The Greatest Egg Substitutes in Meatballs

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Meatballs are a terrific way to delight everyone at any dinner. The flavorful ground beef balls may be baked, fried, or served with your favorite sauce. Another advantage is that this delectable dinner is simple to prepare.

In addition to ground beef, the meatball combination requires spices, breadcrumbs, and an egg. The egg aids in the binding of the mixture and lightens the texture. Without the egg, the meatball would be denser and stodgier.

Eggs are essential to the meatball mixture, but they can run out or you may be making meatballs for someone who is allergic to eggs.

In any case, there are a few substances that may be used to substitute eggs in meatballs.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes may seem to be an unusual meatball component, but their starchy, soft texture functions as a binder in the same way that eggs do. Mashed potatoes may be prepared using ordinary or sweet potatoes, milk, butter, and even sour cream.

One egg equals around one-fourth cup of mashed potatoes in a meatball combination. By using mashed potatoes, the meatballs will retain their delicate, pillowy feel. This replacement, however, involves a little more effort since the mashed potatoes must be made ahead of time.


Soaked breadcrumbs in milk till soggy. Panade is a French dish that works well as an egg replacement in meatballs. This dish is created using bread.

This produces a gelatinous covering that helps encapsulate and protect your meatballs during cooking, as well as acting as a binding agent.

Panade is perfect for frying or baking meatballs since it is good for meats that need a longer cooking time, as compared to hamburgers, which are cooked rapidly.

Making meatballs with a buttermilk panade.


Several meatball recipes already call for a little amount of cheese to flavor the mixture. The most popular are parmesan, a firm, salty Italian cheese that is often grated over pasta, and ricotta, a soft, spreadable curd-like cheese.

More cheese adds flavor to the meatball and helps to bind the components together. But, you may need to experiment a little to get the desired texture.

Combine ricotta and parmesan together, or add butter and breadcrumbs.


Aquafaba is the canned chickpea liquid. It has a thick, viscous texture and a somewhat bean-like taste that fades when whisked. Aquafaba is a popular egg replacement in vegan recipes because it has the same texture when whipped as egg whites.

Aquafaba is particularly starchy, which aids in the binding of the elements in a meatball mixture. Whether you’re creating vegan meatballs using Beyond beef or another meat substitute, aquafaba is an excellent vegan egg substitute. But, it does need some elbow grease and extra preparation since the aquafaba must be whisked before being added to the meatballs.


Mayonnaise is an emulsified egg-based condiment with oil and vinegar. This versatile ingredient may be used in salad dressings, sandwiches, marinades, and other dishes. Mayonnaise is a cheap commodity at any grocery, but you can make your own with only three ingredients and a little elbow work.

Since mayonnaise includes eggs, it may be used as an egg replacement in an emergency. Mayonnaise’s thick, sticky texture aids in the binding of the other components in a meatball mixture. But, if you need an egg alternative due to an allergy, mayonnaise will not work since it also includes egg.


Breadcrumbs are used in several meatball recipes. Nevertheless, breadcrumbs may be used to substitute eggs in a panade. A panade is a milk-soaked slurry of bread or breadcrumbs. Panade is used by French cooks to keep ground beef soft, but it may also be used to give texture to ground meat.

Soak one-half cup of breadcrumbs in two tablespoons of milk or similar common product to produce a panade.

Rather of incorporating it into the meatball mixture like an egg, soak the exterior of each meatball in the panade. This creates a film that holds the meatball together.

Nevertheless, use a panade only if you want to cook the meatballs for an extended period of time, since it causes quick-cooking meats, such as hamburger, to become mushy.


Buttermilk is a slightly sour fermented dairy product that is often used in baking. It was formerly created from the liquid left over after churning butter, but it is now manufactured from cream.

The high liquid content of buttermilk aids in the binding of the components in meatballs. Before adding buttermilk, make sure to include lots of flour or breadcrumbs into the mixture. The buttermilk’s acidity breaks down the gluten, resulting in soft meatballs.

Even if you don’t have eggs on hand, these replacements will allow you to create tasty meatballs.


What can I use instead of egg for meatballs vegan?

What Is a Suitable Vegan Replacement for Eggs in Meatballs? The two greatest vegan alternatives for meatballs are aquafaba or unsweetened applesauce. They both produce delicate tastes that will go unnoticed if additional ingredients are added. They’re also simple to find in the grocery shop.

Do you really need eggs for meatballs?

Eggs do not contain any moisture! They’re used in the meatball mixture to hold the meat, breadcrumbs, cheese, and seasonings together. The eggs will cook and make the meatballs thick and spongy, which is not what you want. One or two eggs are generally plenty for one to two pounds of meat.

What can I use instead of egg to bind?

Mashed banana is a typical egg replacement. While baking or creating pancake batter, mashed banana may function as a binding agent. Applesauce may also be used as a binding agent…. Fruit puree…. Avocado…. Gelatin…. Xanthan gum…. Vegetable oil and baking powder.
Additional details…•March 30, 2021

What is the best binder for meatballs?

The folders

To bind the balls and help them remain together while cooking and eating, you may add eggs, breadcrumbs, grated or creamy cheeses (think ricotta or feta here), ground almonds, or a combination of these ingredients—no one wants a meatball that falls apart all over the plate.

How do you bind meatballs without eggs?

Per egg, use 4 cup ricotta cheese or 3 tablespoons unsweetened apple sauce. What can I use for eggs to bind meatballs? There are various ways to replace eggs in a meatball recipe: 2 tablespoons buttermilk each egg, 3 tablespoons plain yogurt per egg, 1 tablespoon

What binds meatballs together?

Egg: Several meatball recipes use an egg in the mince mixture to help bind the balls together. Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs aid in the binding of your meatballs. If the mince mixture is particularly wet, breadcrumbs will assist absorb excess moisture, preventing the balls from falling apart.

What happens if you forgot to put egg in meatballs?

Don’t panic if you forgot to get eggs at the grocery shop. The milk and breadcrumbs are enough to hold the egg-free meatballs together and keep them soft. To compensate for the loss of egg, we will add a little additional liquid.

Can you use olive oil instead of eggs for meatballs?

Olive oil works well as an egg replacement in meatballs. Italian seasoning or your favorite all-purpose spice combination. I used ground turkey, but you could also use ground chicken, beef, or sausage.

Is milk or egg better for meatballs?

For moisture, add milk.

A little amount of milk will moisten your meatballs. (Many people believe that the eggs provide moisture, but their job is to glue the meat, breadcrumbs, cheese, and herbs together.)

Can I use milk instead of egg to bind?

Eggs may be replaced with water, milk, or water combined with milk powder. Just substituting the weight of eggs with the same quantity of water or milk, or slightly less (since eggs are only 75% water), may work nicely in certain recipes.

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