What Should You Serve With Baked Beans?

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Do you know what to serve with baked beans? Baked beans provide a well-rounded dinner with wonderful taste and texture. This meal is both invigorating and soothing for many people.

Baked beans are traditionally a Native American cuisine that consists of parboiled white beans that are then stewed or baked in a tomato sauce. Bacon and ham, for example, may give a salty and earthy taste to the meal. The tomato sauce flavor is prominent, with a sweet aftertaste that lingers.

Best Side Dishes to Serve With Baked Beans

While baked beans are a basic meal, they must be accompanied with a side dish that compliments or contrasts the taste profile. The beans are really delicate and melt quickly in your tongue. This results in a more textural side dish that pairs well with baked beans.

1. Toast

When it comes to pairings, baked beans and toast have traditionally gone hand in hand. This classic British staple has been present since the 1920s, gaining popularity as a cheap convenience meal during WWII. They are a marriage made in heaven, since they are often featured in the whole British Breakfast together.

The difference in tastes and textures complements the basic but excellent combo well. Bread is bland, allowing the taste of the baked beans to shine through. While the bread’s texture helps it to absorb up the bean sauce.

2. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs with bread is a filling and nutritious breakfast option. Despite the lightness of the eggs, this meal will fill you up thanks to the high fiber content of baked beans.

The scrambled eggs, which are simple to cook, heighten the flavor of the luscious baked beans. They are both high in nutrients and provide an excellent breakfast option for those who are short on time.

3. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are an excellent method to include additional protein in children’s meals. Baked beans are popular among younger children because they have a taste and texture characteristic that they appreciate. You could make a stew out of the baked beans and cut-up hot dog sausages. You may also serve them individually.

It’s also a typical summer picnic meal, with the smoky sausages giving extra flavor. All of the tastes complement each other well, with savory meeting sweet in perfect harmony. The sausage’s beefy texture contrasts wonderfully with the spicy baked beans. This results in a taste balance and explosion.

4. Baked Ham

If you want to add more nuanced tastes to your baked beans, baked ham is the way to go. Although any meat goes well with baked beans, the tastes brought by ham are unparalleled.

The luscious, salty taste of ham complements the sweetness of baked beans. The chewier texture of ham contrasts well with the soft stew-like texture of baked beans.

5. Fresh Salad

A bowl of fresh salad with baked beans is the greatest bet for something light and healthful. Salads are nutritious, refreshing, and quick to make. Use nutrient-dense veggies to fill out the meal’s nutritional profile.

The fresh veggies provide a new dimension of taste to your cuisine. They’re earthy and fresh, and the salad adds a tangy note with a creamy dressing. Salad veggies are usually crisp, which adds texture to the meal.

6. Cornbread

This Southern classic coupled with baked beans is an excellent comfort meal pairing. It’s a rich and satisfying supper that will leave you feeling thoroughly satiated. You may prepare a sweet or savory cornbread recipe. Either one complements the beans wonderfully.

This dish is a great blend of sweet, earthy, and savory flavors, with the textures complimenting each other well. The spongy nature of the bread helps it to absorb the bean sauce while providing flavor.

7. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a creamy, delectable meal that goes well with baked beans. It’s a hearty side dish loaded with flavor that will fill you up.

The more earthy baked beans and sweet tomato sauce complement the buttery cheesiness of the macaroni and cheese. They both feature comparable textures, making them suitable for the whole family. And the meal is healthily balanced since the baked beans provide fat, protein, and fiber.

8. Deviled Eggs

A picnic on a sunny day would be incomplete without deviled eggs and baked beans. They’re light and tasty, and they go well with the baked beans. They’re also high in nutrients.

The filling for deviled eggs is formed of egg yolk, mustard, mayonnaise, and spices. Its acidic core enhances the flavor of the meal by elevating the taste of the plain egg whites.

9. Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

Baked beans with grilled meats are usually a hit, and barbecue chicken sandwiches are no exception. This delicious combination will have your taste buds humming with delight.

The grilled chicken gives this meal a rich, smokey taste. Salty meats on bread with a dish of baked beans are ideal for a hot summer day. For an extra taste boost, combine some BBQ sauce with the baked beans. The chicken, bread, and baked beans sauce all complement each other nicely, creating a tactile feast.

10. Scotch Pie

Scotch pie, often known as shell pie, is a Scottish dish. It’s a meat-filled pie with two crusts. This meal goes great with baked beans and is a tried-and-true combo.

The baked bean’s delicate texture contrasts with the flaky shell and succulent meats within. This meal is a British staple with its delightful balance of sweet and salty flavors.

11. Hamburgers

At any barbecue, hamburgers are a crowd pleaser. They provide an excellent balance of carbs, protein, and veggies. With so many topping options, hamburgers and baked beans are a great match.

Baked beans provide simplicity and nuance to the rich and complicated hamburgers stuffed with many tastes and textures. The sweet tastes of baked beans complement all of the ingredients and keep them from overpowering your taste senses.

12. Soup

If you want something light, a mix of soup and baked beans is the ideal choice. This basic combo will satisfy you without becoming hefty.

It is ideal for convalescents who may have difficulty swallowing meals. Vegetable soup or any light-flavored soup will go well with baked beans.


Baked beans are an excellent recipe that tastes fantastic. It might be difficult to pair sides with a basic meal like this. Dishes that do not overpower the baked beans’ earthy aromas but are delicious enough to enhance them are required.


What do Americans have baked beans with?

Quora: Do Americans eat baked beans? Absolutely. Summer staples include potato salad, corn on the cob, pickles, tomatoes, hotdogs, and hamburgers grilled outside. It’s also great with pulled pork or ribs.

What is good to eat beans with?

These are some quick and easy bean dinner ideas.
Improve your casserole.
Toss into salads or bowls.
Create a bean spread.
Combine with pasta…
Make a hearty bean soup.
Create a plant-based burger.
Serve with tacos or quesadillas.
Eat your beans and rice.
More to come…
•Jul 28, 2022

What vegetables can you eat with baked beans?

Baked beans go well with steaming veggies. Fresh corn, steamed broccoli, green beans, and other vegetables may be included. For a healthy alternative to fried food, pair baked beans with crisp-tender stir-fried vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, and celery.

What main dishes go with baked beans?

main courses that accompany baked beans
Ribs on the grill.
Macaroni with cheese.
Dogs on a stick.
Pulled chicken or pulled pork.
Pie with Sheep.
Ham that has been baked.
Jun 7, 2022

What do Brits eat baked beans with?

Baked beans on toast are often offered as part of a morning cook up (the British term for a Cooked English Breakfast). They are usually served with a jacket potato for lunch (the British term for a baked potato). They’re even served during dinnertime!

Is canned baked beans healthy?

Are baked beans nutritious? Baked beans are packed in fiber and protein, so they’re a good option, particularly with wholegrain bread or a jacket potato. They do, however, contain salt and sugar.

What goes with baked beans and cornbread?

What should I serve with the beans and cornbread? 7 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
Greek Salad No. 1.
2 – Crispy Bacon with Fried Cabbage.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (no. 3).
Casserole of Vegetables.
Meatloaf ranks fifth.
6 – Asparagus Dijon.
Coleslaw with Creamy and Tangy Dressing.
Feb 23, 2023

What to add to baked beans?

How to Make Canned Baked Beans Better
This is maple syrup.
Mustard with a kick.
Sausage made from beef.
Vinegar of cider.
Sep 1, 2017

Should baked beans be served hot or cold?

Baked beans are one of my favorite side dishes. They work just as well as a side dish in the hot summer months as they do in the cold winter months. Since these beans may be served warm or cold, they are quite adaptable, and I enjoy how quickly I can modify up the recipe to suit various events.

Is a can of baked beans a meal?

If you’re searching for a family supper that checks all the boxes – tasty, healthy, budget-friendly, and simple to prepare – baked beans are one of those pantry essentials you should always have on hand.

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