What Is a Decent Replacement for Cheese Curd?

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Cheese curd is a byproduct of the production of cheddar cheese. And it’s grown especially popular as a sumptuous snack in the United States and other areas of the globe. If you can’t get cheese curd when you need it, you’ll need a cheese curd alternative to finish your dinner.

Cheese curd, which dates back to ancient Rome, achieved considerable appeal in Quebec, Canada, in the 1950s. In this country, cheese curd is typically served on top of French fries with gravy in a meal known as Poutine.

This post will go through the finest substitutes for cheese curd and the perfect situations for each.

What is Cheese Curd?

Cheese curd is a little piece of fresh curdled milk cheese in the shape of a pearl. Historically, it was generated as a byproduct of cheese production. Nonetheless, it is increasingly often made on purpose for its own sake.

These delectable morsels are a staple in a variety of meals, including Queso Fundido, Poutine, and macaroni & cheese. They may also be consumed as a snack on their own or deep-fried for added taste and texture.

They have a moderate taste and are generally white or yellowish in appearance. Cheese curd is also popular as a garnish for salads, pizzas, and other foods.

Substitutes for Cheese Curd

Maybe you’re seeking for a cheese curd substitute to change the taste of your meal. Maybe you can’t locate cheese curd in your local market. In any case, there are several cheese curd substitutes available.

1. Mozzarella

This Italian classic was originally produced using water buffalo milk. Nevertheless, since it is significantly more cost-effective, most Mozzarella is currently prepared from cow’s milk.

Mozzarella is an excellent alternative due to its chewy, rubbery texture. It likewise has a very mild flavor, however it is somewhat more strong than cheese curd.

Mozzarella-based meals, on the other hand, may be somewhat richer. Nonetheless, it is an excellent alternative for cheese curd in baked pasta dishes and salads. Like cheese curd, it may also be deep-fried.

2. Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is a firm, orange-yellow cheese that originated in the Somerset hamlet of Cheddar. Its taste varies depending on how it is aged, but it is rich and crisp in general. Cheddar cheese is a great substitute since it is versatile and holds up nicely when melted.

This aged cheese works especially well in gratins and as a topping for nachos or French fries. Keep in mind that cheddar cheese has a stronger taste. As a result, it will have an impact on the overall taste of your food.

3. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese, which is created from curdled milk, dates back to the Mesopotamians. These curds are drained and squeezed to make cottage cheese, a soft, crumbly cheese.

Cottage cheese has a moderate taste that is somewhat salty and acidic. It also has less calories and fat than cheese curd. Cottage cheese is an excellent substitute for cheese curds in oven-baked foods, quiche, and Poutine.

Full-fat cottage cheese is preferable since it more closely resembles the texture and taste of cheese curd. When using the cottage cheese, be sure to drain any extra water.

4. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese, which originated in Greece, is a popular cheese. Sheep’s milk is used to make the cheese. As a consequence, feta cheese has more protein, fat, and calories than curd cheese.

Unlike the mild and somewhat sweet cheese curd, it has a crumbly texture and is salty, acidic, and slightly sour. As a result, when you replace cheese curd with feta cheese, the taste of your meal will vary somewhat. As a result, feta cheese is best used in meals where its stronger taste complements the other elements. Salads, spaghetti meals, and pizzas are a few examples.

5. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is a fresh Italian cheese manufactured from whey, which makes it less nutritious than cheese curd. Yet, because of the whey component, it will be easier to digest. It’s a mild-flavored, soft and creamy cheese with a somewhat gritty texture.

In this context, it works well as a replacement for meals like lasagna, cannelloni, and other cheesy baked dishes. Ricotta cheese is also often used in sweets like Italian lemon ricotta cake and cheesecake.


Cheese curd may be difficult to get in supermarkets and might be pricey. If you’re in a pinch, there are many replacements you may use in your cuisine. You may easily locate a decent cheese curd alternative with a little imagination.


What can I use in place of curd cheese?

If curd cheese is unavailable, cottage cheese may be used, but it must be sieved first. The end product will be less rich, but still wonderful.

What is the best substitute for cheese curds in poutine?

If you can’t find cheese curds, the closest potential substitute for the poutine experience is broken pieces (not shredded!) of a full-fat block mozzarella cheese (NOT fresh mozzarella – use the sort you’d shred for pizza). You want it in bits so that it doesn’t fully melt. Don’t be cheap.

Is ricotta the same as curd cheese?

Most cheeses we know and love are created from curds, but ricotta is typically formed from the tiiiiiny little of curd left behind in the whey. Cheesemakers use the curds to produce any cheese they desire, then recycle the remaining whey to make ricotta (among other whey cheeses).

What can I do if my cheese doesn’t curd?

Allowing the milk to sit for a little longer may help. If the condition does not improve, it might be due to ultra-pasteurization or ultra-homogenization of the milk. Depending on where you are in the cheesemaking process, you may try adding extra rennet.

What is curd cheese in us?

A cheese curd is not a unique kind of cheese. It’s simply a young cheddar that hasn’t been aged in any way. These curds are taken from the whey during the cheesemaking process and, rather than being molded for a future cheese wheel, are sliced and packaged for immediate sale.

Is curd cheese same as cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is made up of curds and cream (which develop when an acid curdles milk).

What cheese is most like cheese curds?

🧀 What Cheese is Most Similar

Since most cases, cheese curds are made from cheddar, so I am going to say that mild cheddar is the most similar. Cheese curds aren’t aged and mild cheddar are only aged for a short time.

Are cheese curds just mozzarella sticks?

Fried cheese curds are not the same as mozzarella sticks. They are their own lovely thing. Certainly, these breaded and fried cheese bits, like their extended mozzarella cousins, are bound for the same vat of mandatory marinara sauce, but a curd is not a stick.

Can I use Philadelphia instead of curd cheese?

Is medium fat soft cheese or cream cheese (such as Philadelphia) acceptable? Thanks! Hello, Sure, one of these may be used.

What is considered curd cheese?

Fresh pasteurized milk is used to make cheese curds, which are then fermented using cheese culture and rennet. Once the milk curdles, it is sliced into cubes, yielding a whey-curd combination. The final product is made by cooking and pressing this mixture to extract the whey from the curd.

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