What Goes Well With Cherry Tomatoes

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It’s time to select what to serve with cherry tomatoes now that they’re plump and ready for plucking. And we’ve come up with a couple recipes to go with these luscious tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes have a similar feel to grapes and are packed with taste and juice. They not only provide sweet, tart tastes, but they also produce the tastiest and most vivid meals.

The vivid crimson beauties complement a variety of cuisines and offer a superb flavor. Cherry tomatoes are usually a fantastic option, as seen by the suggested accompaniments below.

Best Side Dishes For Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes have an excellent sweet-acidic balance and are quite versatile. As a result, cherry tomatoes pair well with a variety of meals. And we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to serve with cherry tomatoes for you.

These are some of the best meals to serve with cherry tomatoes:

Shrimp Pasta 

One of the most classic recipes to combine with tomatoes is Italian shrimp pasta. Consider finely sliced cherry tomatoes with a burst of flavor from delicious shrimp and herbs. It’s like soaking up the rays of the sun. It’s that tasty.

The richness of the cherry tomatoes complements the tastes of the garlic, lemon, cream, and soft shrimp. Also, the cherry tomatoes offer a brilliant color and a touch of acidity to the meal.

Watermelon Salad

Cherry tomatoes go well with watermelon salad. They complement each other nicely because their raw, crisp freshness makes this a healthful salad. The cherry tomatoes give this salad a great plump yet juicy texture.

Their moderately acidic taste complements the sweetness of the watermelons. Also, it imparts a crisp flavor to the salad, providing an acidic aspect to the meal.

While cherry tomatoes and watermelon are inherently sweet and juicy, a touch of pepper helps to balance things out.

Shrimp Tacos

If you like shrimp tacos, mixing them with cherry tomatoes is a must. The tacos’ powerful and zesty cilantro and pepper flavors, along with the cherry tomatoes, enhance the shrimp.

The herbs brighten the meal and nicely complement the earthy, fresh taste of the cherry tomatoes. Also, the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes balances out the acidity of the lime. The fresh cherry tomatoes also help to balance off the oiliness of the shrimp.

Mexican Chicken Tinga

The taste combination of cherry tomatoes with Mexican chicken tinga is a Mexican gastronomy staple. Cherry tomatoes are full of flavor and pair well with chicken.

Their light flavor may complement the deep and savory tastes of the chicken and spices. The cherry tomatoes are reduced to a sauce, which provides a tasty binding element to the meal.

Greek Salmon

Pan-fried Greek salmon has a delightfully crisp exterior and melt-in-your-mouth delicate meat. The burst of cherry tomato juices adds a wonderfully sweet acidity to the fish.

Cherry tomatoes provide a freshness and a fantastic flash of color to the Greek salmon. They also complement the creamy, savory tastes of the garlic and lemon sauce that is often served with fish.

Pesto Pizza Toast

You’ve probably had pesto pizza toast on its own. But, adding cherry tomatoes to this basic meal adds a lovely touch. The tomatoes provide a unique combination of sweet and salty tastes.

The sweetness from the tomatoes isn’t overbearing either, but it’s noticeable enough. The pesto has a deep and herby taste, which is enhanced by the acid in the tomato.

Crusted Halibut

Another fantastic match for cherry tomatoes is crusted fish with asparagus and oyster beignet. The cherry tomatoes complement the flat fish well and are often served confit.

The crusted halibut is crisp and acidic, echoing some of the tomato’s fresh taste tones. Also, the acidity of the tomatoes balances out the fattiness and oil used to cook the halibut and beignet.

Fish Soup

This soup’s main components are fish, clam juice, and seafood broth. Because of these components, the soup is creamy rather than watery.

Cherry tomatoes complement the tastes of the fish soup well. Also, the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes offsets the acidic flavor of the fish. The textures and tastes complement each other well, with the tomatoes providing just the right amount of juiciness.


We all know how delicious and juicy cherry tomatoes are. Yet, certain foods may or may not go well with them. It all comes down to balance when determining what to serve with cherry tomatoes.


What do you eat cherry tomatoes with?

8 delicious ways to utilize cherry tomatoes
Additional details…•April 21, 2020

What can I do with a lot of cherry tomatoes?

Cook them! Baking cherry tomatoes in focaccia is one of my favorite ways to eat them… Confit them! … Eat them while they’re still fresh! … Make a tart out of them! What about a Galette? Pickled them! … Use them to make jam! … Grill them and convert them into sauce (for storage)!
More to come…
•Oct 14, 2020

What pairs well with tomatoes?

Tomatoes go well with apricot, lychee, nectarines, and peaches, as well as berries like raspberry and strawberry. Lemon balm is a fantastic plant to try if you want to try something new. You might perhaps search for refreshments elsewhere. A mild, flowery gin goes well with tomatoes, as does Cointreau.

What flavor goes with cherry tomato?

Cherry tomatoes, with their sweet taste, work well with strong flavors like feta cheese, goat cheese, vinegar, oregano, and other dry herbs. In pasta dishes and salads, balance their sweetness with more neutrally flavored components.

How do you eat raw cherry tomatoes?

We left the finest (and simplest) for last: eating raw tomatoes is by far the healthiest method to consume this fresh fruit. Enjoy them as an on-the-go snack, throw them into a light salad, or slice them up and put them on a sandwich – nothing beats the flavor of a fresh-from-the-garden, raw Tomato.

Can I freeze fresh cherry tomatoes?

Consider freezing cherry tomatoes to retain their summer freshness. By freezing these marble-sized jewels, you’ll enjoy summer-fresh flavor year-round. Tomatoes are one of the few vegetables from your garden that may be frozen without blanching.

Can you freeze whole fresh cherry tomatoes?

Tomatoes may be frozen whole, sliced, diced, or puréed, raw or cooked. Tomatoes should not be blanched before freezing. Since frozen tomatoes become mushy when thawed, they are best utilized in prepared recipes such as soups, sauces, and stews.

Do you need to remove skin from cherry tomatoes?

Peeling the tomatoes before using them not only makes them simpler to consume, but it also reveals the brilliant colored meat underneath the drab skins, making salads more colorful.

What should not be mixed with tomato?

As a result, the combination of cucumber and tomato is usually suggested to be avoided. Another reason is that they digest in very different ways. As a result, they should not be ingested together since the combination might cause acid production and bloating.

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