Substitution for Acini di Pepe

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Acini di pepe is an Italian pasta that translates as pepper seeds. It is classified as a soup pasta and is often seen in Italian wedding soup. If you’re seeking for a replacement for acini di pepe, there are various options.

Acini di pepe is thought to be a fertility sign and is hence utilized in Italian wedding dishes. Each acini di pepe piece is tiny and spherical, like little peppercorns. Acini di pepe is typically used in soups and salads, such as frog’s eye salad.

This article discusses the several alternatives to acini di pepe that might work well in your recipe.

What Is Acini Di Pepe?

Acini di pepe are little spherical pasta that look like peppercorns. Nonetheless, it is smaller than peppercorns and one of the tiniest varieties of pasta. This couscous-sized pasta, like other pasta, is made from semolina flour and is generally used in light soups and pasta salads.

This pasta is used in wedding soup, an Italian vegetable-based meal, since it is thought to be a fertility sign. It also takes around 4-9 minutes to cook.

Dry acini di pepe may be purchased at your local grocery shop and stored in your cupboard forever.

Substitutes For Acini Di Pepe

Alternatives to acini di pepe that match its form, texture, and size are provided below. There is an option for each dish you would like to attempt.

1. Orzo

Orzo, commonly known as risoni, is a sort of short-cut pasta that looks like rice grains. Orzo, like other forms of pasta, is often produced from semolina but may also be prepared from whole grain flour.

Orzo, which originated in Italy, may be eaten in soup, salad, pilaf, casserole, or on its own. It is sometimes tinted with natural food colorings such as saffron, chillies, or black beans.

Orzo is also a soup pasta that works well as a replacement for acini di pepe. These are the same size and may be used in the same recipes. Orzo, on the other hand, is somewhat larger than acini di pepe and takes significantly longer to cook. Its mild taste and firm texture make it an excellent addition to cold pasta salads.

2. Tubettini

Tubettini is a sort of pasta that is formed out of small, narrow tubes. These are the smaller tubetti pasta, which has larger tubes. This pasta is often seen in mild soups, stews, and pasta salads.

Because of their diminutive size, these little pasta tubes provide a great substitute for acini di pepe. Tubettini is available in two textures: smooth and with ridges (tubettini rigati).

This pasta needs a longer cooking time, about 9 to 11 minutes. When using acini di pepe instead of tubettini, use less.

3. Orecchiette

Orecchiette is a pasta form that resembles an ear. This pasta comes from Southern Italy and is prepared using durum wheat and water. Orecchiette is fashioned like an ear, which corresponds to the English translation of its name, little ear.

It is frequently accompanied with meats and tomato sauces. This pasta is also a wonderful alternative for acini di pepe in vegetable dishes such as bridal soup. Acini di pepe and fresh orecchiette take roughly 5 minutes to cook.

4. Pastina

Pastina is a kind of pasta with small irregular forms (typically round). With a diameter of about 1.6 millimeters, this is the tiniest variety of pasta. It, like other types of pasta, is manufactured from durum wheat, water, and sometimes egg.

Pastina, which originated in Italy, is used in Italian cuisine as a component in desserts, salads, soups, or eaten alone. It works well in light soups such as minestrone and Italian wedding soup. Because of its diminutive size, pastina is an ideal replacement for acini di pepe. The cooking time is just approximately 5 minutes. Pastina should be used in larger quantities when replacing in meals due to its tiny size.

5. Angel Hair Pasta

Angel hair pasta, often known as capellini, is an extremely thin kind of pasta. It is classified as strand pasta and is not a great alternative for acini di pepe. Yet, in a pinch, it works well, particularly when split into little pieces.

The delicate broken spaghetti would complement light soups and pasta salads well. It will also cook fast, so utilizing it as a replacement will need some skill and care.


If you can’t locate acini di pepe in your local store, or you’re seeking for something else. In any case, this list contains some wonderful alternatives to acini di pepe.


What can I use instead of Acini de Pepe?

The 5 Greatest Acini De Pepe Substitutes
1 – Orzo. Orzo is a wonderful pasta that can be used in a variety of ways.
Stelline is number two. Stelline is a little star-shaped pasta that is often used in soups and salads in Italian cuisine.
Angel Hair Pasta is number three on the list. What exactly is this? …
Ditalini is number four. What exactly is this? …
Orecchiette (5th).
Feb 26, 2023

What can I use instead of Acini de Pepe in Italian wedding soup?

Most supermarket shops sell dry acini di pepe pasta. The most usual alternatives are ditalini and orzo pasta, although you may use any little shaped pasta. If none of the aforementioned are available, try pearl couscous, often known as Israeli couscous.

Is orzo the same as acini di pepe?

Acini de Pepe is a little pasta similar to orzo, making it an excellent replacement! It’s smaller than orzo (nearly like couscous) and used in Italian wedding soups, as well as salads like this Acini de Pepe Pasta Salad!

Can you use couscous instead of acini di pepe?

This pasta is prepared using gluten-containing durum wheat flour. Can I use couscous instead of Acini di Pepe? Couscous may be used in place of acini di pepe. Couscous is a grain that is prepared from semolina flour.

Can you substitute acini di pepe for pastina?

Acini di pepe, although being somewhat bigger than the classic pastina form, works well as a replacement.

Is acini de pepe the same as tapioca?

Is tapioca the same as acini de pepe? That is not the case. After blended with the other ingredients, Acini de Pepe pasta has a texture similar to tapioca. Tapioca, on the other hand, is a form of pasta made from cassava root starch, while Acini de Pepe is a type of tapioca.

What is the difference between Acini de Pepe and pastina?

Acini di pepe therefore translates as “pepper seeds.” They were and continue to be a fertility sign, which is why they are included in Italian wedding soup. Pastina (Italian for “little dough”) is another name for them; nonetheless, some pasta manufacturers identify pastina as being smaller than acini di pepe.

Is Cacio e Pepe the same as carbonara?

Since there were no eggs to produce Carbonara, another very similar classic Roman meal, cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper), was formed. The fundamental component in both meals is powdered black pepper, which resembles mine dust.

How to make cacio e pepe without clumps?

How do you prevent the cheese in cacio e pepe from clumping?
Make use of high-quality ingredients.
Grate your own cheese…
Grate the cheese first.
Make use of finely shredded cheese….
Don’t set aside pasta water too soon.
Let the pasta water to cool.
Don’t pile on the cheese all at once.
More goods…

Can I substitute orzo for pasta?

Other types of pasta, such as fregola, acini de pepe, or ditalini, are created from semolina, the same component used to make orzo. There’s also arborio rice and cauliflower rice, both gluten-free orzo substitutes that won’t change the taste of your meal.

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