in instead of emmental in poutines, salads, or for melting over meats like chicken.


If you need a fast emmental cheese alternative, one of these cheeses will work in any occasion, recipe, or dish. Give one of them a try, and you’ll be astonished at how good the end product will be!


What can I replace Emmental cheese with?

Gruyere cheese is an excellent emmental cheese alternative. Since they are both of Swiss origin, Emmental and Gruyere cheeses are remarkably similar. Gruyere cheese, which is created from cow’s milk, is also quite versatile. It melts similarly to emmental cheese and is another popular cheese in fondue.

What is Emmental cheese called in the US?

Several sections of the English-speaking world use the phrases “Emmentaler” and “Swiss cheese” interchangeably to refer to any Emmental cheese, whether manufactured in Switzerland or abroad. For example, the United States Department of Agriculture uses the phrases ‘Swiss cheese’ and ‘Emmentaler cheese’ interchangeably.

Is Swiss cheese and Emmental the same thing?

The terms “Switzerland” and “Emmentaler” are interchangeable in this Standard. Swiss cheese is cheese manufactured using the Swiss process or any other method that results in a finished cheese with the same physical and chemical attributes as cheese produced using the Swiss process.

Is Emmental similar to Cheddar?

These aged cheddars are firmer and drier, making them crumblier. Emmental is a cooked, hard Swiss cheese with distinctive holes that is typically aged for four to 18 months. A younger emmental is softer in flavor and somewhat salty, whilst a more ripe emmental develops a deeper savoury flavor.

Is provolone similar to Emmental?


Swiss cheese may be used in place of provolone cheese. Emmental, for example, has a sweet and fragrant taste and a medium-hard texture comparable to provolone.

Is Gruyere cheese same as Emmental?

Emmental, unlike Gruyère, has wider holes (typical of a genuine Swiss cheese) and a buttery taste, making it ideal for casseroles and gratins.

Is Babybel Emmental cheese?

Natural cheese is the original type (made from pasteurised milk). Cheddar-based cheese specialty: Cheddar cheese (94%), water, salt (produced from pasteurized milk). Emmental-based cheese specialty: 20% Emmental cheese (pasteurised milk), water, salt.

Is Havarti Emmental cheese?

The primary distinction between Emmental and Havarti is that Emmental is somewhat sweeter. It’s ideal for melting and goes well with grilled cheese sandwiches and paninis. When swapping Emmental with Havarti, remember to consider the sweetness.

Does Costco sell Emmental cheese?

Costco sells Swiss Knight Emmentaler Mild Cheese, 450 g.

Is Emmental similar to Gouda?

4 – Emmental Cheese from Switzerland

It is a fantastic replacement for Gouda since it is quite close in texture and taste. Swiss Emmental, on the other hand, has a little stronger flavor than Gouda.

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