Provolone Substitute: Best Options

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Provolone is a semi-hard cheese that has notes of nuts, a touch of sweetness, and a trace of saltiness in the background. Because of its extraordinary taste and incredible adaptability, cheese is one of the most popular ingredients in the kitchen. In the event that you find yourself in need of a replacement, there are a lot of terrific provolone alternatives!

In point of fact, there are other varieties of cheese that share flavor profiles and textures that are comparable to those of provolone, making them all viable candidates for use in its stead. Continue reading to learn about the alternatives that are superior than provolone in any setting.

Top Pick: Not only does fontina have a similar texture to provolone, but the two cheeses also have a similar nutty and savory flavor that makes them both an ideal choice for the same kinds of recipes.

Substitutes for Provolone Cheese

1. Fontina

Fontina is an Italian cheese that comes from the same region as provolone. It is likewise a semi-hard cow’s cheese, and as a result, it has a comparable consistency to the previous example. It is possible to completely replace provolone cheese with fontina cheese due to the fact that both cheeses have a savory and nutty taste profile. Especially if you want to melt the cheese after it has been added.

2. Low-moisture Mozzarella

The famous cheese known as mozzarella may also be found in a low-moisture variant that has a firmer texture. This kind of mozzarella is known as low-moisture mozzarella. Although this particular cheese is not as good of a straight replacement for provolone as the fontina alternative, many chefs insist that it is the better choice. Therefore, it must be included on the list.

3. Emmental

Emmental is a well-known slicing cheese that is versatile enough to work well in a variety of sandwich preparations. Some people refer to it affectionately as Swiss cheese. It is possible for it to melt, but considering the other options on this list, it is not the ideal one. Instead, it is best when eaten in conjunction with cold meats, whether in a sandwich, on its own, or in another form.

4. Gruyere

Gruyere is a kind of Swiss cheese that is known for its excellent melting qualities. This Swiss cheese was originally used in fondues and croque monsieurs. When it is new, it has a taste that is creamy and nutty, but as it matures, that flavor gives way to characteristics that are more earthy. Because of this, it may be an improved option when it is young. Even while it wouldn’t be a straight substitute for provolone as some of the other possibilities on this list are, if you happen to have it in your pantry, you may use it in its stead and it would work just well.

5. Edam

Another cheese that falls into the semi-soft category, this one coming from the Netherlands. Since Edam cheese melts particularly well, it is an excellent choice as a replacement for melting provolone in dishes that call for that ingredient. The flavor is not overpowering, but it is unusual in that it has a somewhat salty and nutty flavor, which is similar to the flavor of provolone, which makes it an excellent straight alternative if you want something that is gentler.


What can I use instead of provolone?

Which other cheeses are comparable to provolone? When it comes to taste, fontina, gouda, and a combination of low-moisture mozzarella and Muenster cheese are all excellent choices. Parmesan cheese is a tasty option that may be used as a topping. You can’t go wrong with sliced Emmental, Edam, or Gruyère when it comes to presentations and meals dedicated to cheese.

What cheese is closest to provolone?

A close cousin of Provolone, Mozzarella is fresh and mild in taste. This cheese has characteristics that are comparable to those of young Provolone and has a texture that is reminiscent of stretched curd. It may be used in salads as well as heated foods.

Can you use mozzarella in place of provolone?

When looking for a suitable alternative to mozzarella cheese in a recipe, it is only reasonable to search for a cheese with similar qualities in terms of flavor, aroma, and consistency. Both provolone and Mexican cheese are excellent options for replacing mozzarella cheese in recipes. The flavor of provolone is subtle, and it melts quite readily.

Is gouda similar to provolone?

Gouda may be melted, used as a cooking ingredient, or added to cheese boards or sandwiches in its plain form. Because it has a flavor that is not overpowering and a color that is not too dark, like provolone, it is possible to use it as a straight alternative for provolone in any recipe.

Is Swiss cheese similar to provolone?

A lot of people are curious about whether or not they are interchangeable. So, let’s get down to brass tacks: what sets provolone different from Swiss cheese? Although they have a hue that is comparable, they are produced in a variety of various methods all around the globe. Swiss cheese has a tendency to have a taste that is nuttier and more strong, whereas provolone often has a flavor that is more mild and tangy.


The alternatives to provolone that are described above are the most suitable ones. Both in terms of the purposes they serve and their general flavor and consistency, these cheeses are most comparable to one another. These are the best choices available in any circumstance when provolone is replaced with them.