What Should You Serve With Cheese Fondue?

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Do you want to know what to offer with cheese fondue? When it comes to foods meant to be shared, cheese fondue is hard to top. And we’ve produced a list of the greatest sides to pair with that deliciously gooey cheese, so you can wow your visitors.

The dish of cheese fondue originated in Switzerland. As a result, this traditional dinner party meal often includes Swiss cheese, dry white wine, and garlic. In a saucepan over low heat, the cheese is melted. Wine and garlic are also added for taste.

After melted, the cheese is generally served with a selection of bread, veggies, or meats for dipping. It’s rich and flavorful, with textures ranging from smooth and creamy to thick and chunky.

Other varieties of cheese, such as cheddar or gruyere, may also be used to produce cheese fondue. Finally, whether you choose a sharp or mild cheese can impact the taste of your cheese fondue. Other drinks, such as beer or fruit juice, may be substituted for the wine.

Cheese fondue, which became famous in the 1960s and 1970s, was originally referenced in a Swiss cookbook in 1699. Cheese fondue is now served as an appetizer or main entrée at small gatherings all around the globe.

What to Serve with Cheese Fondue

The ideal cheese fondue accompaniment will complement the richness of the cheese as well as the small punch of garlic and wine. Nonetheless, we’ve produced a list of the best combinations to think about when deciding what to serve with cheese fondue.


Bread is one of the most typical accompaniments to any fondue. The secret to a perfect cheese fondue is selecting the best bread. Bread that is excessively thick or chewy will make dipping difficult. Whereas bread that is overly soft will crumble.

The greatest bread for cheese fondue is soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the exterior. Baguettes, ciabatta, and sourdough bread are thus suitable.

The crust of this bread offers a solid foundation for dipping, while the fluffy inside absorbs the savory cheese sauce. Also, the bread has a richer taste that will complement the rich cheeses used in fondue.

Roasted Potatoes

Go no farther than roasted potatoes for the ideal side dish to accompany your cheesy deliciousness. Roasted potatoes have a wonderful texture that holds up nicely when dipped. Its earthy taste goes well with most cheese fondues.

Roast your potatoes in bite-sized chunks until crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside. Then, as soon as they’re done, serve them hot.

Granny Smith Apples

Fruit is also a popular addition to fondues. And Granny Smith apples are ideal for cheese fondue. They’re tangy and somewhat acidic, which balances off the cheese’s richness.

At room temperature, serve Granny Smith apples in bite-sized slices. This guarantees that they aren’t too difficult to bite into. After chopping the apples, leave the skin on for more nutrition, taste, and texture.

Blanched Broccoli

Broccoli is an excellent vegetable to pair with fondue. It’s firm and crisp, which makes it simple to dip into the cheese without crumbling. Also, the mild taste of broccoli complements the rich, creamy cheese.

Blanch your broccoli before serving for the best results. This will help it keep its color and taste while also ensuring that it is thoroughly cooked. When blanching broccoli, immerse it in boiling water for a few minutes before removing it and plunging it into freezing water.


For a variety of reasons, sausage is an excellent addition to cheese fondue. It is an excellent source of protein. The diversity of flavors and textures in sausage adds to the fondue experience.

This fondue combo is simple to prepare, but grilling or frying the sausage yields the best results. There are several varieties of sausage that are excellent for cheese fondue. Spicy chorizo, meaty kielbasa, and fatty Italian sausage are among the finest.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts go well with cheese. Brussels sprouts roasted. Its somewhat bitter taste complements the creamy cheese perfectly, making them excellent for dipping into cheese fondue.

They hold up nicely when dipped into the fondue after being cooked. Just cut the sprouts’ ends and roast them until soft and slightly browned. It’s better to serve them in a chafing dish to keep them warm.


What could be better than delicate meaty bliss drenched in hot, ooey cheese? Meatballs are an excellent cheese fondue companion since they can be made ahead of time, which is useful when hosting a party. They’re simple to prepare and even simpler to dip in melted cheese.

Meatballs are extremely adaptable since you may create them with whatever meat or flavor you like. Beef or pork are the most prevalent selections, both of which have a lot of taste.

Brown the outside surface of the meatballs in a skillet to lock in the flavors for the best results. This will also keep them from disintegrating when dipped.


Shrimp pairs well with cheese fondue, which is why it is often offered at fondue parties. Grilling or roasting shrimp is the finest method to prepare them for fondue. This imparts a smokey taste to the shrimp, which goes nicely with the cheese.

Serve the shrimp whole or cut into bite-size pieces for skewering and dipping. For added taste, squeeze in a little lemon juice. Be careful not to overcook the shrimp. They’ll be tough and rubbery otherwise.


Cheese fondue is an excellent method to get your dinner guests to mingle and have fun. Moreover, with these suggestions, deciding what to serve with cheese fondue will no longer be a mystery.


What is traditionally served with fondue?

Bread, crackers, and potato chips

Bread is the most common cheese fondue dipper. There are plenty fantastic solutions available. French bread, breadsticks, and croutons are usually favorites, but multigrain bread, rye, sourdough, pumpernickel, and even bagels are also options.

What do Swiss eat with cheese fondue?

Traditionally, fondue bread cubes are sliced from white bread, however half-white or wholegrain bread may also be used. You may also use wholemeal bread or toast bread cooked in butter if you want. Boiled potatoes, blanched veggies, or fruit are other alternatives (e.g. pears, apples or grapes).

What dinner goes with fondue?

A fondue supper may be accompanied by a variety of delectable side dishes. Roasted potatoes, grilled veggies, or simply a simple salad are all excellent choices. Whatever you select, make sure it complements the fondue’s tastes.

What is a good dipper for cheese fondue?

Here are some suggestions to tempt you to dip things in melted cheese:
Chips made from potatoes.
Pretzels may be soft or firm.
Beef, ham, or turkey.
Chips made from tortillas.
Vegetables that are raw.
Potatoes roasted.
More to come…

How is cheese fondue served?

It’s served communally from a porcelain pot that’s been warmed from below to keep the cheese melted, and it’s eaten by dipping bits of bread at the ends of long forks into the cheese and then eating them. According to fondue connoisseurs, the best bite develops in the bottom of the pot throughout the course of the meal.

What are some fun rules for fondue?

– If a woman accidentally puts her meal in the fondue pot, she must kiss the guy on her left. – If a guy accidentally spills his meal in the fondue pot, he must kiss the woman on his right. – The person who spills the most dipping sauce on the tablecloth is the one who has to host the next party.

What happens if you drop bread in fondue?

If a guy slips his slice of bread into the fondue pot, he must purchase a round of beverages. If a lady drops her bread in the pot, she is required to kiss all of her neighbors.

Is fondue a main course?

Potatoes, cornichon, and pickled pearl onions are common accompaniments. White wine, tea, and the odd glass of kirsch are served as accompaniments. While fondue is considered a main dish in Switzerland, you may order it as an entrée or an appetizer when dining in the Swiss Mountains.

What drink goes well with fondue?

Chardonnay from the Jura region of France

Between mouthful of delicious fondue, its subtle natural acidity will cleanse the taste. The Jura is a small mountainous area notable for its diverse terroir of several kinds of limestone. It is well renowned for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

What do you eat with Trader Joe’s fondue?

The package suggests serving it with baguette pieces, fresh fruit, and vegetables, all of which are available at Trader Joe’s. If you don’t have a fondue dish, this dinner may be made in the microwave.

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