Peppadew Peppers Substitute

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If you want to add a somewhat distinct and pleasant taste to your food, use peppadew peppers. They are quite popular due to their excellent taste.

This pungent pepper variety is mostly found in South Africa, where farmers produce and preserve it. After preserving them, you may eat them straight from the jar or utilize them to make certain specialties. Aside from their particular taste, they lack the intensity of other hot peppers such as jalapeño.

What if you’re in a position where you need to cook a meal that calls for Peppadews but don’t have any? Here, we’ll look at several peppadew pepper replacements that will go well with your recipe.

8 Best Substitutes for Peppadews Pepper

Peppadew Peppers Substitute

1. Pimentos

When looking for an appropriate substitution for a Mediterranean cuisine, pimentos are one of the most typical peppadew pepper alternatives. It is a kind of chili pepper that originated in South America. However, it has expanded and flourished in a number of countries, including Spain, the Middle East, and Hungary.

Pimento comes in a variety of hues, including green, yellow, and red, each reflecting a particular stage of development. At first look, they seem to be heart-shaped, measuring 3 to 4 inches long and 2 to 3 inches broad. Though they have a similar flavor to peppadew, they are less sweet, making them ideal for savory dishes.

2. Pickled Cherry Pepper

These are also good alternatives for peppadew peppers and fantastic spices to use in a variety of cuisines. Bell peppers, sweet hot cherry peppers, and banana peppers are just a few types used in producing pickled cherry peppers. The peppers are preserved by immersing them in a brine of vinegar, herbs, and other sweet ingredients.

Pickled cherry peppers have a unique pickled flavor and the same spice and sweetness as peppadews. Some pepper brands may be excessively spicy, therefore when looking for an alternative to peppadew, go for moderate alternatives. These components may be found in a jar at various physical retailers near you.

3. Rocoto Chiles

Rocoto chiles are perhaps the greatest alternatives for peppadew peppers in your handmade recipes. They’re popular in Latin cooking since they have a nice, fruity taste that isn’t overpowering. When ripe, they may be eaten raw, but when unripe, they can be used to make meals.

Because peppadew peppers are milder than rocoto chiles, you’ll need to use less of them in your dish. Rocoto chiles are flexible and may be used in a variety of dishes, including stews, sauces, and stir-fries. Remove the seeds and membranes from rocotos before using in your homemade peppadew recipe.

4. Sweety Drop Pepper

Sweet drops are an easy-to-use alternative for peppadew peppers. The Peruvian Amazon gave birth to these little, tear-shaped peppers. They were returned to Gandules Inc.’s headquarters in Peru. Gandules spent two years perfecting the development and nurturing process.

They are pleasantly spicy, and you will like the somewhat sweet, acidic aftertaste that is most noticeable when eaten raw. Working with them will be a breeze since they are generally sold as cut peppers. All you have to do is go out and look for them at a shop near you.

5. Giardiniera 

Giardiniera is an excellent alternative for peppadew pepper in any savory meal. Giardiniera is an Italian dish made of cauliflower, carrots, olives, and celery root. These ingredients are marinated in olive oil for hours before cooling to enable the flavors to blend.

The addition of giardiniera to a meal may convert it from ordinary to extraordinary. It adds a zesty taste to your cuisine that sets it apart from the competition. This may be used in salsas, salads, relishes, and other dishes.

6. Peperoncino 

These pickle-like peppers are also known as Italian sweet peppers or Tuscan peppers. After Christopher Columbus brought samples from the New World to Europe around 1492, it became popular in Italy. Before it was introduced into Italian cuisine, the peperoncino was thought to be a lovely but potentially lethal plant.

They have a nice, somewhat spicy taste when roasted, akin to peppadews. Green and red pepperoncini are available in supermarkets, although green pepperoncini are the most popular. Peperoncino is an excellent alternative for peppadew peppers since it is mild but sweet.

7. Bell Peppers

We can’t finish our list of the finest peppadew pepper alternatives without discussing bell peppers. Before becoming popular, these appealing yellow items originated in Central America, Mexico, and South America. It’s amusing to assume that Columbus and other explorers called it after discovering it while searching for the peppercorn plant.

Bell peppers have a flavor that is comparable to yet different from peppadew. If you wish to use these peppers in various dishes, you must cook them until they are soft, much like peppadew. If you want to add more taste, you might include honey or any other spice you choose.

8. Roasted Red Peppers

Roasted red pepper is the greatest way to create a sweet and smokey taste in your food. Bell peppers are indigenous to South and Central America, Mexico, and North America. Nonetheless, unlike fresh ones, they are roasted and well kept. The oil from the pepper skins thickens the marinade, which is stored in a jar with water.

Its flavor is somewhat different than peppadew, although it too has a pleasantly spicy flavor. They have minimal saturated fat content, making them good for the heart and other organs. As a consequence, they are one of the healthiest peppadew pepper substitutes.


If you’re looking for peppadew pepper replacements, the list above might assist. These alternate peppers may be found in most grocery shops or ordered online.

Each of the alternatives has a distinct taste and may be used in any dish that asks for it. Don’t be afraid to try various tastes and textures to see what you can come up with. If one alternative does not suit you, try another.


Are sweet cherry peppers same as Peppadew?

What is the difference between PEPPADEW® Piquanté Peppers and cherry peppers? Although these peppers seem to be the same at first look, Piquanté Peppers are technically classified as Capsicum baccatum and Cherry Peppers as Capsicum annuum, indicating that they are separate species.

What can I use instead of pickled Peppadew?

Sweet cherry peppers and sweet drop peppers are the greatest peppadew pepper replacements. In most recipes, pimentos, rocoto chiles, and pepperoncini may be used in place of peppadew peppers.

Are Peppadew peppers spicy hot?

Peppadews are naturally mild peppers that are wrapped in a sweet and slightly acidic brine. They provide a little blast of heat and are often regarded as a mild, sweet pepper.

Are peppadew peppers hotter than jalapenos?

Peppadew peppers are mild peppers with a Scoville heat index of 500 to 1,500. They are milder than jalapenos and almost the same as poblanos.

Is a Peppadew a bell pepper?

They may be little, but their plump little piquanté pepper bodies hold so much flavor that we believe they need more attention and care. The cherry-pepper size of Peppadew brand peppers is a delightful variation from the more known and huge bell peppers, and their silky texture makes them incredibly versatile.

What pepper is peppadew?

Peppadew is the brand name for sweet piquanté peppers pickled and bottled by Peppadew International Ltd. in South Africa. These peppers are available in jars and have a sweet taste with a modest heat level. They are often used as a topping, condiment, or ingredient in foods such as pizza or sandwiches.

What can I substitute for pickled sweet cherry peppers?

Chili peppers are a typical alternative for cherry peppers. The precise variety will be determined by the application. Because the Scoville value of the cherry pepper varies, the amount of heat you want in your meal is entirely up to you. We propose a jalapeño pepper for a close match.

What are sweet pickled peppers called?

Pepperoncinis are pickled sweet and mild chili peppers. Tuscan peppers, sweet Italian peppers, and golden Greek peppers are all names for these peppers. Find out more about them. Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 100-500.

What peppers are best for pickled peppers?

What are the finest pickled peppers? Any pepper will pickle nicely, so it all depends on your tastes and how you want to use the slices. The mild banana pepper and pepperoncini are two common options, but you may also use jalapeos or other chilis for added heat.

What are the sweetest hot peppers?

Cherry. Cherry peppers (also known as pimientos or pimentos) are the typical sweet and spicy pepper, with all the vivid sweetness of a red bell pepper condensed into a smaller package with a touch of an afterburn.

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