What Should You Serve With Chicken Enchiladas?

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Are you stumped as to what to serve with Chicken Enchiladas? This post will highlight the greatest possibilities for precisely complementing your food. Continue reading to learn about some delicious sides that you may offer every time.

Chicken Enchiladas is a traditional Mexican meal. Its origins may be traced back to the Aztecs, who originated the practice of wrapping food into tortillas. This dish is bursting with flavor, thanks to the Mexican spices that lend a kick. They’re filling and perfect for lunch or family gatherings.

Sautéed chicken, beans, onions, green chilis, and shredded cheese are folded up in a soft corn tortilla. This roll-up is then slathered with enchilada sauce and baked until hot and the cheese has melted. It is often topped with more shredded cheese.

In this post, we will look at what you may pair with this dinner, based on some of the aforementioned factors as well as a few others.

Side Dishes for Chicken Enchiladas

The recipe is flavorful and filling, and the corn tortilla provides texture when cooked. To balance the Mexican flavors and cleanse the palette, the side should be light and refreshing.

1. Mexican Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a popular side dish among guests. It’s also a fantastic benefit because it’s simple to prepare, particularly if you have extra carrots and cabbage on hand.

The cabbage has an earthy, somewhat bitter flavor, while the carrots are sweet, resulting in a pleasing balance. They complement the Chicken Enchiladas and help to cleanse your mouth.

But, Mexican coleslaw goes beyond just chopping up some cabbage and carrots and calling it a day. They use additional veggies such as avocado, maize, black beans, jalapeño, cumin, and so on.

The dressing is also not your typical mayonnaise. Mexican coleslaw is topped with a tangier and more acidic apple cider vinegar sauce. You may also top it with cilantro for a more refreshing flavor.

2. Guacamole

Guacamole and Chicken Enchiladas are a classic meal pairing. The creamy, mellow tastes of the guacamole contrast well with the bold Mexican flavors of the enchiladas. The texture is different, and the guacamole may be used as a coating dip for the Chicken Enchiladas. They’re both delicious on their own, but they’re much better when eaten together.

3. Chips And Salsa

This is a low-stress choice. You’d previously made some salsa or sauce for your enchiladas, so all you need to do now is grab some of your favorite chips and you’re ready to go. The salty, crispy chips add texture and flavor to the dish. You can go the additional mile and buy some melted cheese for a chips dip, which is a great accompaniment to the delicious Chicken Enchiladas.

4. Rice

A Mexican meal isn’t complete without rice. This side dish is terrific since it can be served with any Mexican cuisine and taste fantastic. Chicken Enchiladas are no different. Rice complements the delicious tastes of the saucy and cheesy chicken.

You may add peppers, cumin, and cilantro to your standard steamed white rice to make it more flavorful. You may also add chorizo and black beans to make it even more full and wonderful.

5. Pepper Salad

Pepper salads are usually visually appealing. They are created with several hues of bell peppers, including green, red, and yellow, making the salad a colorful event. They not only look great, but they also taste great and make an excellent side dish with Chicken Enchiladas. The spicy taste complements the Hispanic flavors in the enchiladas.

Adding more components to this excellent stir-fry, such as red onions and cheddar, improves it significantly. If you want heat and taste, this is the side dish to have on your table.

6. Corn Pudding

Following the fire and spice of the Chicken Enchiladas, this meal provides a delicious sweetness that is to die for. It’s creamy and rich, making it an excellent side dish. Corn pudding is highly popular in the southern United States, especially during holidays such as Thanksgiving.

The sweetness cuts through the heat, bringing relief and satisfying your taste senses. When you take a scoop of corn pudding, it has a lovely fluffy texture that strikes the spot.

7. Refried Beans

Refried beans are a popular ingredient in both Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. They are also popular in other South American nations. This side dish is prepared with beans, most often pinto beans. It’s scrubbed, cooked, and pounded into a paste before being refried with sauces. Refried beans are a satisfying and healthful side dish option for Chicken Enchiladas.

The beans are brimming with flavor from the additional seasonings and pair nicely with the Chicken Enchiladas. It’s creamy and flavorful without being too heavy on the cheese or sauce.

8. Queso Dip

This creamy, cheesy dip goes well with your Chicken Enchiladas. Queso dip is a spicy, cheesy side dish prepared with melted cheese and chili peppers.

And it goes well with the rich flavors of the Chicken Enchiladas. Queso dip, which is often used as a tortilla dip, works great with everything, even Chicken Enchiladas.


Chicken Enchiladas is a substantial, comforting Mexican meal that is delicious. It’s fantastic because of the explosion of flavors and spices. But, a side dish that perfectly matches it would make it memorable. Our 8 side dish suggestions taste fantastic and compliment the flavors of the Chicken Enchiladas for a complete Mexican meal.


What side dishes goes with enchiladas?

Enchiladas go well with Mexican green beans.
Macha Mayo on corn ribs.
Salad with Mexican beans.
Grilled corn.
Rice with black beans.
Rice with lime and coriander.
Salsa with chips.
Pico de Gallo is a kind of grape.
More to come…

Are enchiladas a main dish?

Enchiladas are unquestionably a filling main meal! Therefore serving some vegetables on the side is a nice idea. We’ve chosen some delicious salads, slaw, and other vegetables to go with your enchiladas.

Are enchiladas a meal?

Enchiladas are a typical Mexican meal that has a distinct taste and a lengthy history. Because of their excellent flavor, they are a popular menu item at many Mexican restaurants. Enchiladas have become a symbol of a classic Mexican supper, with the right blend of tortilla, meat, cheese, and sauce.

How do you eat chicken enchiladas?

Here are some sides that might go nicely with these chicken enchiladas to fill out the meal:
Mexican rice in its purest form.
Simple Refried Beans with Arroz Verde (Green Rice).
Guacamole made simple.
Salad with avocado.
Recipe for a Traditional Margarita.
May 4, 2020

How do you eat enchiladas traditionally?

Some people eat them with their hands, while others eat them with a fork and knife. There is no correct or incorrect way to consume enchiladas. It’s just a question of personal taste. Some individuals believe that eating them with their hands enables them to better appreciate the taste.

What do you serve with enchilada casserole?

10 Delectable Enchilada Side Dishes
01 of 11. Salad with grilled corn. See Recipe…. Page 2 of 11. Green Rice with Green Chiles… Page 3 of 11. Salad with Jicama, Mango, Cilantro, and Lime. 05 of 11 Chef John’s Gazpacho. The best Spanish rice.
06 of 11. Lemony Cabbage-Avocado Slaw. Mexican Cornbread… page 8 of 11. Simply put, guacamole.
Additional details…•November 23, 2020

What kind of cheese is best for enchiladas?

A typical Mexican combination of Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese is ideal for Cheese Enchiladas. It’s preferable to use a mild to medium Cheddar cheese instead of a strong Cheddar, since milder Cheddars are softer, creamier, and hence better for melting.

Do you cook enchiladas covered or not?

Most enchiladas are baked and covered with foil until thoroughly cooked. Oven temperatures and baking durations vary each recipe, but on average, they bake for around 25 minutes at 350°F. When the enchiladas have been cooked through, sprinkle with the cheese.

Should enchiladas have corn or flour tortillas?

Although some recipes call for wheat tortillas, corn tortillas are the preferred — and for good reason — choice for enchiladas. In contrast to flour tortillas, which are more like a blank slate, corn tortillas have a unique taste that contributes significantly to the enchilada experience.

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