What Should You Serve With Black Beans and Rice?

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Do you know what to offer with your black beans and rice? Arroz Congri, or black beans and rice, is a traditional Cuban meal that is a smart twist on conventional beans and rice. Rice and black beans are usually combined together, giving it a characteristic grey color. Nonetheless, they are sometimes put side by side on a plate.

Black beans and rice may be served as a main course or as a side dish. It includes popular Caribbean ingredients such as aromatic jasmine rice, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, cumin, and oregano. And it’s usually served for supper or on special occasions.

This dish is not only flavorful, but it is also high in nutrients. It is high in fiber and protein, gluten-free, and rich in vitamins and minerals. The addition of lime and fresh cilantro to this recipe adds fresh and zesty aspects to the earthy taste.

Side Dishes For Black Beans & Rice

The dish is a well-balanced meal on its own since it contains protein, veggies, and carbs. But, serving this meal with a delectable side dish would elevate it from good to amazing.

The greatest side dishes are high in protein and have unique umami tastes. These ingredients must complement the spiciness and fragrant flavors of the Caribbean dish.

1. Cuban Garlicky Pork

This is a typical Cuban meal prepared with delicate shredded pig. It’s been steeped in garlic, citrus, and cumin before being cooked in an instant pot. You might speed up the preparation by using a pressure cooker.

Cuban garlicky pork is a delicious flavorful option to serve with black beans and rice. It boasts bright, earthy aromas that complement the robust flavors of black beans and rice. Marinating it in fresh citrus juice improves the taste and turns it sweet and delicious.

2. Fish

Fish is an excellent side dish to serve with black beans and rice. The umami tastes of fish complement this savory meal well. A properly grilled piece of fish on top of a hot dish of delectable black beans and rice is always a treat.

A beautiful cut of fish may be prepared in a variety of ways. But, grilling it would provide the perfect amount of sear and tenderness while also cooking it thoroughly. Pan-searing your fish is another alternative.

3. Slow-Cooked Roast Pork

This is another another pork alternative. But, unlike the Cuban garlicky pork, it is prepared in a slow cooker. Marination is frequently done overnight and includes the use of cumin, citrus, garlic, and oregano.

Slow cooking enables the fluid to fully roast the meat, resulting in soft and luscious meat. The citrus marinade provides brightness and zest, and it goes well with black beans and rice.

4. Roasted Chicken

While black beans and rice is a tasty meal, it lacks animal protein. Chicken is one of the most complementary side dishes to this main course.

Although lime juice is used to decorate the dinner, adding lime juice to your meat marinade will take it to the next level. The meat’s texture complements the fluffy and creamy black beans and rice dish well. And the luscious tastes perfectly compliment the main course.

5. Sausage

Sausages are an excellent choice for a simple but flavorful accompaniment to black beans and rice. It is inexpensive, simple to obtain, and fast to make. And there are so many different kinds of sausage to select from.

Sausage is a common component in Caribbean cuisine, and it often provides much-needed flavor and fattiness to a dish. It is entirely up to you the sort of sausage you use. Virtually any kind of sausage should work.

6. Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp tacos are another delicious side dish to go with your black beans and rice. They’re brimming with tasty components like crunchy cabbage, cheese, cilantro, taco sauce, and, of course, juicy shrimp. Adding seafood to your black beans and rice supper is a fantastic idea since the salty umami taste improves the dish.

It also has lime juice seasoning, garlic, and cumin for an earthy flavor. You may also top it with sour cream to add tanginess to the tacos and create a burst of flavors.

7. Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas are a tasty and spicy addition to black beans and rice. Sautéed chicken, onions, beans, green chile, and cheese make up this Mexican-style chicken meal. It’s cooked to perfection and served hot with loads of fresh toppings and melting cheese.

The red enchilada sauce is the key element to a superb chicken enchilada. This sauce perfectly combines all of the components. It also enhances the tastes of the black beans and rice, making it an excellent side dish.

8. Corn on the Cob

If you want to go for a more rustic approach with your black beans and rice paring, go for corn on the cob. It’s a popular side dish for rice recipes. The sweetness of the corn complements the earthy and spicy tastes of the main course wonderfully.

Melt butter over the corn and sprinkle with grated cheese for the ultimate flavor explosion. Seasoning is as simple as adding salt. You might also add dried Italian herbs for extra flavor.

9. Steamed Vegetables

If you don’t like meat, this is a great choice. Although some may find this side dish to be dull, it is really tasty and healthful. We suggest steaming the veggies instead than boiling them to maintain their crunchiness and fresh, natural tastes.

The veggies’ subdued earthy aromas complement the powerful flavors of the black & beans meal. They are also aesthetically pleasing when placed side by side on the plate, providing a contrast of hues.

10. Steak Fajitas

What goes better with black beans and rice than a well-seasoned steak? Steak fajitas are quick to prepare and feature steak strips, peppers, and onions. This side dish has bold and powerful tastes that compete with the flavors of black beans and rice.

Steak is a high-protein food that is also really tasty. Plus, if you choose a lean cut, it won’t have too much fat or salt, making it a healthy side dish choice.


Black beans and rice is a unique Cuban bean and rice meal. It’s a really tasty meal made with aromatic ingredients including jasmine rice, garlic, cumin, oregano, and cayenne pepper.

It is critical to choose an appropriate side dish to accompany it. You don’t want a dish that overpowers your main course or is so boring that it doesn’t stand out. Our black beans and rice side dish suggestions above add bold and colorful tastes to the table. Your lunch of black beans and rice will be the talk of the town.


What is a good side dish for black beans and rice?

Crusty French Bread or Garlic Bread

Add some crusty French or garlic bread cut into manageable sized pieces beside the dish to enhance the taste, dip in the sauce, and help cut down on some of the spice and heat contained in the rice and beans.

What to pair with rice and beans?

How to Serve Red Beans and Rice (12 Cajun Sides)
Sausage with andouille.
Chicken fried.
Chops de porc frites.
Collard Greens with Bacon.
Green Tomatoes Fried.
Cobs of corn.
Additional information…•May 20, 2022

What does black beans go well with?

Black beans are the ideal protein-packed ingredient to “salsa fresca,” a salsa made with fresh tomatoes rather than canned. Use it to dip tortilla chips in, to spoon into a burrito or quesadilla, or to top tacos, baked potatoes, or grilled avocado.

What vegetable goes with beans and rice?

Collard greens are an excellent accompaniment to spicy red beans and rice.

Is black beans and rice a complete meal?

A complete protein is created by combining beans and grains. Both beans and rice are deficient in some critical amino acids. But, when eaten together, each adds what the other lacks to produce a complete protein.

Are black beans and rice a healthy meal?

Rice and black beans are both high in protein, while beans are high in fiber. When combined, they make for a really full supper. One serving contains 6.5 g of protein and 4.5 g of fiber. They both include a range of vitamins and minerals as well.

Is rice and beans enough for dinner?

Nonetheless, if rice and beans are all you have, it’s a really good pick. Yet, she warns, “you’re not going to have a comprehensive diet.” The combination is deficient in Vitamin C and other vital elements. “It’s critical that you consume meat and veggies,” Campos explains.

Is rice and beans enough for a meal?

Yet, rice and beans are a potent and healthful combination. They form a full protein when combined! This implies that you don’t always need animal protein with your meal to feel satisfied. That’s why rice and beans are such a good option if you’re on a low budget.

Why do people eat beans and rice together?

WHAT DID YOU KNOW? When rice and beans are combined, they make a complete high fiber vegetarian protein. Beans and grains have a symbiotic connection in which their amino acids complement each other to generate a complete protein that serves as the basis for human growth and development.

What is the benefit of black beans and black rice?

Fiber and protein

When rice and black beans are combined, the product is not only rich in protein, but it also contains all of the amino acids, giving you complete protein. One-half cup cooked white rice and black beans both supply 9.6 grams of total protein, with the black beans accounting for almost 80 percent of the total.

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