Roma Tomatoes Vs. Cherry Tomatoes

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When compared side by side, how do Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes vary from one another? You have almost certainly enquired about this topic in the local market or shop. Because there are so many different kinds of tomatoes to choose from, choosing a decision may be difficult.

Cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes are two prominent types of tomatoes that are enjoyed by a large majority of people. However, what exactly is the difference between the two?

What Are Roma Tomatoes?

The Roma tomato, which is also referred to as the Italian Plum tomato due to its oval form, firmness, and slenderness. Additionally, they are often sold just off the vine. These tomatoes have a taste profile that ranges from mild to somewhat sour and are meaty, with very few seeds and very little moisture.

Roma tomatoes are an excellent option for use as a foundation in saucy Indian recipes, as well as sauces and gravies. Additionally, they are perfect for preparing salsa. Raw Roma tomatoes have a taste that is described as fresh and crisp, and they may be enjoyed this way or added to salads. The tiny amount of moisture that they contain keeps them from turning salads mushy and contributes to their delicious taste.

What Are Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are characterized by their miniature size, round shape, and high water content.

It is speculated that they are a hybrid between common garden tomatoes and tomatoes with characteristics of wild currants. Cherry tomatoes may come in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, and green at the market.

Because they are so incredibly sweet and juicy, a lot of people like to eat them fresh and uncooked all by themselves.

Because of their tropical and somewhat sweet taste, cherry tomatoes are an excellent choice for use in salads. You may also roast the grapes on the vine as a side dish. They are also often included to cuisines consisting of kebabs, pizzas, and pastas.

Roma Tomatoes Vs. Cherry Tomatoes: What’s The Difference?

Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are quite different from one another in terms of size, flavor, and color, as well as the amount of moisture they contain. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these distinctions, shall we?


Cherry tomatoes are typically red in color, but you could also find them in yellow or green at the shop. On the other hand, Roma tomatoes often have a color range that goes from bright red to deep pink.


The size of cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes is very different from one another. Roma tomatoes have a length of around 3 inches. Cherry tomatoes, on the other hand, are often just around the size of a cherry or slightly larger.

The culinary use of Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes is distinct due to the size variation between the two. Roma tomatoes are ideal for grilling because of their size, whereas cherry tomatoes are more often used in salads.

Moisture Content

When you cut into a cherry tomato, you’ll notice that it’s brimming with rich juice as it oozes out of the tomato. In contrast, Roma tomatoes have relatively little liquid but make up for it with thick flesh. This characteristic distinguishes them from other types of tomatoes.


Cherry tomatoes normally have a circular form, but Roma tomatoes have an oval outline. Because of their one-of-a-kind form, these tomatoes are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of cooking applications.

For instance, because of their oval form, Roma tomatoes are fantastic for cooking on the grill as well as slicing into stews and sauces. However, due to their tiny size, cherry tomatoes are particularly well-suited for use in salads and as a snack food.


Are Roma tomatoes cherry?

The greatest grape tomato on the market, this variety has a high yield of plum-shaped fruits that are just one inch long and hold their quality for an exceptionally long time. Make careful you cultivate more than one plant, despite the fact that each plant bears an exceptionally high volume of fruit, since they are quite addictive.

Is there a difference between Roma tomatoes and regular tomatoes?

The Roma tomato is an oval-shaped, meaty kind of tomato that is almost seedless. While normal tomatoes are bigger and more spherical than cherry tomatoes, their water content is also somewhat greater. While you could theoretically use one in place of the other in a recipe, the outcome of such an endeavor would be highly dependent on the dish you were attempting to prepare.

Do Roma tomatoes taste the same as cherry tomatoes?

As you just read, Roma tomatoes have a greater flesh to skin ratio, although cherry tomatoes are naturally sweeter and contain more water overall. If you are using cherry tomatoes in a sauce recipe, you may need to decrease the sauce since using cherry tomatoes will result in a sauce that is thinner and more watery.

How many cherry tomatoes equals a Roma tomato?

The weight of a medium-sized Roma tomato ranges from 5 to 6 ounces. Consequently, depending on the size of the cherry tomatoes, you would need anywhere from three to twelve normal tomatoes to get the same yield as one medium-sized regular tomato.

Can you use cherry tomatoes for cooking?

However, our love of cherry tomatoes does not disappear when summer comes to an end. (Yes, hot house cherry tomatoes are a perfectly suitable out-of-season alternative for their bright and delicious summer siblings in most recipes. This is because cherry tomatoes contain less water than larger tomato types and are less likely to get mealy.)

What are Roma tomatoes best used for?

This tomato may be used to make a great sauce, paste, or stew. It also works well for producing tomato paste. Try roasting your Roma tomatoes in the oven for a taste that is even more concentrated, and then use those tomatoes to make a tomato pesto or bruschetta topping that has a bit of a bite to it.


These many types of tomatoes may be used interchangeably; nevertheless, due to their characteristics, certain applications are better suited to some tomato varieties than others. The tomatoes’ wide range of tastes makes them a delicious complement to a wide variety of recipes, regardless of how you decide to use them. In addition, with the help of the guidance that was just shown, you will always be aware of the distinctions that exist between cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes.