What Is the Greatest Replacement for Celery Salt?

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Crushed celery seeds and salt are combined to make celery salt. It’s a traditional cuisine component used to enhance flavor to savory dishes. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for a celery salt alternative.

Celery salt, as the name implies, adds a salty, celery-like taste to savory dishes, enhancing the overall flavor profile. As a result, it is a popular spice in many kitchens. Despite the fact that celery salt is commonly mentioned as a flavor enhancer in recipes, its taste is relatively subtle.

In this post, we’ll look at all of the alternatives to celery salt and when they’re appropriate.

What is Celery Salt?

Celery salt is often made by combining normal table salt with powdered celery seeds. It does, however, include dried and crushed celery stalks and leaves on occasion. Celery salt is made by crushing celery and combining it with salt in a 2:1 ratio.

The seasoning is claimed to have an earthy, grassy flavor with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. It also has a little peppery taste to it. Celery salt, like celery, has a distinct taste that is definitely its own.

In most dishes, substituting ordinary salt with celery salt adds an extra layer of flavor and subtle seasoning. Celery’s particular taste complements recipes that include onions, garlic, or carrots.

As a garnish, celery salt is very delicious. Before serving, season with celery salt to taste. Sprinkle it over hot French fries or warm garlic bread for a burst of flavor and scent.

Substitutes for Celery Salt

Don’t be concerned if the occasion calls for celery salt and you don’t have any on hand. In a recipe, you may replace celery salt with other components. Here are some possibilities.

1. Salt

If you’re in a pinch and can’t locate any celery salt, you may always use your saltshaker instead. Naturally, the earthy, green aspects of celery will be absent, but normal salt will suffice.

When you’ve had a long day at work and don’t want to go to the store, just use regular salt. Combine salt with pepper to get a taste similar to celery salt, with peppery overtones.

2. Salt With Celery Seeds

If you have celery seeds but no celery salt on your spice rack, now is a great opportunity to build your own spice mix. Before combining with salt, the celery seeds should be pulverized in a grinder or mortar and pestle.

One benefit of producing your own celery salt is that it will be at its freshest since, unlike store-bought bottles, it hasnt been sitting on shelves for a long. The goal is to ground the celery seeds into a fine powder that resembles salt in size and texture.

It’s best to use one spoonful of celery for every two teaspoons of salt.

3. Powdered Celery

If you find a container of celery powder in your spice cupboard, there is good news. Celery powder has a milder taste than celery seeds, which have a more powerful and savory flavor. Nonetheless, it works nicely as a substitute for celery salt.

Celery powder is made from powdered celery seeds in certain cases. Others are made using celery juice. Because of its high nitrate concentration, celery powder is ideal for meat rubs and curing.

If you desire a more accurate amount, use 3 tablespoons celery powder for 1 teaspoon celery salt.

4. Celery Seeds

Celery seeds, which are usually gathered from wild celery, may also be found in the spice section. They’re also a popular spice for savory dishes. Celery seeds are tiny, look like poppy seeds, and have an earthy, somewhat bitter taste.

Wild celery seeds are said to have a deeper taste than ordinary celery seeds. The seeds may be used whole or crushed up before adding to a recipe.

By substituting celery seed with celery salt, the ratio is 1:1.

5. Lovage 

Lovage belongs to the Apiaceae, or celery family. Despite their resemblance, celery and lovage are not the same. It contains notes of lemon and sometimes tastes like a combination of anise and parsley.

Loveage seeds have a stronger taste than celery seeds. In addition, dried lovage leaves may be substituted for the seeds.


If you’re seeking for a Celery Salt replacement that tastes comparable, you can manufacture your own. Instead, you may go with one of the other selections for a little different taste.


Can I replace celery salt with celery?

Hence, in meals where consistency isn’t as critical, such casseroles or stews, use fresh celery as a replacement. Remember to add salt when substituting, using one teaspoon of salt for every teaspoon of celery salt in the recipe.

What can I replace celery salt with in Bloody Mary?

A little amount goes a long way. Celery salt is an essential ingredient in a traditional Bloody Mary, and it may also be used to enhance spice rubs for grilled meats. If you don’t have celery salt, use one part crushed celery seed to two parts salt instead.

Is garlic salt similar to celery salt?

Garlic salt, like onion salt, will provide a delightful taste to your food, but it does not have the same flavor as celery salt.

What is different about celery salt?

Celery Flakes vs. Celery Salt. Celery salt, like celery seed, is used as a spice. The fundamental distinction between the two is that celery salt is made from pulverized celery seed combined with salt. It’s saltier and has a more muted celery taste.

What recipes call for celery salt?

These are a handful of the most common applications for this delectable mixture:
The Bloody Mary. Attempt a Traditional Bloody Mary, which depends on this ingredient for its savory, herbaceous taste. Create your own Old Bay Seasoning with celery salt.
Coleslaw…. Salad with egg, potato, chicken, or tuna…. Seafood…. Chicken.
Oct 19, 2022

Why is celery salt in Bloody Mary?

Celery is a must-have.

Certainly, you’ve seen celery as a garnish for a Bloody Mary, but did you realize it does more than simply look nice? The celery taste complements the tomato juice and may be boosted with celery seed or celery salt.

Is celery salt better than sea salt?

The final message is that it doesn’t matter if it’s sea salt or plain salt: adding salt to your diet is best avoided entirely. Onion, celery, and garlic salt are likewise heavy in sodium and do not provide any relief.

What seasoning is similar to celery?

The first is fennel. Celery may be replaced by fennel bulbs! It not only has a unique crunch characteristic, but it also has a taste comparable to celery.

What can I use instead of Old Bay seasoning without celery salt?

Cajun seasoning is a spice combination that has a similar taste to Old Bay seasoning and will give your meal a comparable flavor. Paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and black pepper are common ingredients in this combination. Cajun spice may be used in any recipe that calls for Old Bay seasoning.

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