Kefalotyri Cheese Replacement is the answer.

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While feta is more well-known, kefalotyri is an iconic Greek and Cypriot cheese that needs to be recognized.

Kefalotyri, like feta, is prepared from sheep and goat milk. Kefalotyri, on the other hand, is a firmer cheese that works well for grating. It has a strong salty and pungent taste. Kefalotyri goes well with feta cheese, and both are often used in Greek cuisine, such as spanakopita fillings.

Nevertheless, kefalotyri has yet to gain popularity outside of the Mediterranean, and it may be difficult to obtain outside of Greece or at specialist food shops. These are a few components that may be used in place of kefalotyri.

5+ Substitutes for Kefalotyri Cheese

1. Romano Cheese

Romano cheeses are a kind of salty, hard cheese. The most well-known Romano cheese is Pecorino, but there are other types that are also more economical since their manufacturing is not as limited.

Romano cheeses, like kefalotyri, are hard cheeses that may be grate and have a pungent, highly salty flavor. Sheep’s milk is also used to make several Romano cheeses.

Romano cheese may be used in place of kefalotyri in any dish that asks for shredding the cheese, such as spanakopita filling. Unfortunately, Romano cheese is very hard to replace in other recipes like saganaki or fried cheese.

2. Parmesan

Parmesan is another well-known Italian product that may be used in place of kefalotyri. Parmesan is a salty, firm cheese from the Parma area of Italy that works best when grated over a meal. In pasta meals and fillings, it may be used in lieu of kefalotyri. Combine it with feta cheese for a hint of Greek taste.

Since parmesan, like Romano cheeses, has a firmer texture than kefalotyri, it can only be used as a replacement in recipes that call for grating the cheese. It has a softer taste, so you could lose out on part of the kefalotyri’s kick.

3. Halloumi

Another famous Cyprus cheese is halloumi. Farmers manufacture it from a combination of goat and sheep milk (although mass-produced halloumi often contains cows milk). It has a moderate salty taste and is semi-hard.

When it comes to frying cheese, halloumi works best as a kefalotyri alternative. It is a popular option for this form of cheese manufacturing due to its high melting point.

Yet, since halloumi is too soft to grate over pasta or other meals, it cannot replace kefalotyri in other circumstances. It also has a much milder flavor character, thus the flavor profile will alter.

4. Graviera

Graviera, a popular cheese on many Greek islands and in the Aegean area, completes the list of renowned Greek cheeses.

Graviera, like kefalotyri, is a hard cheese. It’s adaptable, and you can cook it, shred it, or use it to fill pita bread. Its adaptability makes it an excellent substitute for kefalotyri in nearly any recipe.

But, since graviera has a milder flavor than kefalotyri, it will change the overall flavor of your meal. It’s also more difficult to find outside of Greece than kefalotyri. Graviera is probably not your best choice if you’re wanting to substitute kefalotyri since you can’t get it at your local grocery.

5. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a popular vegan substitute for many cheeses, especially grated ones. It is a sort of yeast that was created expressly to act as a vegan cheese substitute.

The taste of nutritional yeast is salty and pungent, comparable to that of kefalotyri and other hard, grated cheeses. It may be sprinkled on top of spaghetti or mixed with spinach to substitute kefalotyri in spanakopita.

Nevertheless, since nutritional yeast is a powder and not a piece of cheese, it cannot be used to substitute kefalotyri on a mezze platter or in saganaki.


In any case, the cheeses listed above are the finest kefalotyri cheese substitutes. These are more widely accessible, and if used as directed, you will be pleasantly delighted with the results!


What cheese is similar to kefalotyri cheese?

Caciocavallo: Because of its comparable salty flavor to kefalotyri, caciocavallo is a decent alternative for kefalotyri. Bear in mind that some caciocavallo cheese is made from cow’s milk, but other kinds may be made from goat’s or sheep’s milk. 2.

What can I use instead of kasseri or kefalotyri cheese?

Mozzarella. When seeking for a mild, melty cheese, mozzarella is a great option for kasseri. It has a creamy, milky, mild flavor and a spongy texture comparable to kasseri cheese. Since mozzarella melts readily, it works well in meals like the classic Greek pie kasseropita.

Is kefalotyri similar to Pecorino?

Kefalotyri is a hard, salty white cheese that is normally matured for a year. It tastes similar to Pecorino cheese but is somewhat more acidic.

What cheese can I use instead of saganaki?

You may also use kefalograviera, kasseri, and kefalotyri. If you can’t get Greek cheese, Monterey Jack, provolone, or young Pecorino are excellent substitutes.

What does kefalotyri taste like?

Kefalotyri is a Greek-Cypriot cheese produced from goat or sheep milk. It has a hard and flaky texture, irregular eyes, and a powerful, rich perfume. The tastes are salty, pungent, sour, sharp, and spicy.

What is kefalotyri cheese English?

Kefalotyri or kefalotiri (Greek: o, Turkish: talar peyniri) is a firm, salty white cheese manufactured in Greece and Cyprus from sheep or goat milk (or both). Kefalograviera, a similar cheese produced from sheep or goat milk (or both), is occasionally marketed outside of Greece and Cyprus as Kefalotyri.

Does Trader Joe’s sell kasseri cheese?

Gouda, kasseri, kefalotyri, semi-hard cheese, and blue cheese are all sandwiched between tiny sheets of phyllo in Trader Joe’s 5 Cheese Greek Spiral.

What is the other name for kasseri cheese?

“Kasseri” is a protected designation of origin that requires the cheese to be created in the Greek regions of Thessaly, Macedonia, Lesbos, or Xanthi, although a similar sort of cheese is known as kashkaval in Turkey, Romania, and the Balkans.

Is kefalotyri similar to halloumi?

Kefalotyri is prepared from sheep or goat’s milk, similar to halloumi, but it’s harder and saltier, with less tang. This Greek cheese also has a high melting point, allowing it to be grilled without becoming a gooey mess.

What is the closest thing to Pecorino?


Parmesan is similar to pecorino in appearance, but it is manufactured from cow’s milk and has a saltier, more savory flavor that is less acidic. Texturally, they are identical, therefore it is a simple substitution.

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