Great Northern Beans may be substituted.

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Beans are a vital component of every recipe, and Great Northern Beans are among the finest. They are the most popular option because to their mild taste and creamy texture when cooked. You may get the greatest great northern beans alternative for every occasion in this post.

Great northern beans, whether dry or canned, are tougher than other beans. This means they must soak in water for hours before cooking in order to be soft enough to eat. Even after soaking, great northern beans can take up to an hour to fully cook and develop their mild, nutty flavor. They remain white after cooking and seem plump and lustrous. The big great northern bean may be used in anything from stews and chilis to soups and salads.

These protein-rich beans may not be accessible in more tropical areas, so what happens if a recipe calls for them and they are not available? Are there alternatives that are comparable and can be simply substituted?

In this post, you’ll find some of the greatest alternatives to great northern beans.

Great Northern Beans Substitutes

1. Cannellini Beans

Cannellini beans are white kidney-shaped beans used in Italian cooking. They may be found across Europe and are often used in soups and salads. They have a tough shell and should soak overnight before cooking.

Cannellini beans are an excellent replacement for great northern beans. Cannellini beans have a similar nutty taste to great northern beans but are somewhat larger and have a smooth, creamy texture. They have a mild taste and are easily flavored by other components in a recipe.

2. Navy Beans

Navy beans, commonly known as pea beans, are endemic to North America. They are smaller than other white beans and are often used in baked beans. They have a moderate taste and are high in fiber. Because of its low salt level, it works well in soy and salads, making it ideal for persons with high blood pressure.

They have a similar texture and taste to Great Northern beans and make an excellent alternative. Despite their rough surface, navy beans cook quicker than great northern beans and need less cooking time. It is a speedier substitute in recipes, particularly when time is limited.

3. Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans are a kind of popular bean. Because of their rich tastes, they are beloved in Mexico and appear prominently in Mexican cuisine. They are also a nutrient-dense legume that provides a variety of critical elements such as protein, phosphorus, dietary fiber, and protein. They must be soaked to shorten cooking time since good cooking takes a long time.

With its white hue and round form, the pinto bean is a good alternative for great northern beans. They have a stronger taste than great northern beans and are often used in chili recipes. Pinto beans are adaptable and may be used in salads and dips.

4. Black-eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are a cowpea cultivar farmed for its edible bean. It is white with a black patch that resembles an eye, thus its name. It may be found in cuisines from North Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and West Africa. It is abundant in dietary fiber and minerals, making it a nutritious component in meals.

Because of their availability and simplicity of preparation, these popular beans are an excellent replacement for great northern beans.

Black-eyed peas have a moderate flavor and a nutty flavor that is comparable to great northern beans. They are also beneficial to everyone since they are nutrient-dense and offer no danger to those with dietary restrictions.

5. Black Beans

Black Beans, sometimes known as Black Turtle Beans, are a kind of common bean prominent in Latin cuisine. This bean is petite, glossy, and black, with a hard outer shell that earned it the moniker “turtle.” With its many nutrients and low fat content, it is a nutritious legume. This nutritious bean has more protein per gram than beef and is high in antioxidants and fiber.

The protein-rich black bean is an excellent replacement for great northern beans. Like great northern beans, it has a silky texture and mild tastes. Because of the blackness of the black bean, there is a significant variation in color. Nonetheless, black beans may readily substitute for great northern beans in recipes such as bean salads, burritos, chili, soups, and so on.


Beans, unlike other components such as spices and herbs, are very simple to substitute in recipes. There are several bean substitutes, and this article demonstrates that great northern beans may be simply substituted. The above-mentioned substitutes have mild tastes, comparable textures, and the capacity to absorb the flavors of other components. They also have comparable cooking times, making them all good replacements.

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What is the same as great northern beans?

Some recipes only say “white beans.” This is a catch-all phrase for great northern beans, navy beans, cannellini beans, and other beans of a similar kind. Although they are all technically white beans, they are not the same.

Are great northern beans similar to cannellini beans?

The taste of all three was practically same, but the texture was different. Cannellini beans had the thickest skins (averaging 0.9 inch long after cooking), which maintained the internal texture creamy. The skins of the great Northern beans (0.69 inch long when cooked) were more soft, while the meat was somewhat less creamy.

Can you substitute great northern beans for pinto beans?

The size of great northern beans is bigger than that of other white beans but less than that of pinto beans. The two beans have a similar taste and consistency, making them an excellent alternative for pinto beans. Great northern beans may be used in place of pinto beans in dishes such as soups when the smaller size has no effect on the dish.

Which beans are also called great northern beans?

Great Northern beans are botanically known as Phaseolus vulgaris, along with red kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, pink beans, and navy beans. Migrating farmers disseminated these so-called common beans across Central and South America.

Can I substitute black beans for great northern beans?

Four. Great Northern Beans. If you’re seeking for a black bean replacement, consider Great Northern beans. They have a similar texture and taste to black beans, making them an excellent substitute in recipes that call for black beans.

What kind of beans are Bush’s great northern beans?

Water and cooked kidney beans. Tomato Puree (Tomato Paste, Water), Modified Corn Starch, Salt, Spice, Corn Oil, Calcium Chloride (Firming Agent), Garlic Powder, Onion Powder (2% or less).

What can I substitute for cannellini or great northern beans?

Generally, kidney beans are a decent alternative for Cannellini beans and may be used in almost any recipe with minor modifications.

Are great northern beans the same as navy beans as cannellini beans?

Cannellini are white kidney beans that are medium in size. They are usually used in Tuscan minestrone and may be substituted with navy or Great Northern beans.

Are great northern beans also called navy beans?

White beans are sometimes known as Great Northern beans or Navy beans.

What’s the difference between great northern beans and pinto beans?

The great northern bean is related to the white bean, which is white in color and is also known as haricot. When cooked, the pinto bean gets a pink-mauve tint.

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