Replace dates in Sticky Toffee Pudding

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A warm sticky toffee pudding must be one of the most delightful feelings on the planet. This ultimate comfort dessert includes dates and comes from the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, if you need a date alternative in sticky toffee pudding, you have a few possibilities.

A soft and moist sponge cake is drowned in a treacle and toffee sauce to make sticky toffee pudding. And dates are an important component that must be pureed or finely diced before being added to the cake mix. The end product is a piece of warm, sweet, toffee-soaked paradise.

This article will look at the numerous choices available for replacing dates in sticky toffee pudding.

About Dates & Their Use in Sticky Toffee Pudding

While sticky toffee pudding originated in the United Kingdom, dates are mostly collected from date palms in the Middle East. The date is a variety of fruit that is very sweet and tastes like chewy toffee.

This is why it is an excellent component for sticky toffee pudding. In fact, sticky toffee pudding is known as sticky date pudding in New Zealand and Australia.

The dates are soaked in warm water and pureed in the classic sticky toffee pudding method. Nevertheless, most current recipes call for the dates to be coarsely chopped before being added to the batter.

Dates are often used in puddings and sweets. They are also widely used to manufacture date syrup, which is an alternative to maple syrup.

There are several date types, many of which may be found in most grocery shops. The Medjool date, on the other hand, is the most often used date for sticky toffee pudding.

Substitute For Dates In Sticky Toffee Pudding

Dates are an essential ingredient in a typical sticky toffee pudding recipe. So don’t worry if you don’t have any dates since there are various options. They may not have the original flavor, but they will create a fantastic pudding.

1. Raisins

Raisins are dried grapes prepared from big, plump, seedless grape types. If you add the raisins to the batter as is, they make a fantastic alternative for dates in sticky toffee pudding.

A similar chewy texture may be obtained by substituting raisins for dates. They will not, however, add as much sweetness to the pudding as dates. But, raisins are sweet enough to make a great sticky toffee pudding variation.

When using raisins as a replacement, no adjustments are required. Nevertheless, if you want, you may use fewer raisins.

2. Sultanas

Sultanas, like raisins, are made by drying huge seedless grapes. They are, however, coated with an oil-based solvent to hasten the drying process. As a result of the shorter drying time, they are lighter in color than raisins.

Sultanas are often sweeter and smaller in size than raisins. Yet, they will not deliver the same degree of richness as dates. They are, nevertheless, equally as chewy and may be used in equal amounts as a substitute. These delicious tiny pockets of fruit will do your sticky toffee pudding proud.

3. Currants

Currants are grown in the same way as raisins and sultanas are. The only difference is that a considerably smaller grape is utilized. Although being tiny, they are nonetheless flavorful and make an excellent date option.

But, keep in mind that currants have a strong acidic taste as well as some sweetness. Currants are the solution if you want to balance out the sweetness of your sticky toffee pudding. They’ll give the luscious toffee treacle sauce a touch acidity while emulating the texture of the dates.

4. Dried Apricots

Although various dried fruits may be used in place of dates, dried apricots work especially well in sticky toffee pudding. We also advocate utilizing the darker sulfur-free kind for the greatest results.

Dried apricots aren’t as sweet as dates, but they have a similar soft, meaty feel. These are widely accessible and should be simple to locate at your local supermarket. Using dried apricots as a substitute will result in a delicious sticky toffee pudding that your guests will enjoy.

5. Walnuts

You may be shocked to learn that walnuts are on this list. In the absence of dates, though, nuts are a fantastic choice for adding texture to your sticky toffee pudding. The texture will not be the same as the chewy dates. They will, however, provide a wonderful touch to the conventional dish.

Walnuts, like dates, lack sweetness but are one of the sweetest nut kinds available. They’ll give a deep earthiness to the pudding as well as a little crunch that’ll wow your guests. When substituting walnuts for dates, add the equivalent amount in weight to your batter.


Sticky toffee pudding, a popular comfort meal across the world, is usually prepared with sweet and chewy dates. When dates aren’t an option, or you want to try something new, you’ll need an appropriate substitute. Choosing a date alternative for sticky toffee pudding from the list above will assure the ideal dessert for any occasion.


What is a substitute for dates in sticky toffee pudding?

Prunes may be used in place of dates if you don’t like them or don’t have any on hand. They are also sweet and offer the proper texture and consistency for this pudding. If toffee isn’t your thing, consider a warm caramel sauce or butterscotch sauce instead! Either will complement this pudding cake beautifully.

What is a good substitute for dates in pudding?

Pecan nuts or walnuts might be substituted for the dates, but they would have a different texture, and you would need the same weight as the dates, or less if you want.

Why are dates used in sticky toffee pudding?

This is due to the fact that finely chopped or pureed dates are one of the key components and contribute to the dish’s characteristic flavor and texture. The sponge pudding is normally served with cream or vanilla ice cream and topped with a toffee sauce.

Can you use any dates for sticky toffee pudding?

1. You may use either dried or fresh dates. I like to use fresh Medjool dates since they help keep the pudding moist.

What is a good substitute for dates?

Dates may be substituted with prunes, dried raisins, dried cranberries, dried cherries, and jujube.

What can I substitute for date paste?

You’ll need roughly 1-2 tablespoons of raisin paste to replace 1 big date. While it is not the most visually appealing of ingredients, raisin paste is a cheap and simple option for green smoothies.

What can I substitute Medjool dates with?

If you don’t have Medjool dates on hand, there are alternative items that work well as substitutions. Date syrup, raisins, dried apricots, date paste, and prunes all have comparable sweet tastes and chewy textures to Medjool dates and may be substituted in lieu of them in certain recipes.

Can you substitute applesauce for dates?


If you don’t have any pitted dates and need to replace applesauce for sugar in a recipe, you may use applesauce instead. To cut fat, you may use applesauce for oil.

How do I substitute maple syrup for dates?

Date paste may be used in recipes that call for maple syrup or honey. But, the ratio is 23 cup date paste to 12 cup syrup or honey. In any of the following recipes, replace the sweetener with the paste: Muffins.

How does Gordon Ramsay make sticky date pudding?

5 ounces pitted dates, coarsely chopped (approximately 34 cup)
12 teaspoon baking soda.
14 cup boiling water.
3 tbsp (42g) unsalted butter, room temp.
6 tbsp light brown sugar (84 g).
1 egg.
½ cup + 2 tablespoons (78g) all purpose flour.
12 teaspoon baking powder.

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