What Should You Serve With Ham and Bean Soup?

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Are you looking for something to offer with ham and bean soup for a hearty family dinner? If so, we have just what you need. In this post, we will look at some of the top side dish selections that you should not neglect.

Ham and bean soup is a substantial meal made with ham, beans, and a variety of vegetables. While the precise ingredients vary, frequent additions include carrots, celery, onions, and potatoes. In addition, the soup is often seasoned with a combination of herbs and spices such as thyme, bay leaves, and pepper.

This well-known soup is said to have originated in the United States, while the precise origins are unknown. The dish gained popularity in the nineteenth century as a way to stretch leftovers and create a substantial supper. It is still a favorite comfort dish in the United States, especially during the winter months.

Side Dishes For Ham & Bean Soup

So, what should you serve with your hearty, protein-rich ham and bean soup? You’ll want a side dish that complements the gentle textures and earthy vegetable tastes of your soup. And adding a side that adds carbs to the meal is always a good idea.

1. Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is a delicious vegetable that goes well with ham and bean soup. It provides just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the dish’s savory elements.

Roasting butternut squash produces a delicate and supple texture that complements the soup. Roasting is also the greatest technique to extract all of the natural sugars and add a smoky taste to the dish. Its smokiness will go well with the earthy beans and salty ham.

2. Coleslaw

When deciding what to serve with ham and bean soup, cole slaw is an excellent option. It’s a refreshing twist from standard salads, with fresh, crisp shredded veggies and a creamy dressing. This adaptable salad normally has raw cabbage and carrot, but it may also add onions, celery, and peppers.

The crisp salad has just the proper amount of tang without being too acidic. The chilly, sharpness of the veggies contrasts well with the warm, soft textures of the soup.

3. Sweet Potato Fries 

Sweet potato fries are a delicious side dish to practically any meal, including ham and bean soup. Who could resist crisp golden brown on the exterior and soft and fluffy on the inside? They provide a fantastically sweet taste to the food, similar to butternut squash.

Most of all, sweet potato fries are simple to prepare and much simpler to purchase at your local supermarket. If you’re really tight for time, you could even buy frozen sweet potato fries.

4. Garlic Spaghetti 

Spaghetti is a traditional and time-honored side dish. It’s simple to make and may be prepared ahead of time. This makes it ideal for those who do not want to spend hours in the kitchen. As a result, garlic spaghetti is an excellent choice for what to serve with ham and bean soup.

This side dish combines the greatest aspects of pasta with a simple butter sauce laced with just enough garlic. The sauce is creamy yet mild, and it goes well with the ham and bean soup.

5. Applesauce

Applesauce is perfect for adding light and fruity tastes to a ham and bean soup supper. Roast ham and applesauce are a popular pairing, particularly during the holidays. This is why the sauce complements the ham and bean soup so perfectly.

The sauce aids in the digestion of the fiber in the food. Its sweetness complements the savory tastes of the ham and bean soup wonderfully.

6. Green Chile Cornbread 

Green chile cornbread pairs well with ham and bean soup due to its delectable sweetness. It also adds a little heartiness to the meal and is a terrific way to soak up the combined flavors of your soup.

This cornbread is spicy because it contains diced jalapenos. To temper the heat, serve the cornbread with creamy coleslaw or a dab of applesauce. Use less chile powder and other dry spices in the batter if you don’t want your cornbread to be overly hot.

7. Biscuits

The wonderful thing about biscuits is how versatile they are. With your dough, you may put anything from dried fruit like cranberries or raisins to cheese. If you’re searching for a hearty and delectable addition to your supper, why not some biscuits?

By including savory ingredients such as herbs and cheese, you may minimize the sweetness of your biscuit dough. Another alternative is to substitute sour cream for the milk. It will give the end dish a tangy, acidic taste that complements the ham and beans beautifully. Try adding jalapenos or cilantro to the biscuit dough to give classic biscuits a unique spin.

8. Coconut Rice 

Tender white rice, coconut milk, and spices are combined to make coconut rice. Rice and soup, as you may know, are a combination made in heaven. And the creamy, nutty richness of coconut rice complements the rich, savory tastes of ham and bean soup perfectly.

This rice dish, like others, has a beautiful soft texture that isn’t gummy or mushy. A last splash of lime juice brightens the otherwise mild, sweet tastes.

9. Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach is a popular side dish all around the globe. It’s much better when paired with ham and bean soup. A serving of creamed spinach as a side dish is rich in protein and iron while being low in calories.

Combine wilted spinach, white sauce, cream, and spices to make your own creamed spinach. Instead, you may get it frozen or in heat and eat form at your local grocery shop.

10. Garlic Bread 

Ham and bean soup is a delicious lunch alternative, particularly during the cold winter months. And what better accompaniment to your hot soup than warm buttery garlic bread? Bread and soup, like spaghetti and meatballs, go together like spaghetti and meatballs. And garlic bread kicks things up a notch by including our favorite herb and garlic tastes.

Generous pieces of warm, crusty garlic bread are ideal for mopping up the earthy, salty, savory elements of the soup. You may create your own garlic bread out of whatever bread you have on hand. Just score it deeply and add garlic butter with your preferred herbs into the grooves. Bake until the butter has melted and the bread is golden and crunchy.


Ham and bean soup is a popular meal, especially during the milder months of winter and autumn. It’s high in protein and really simple to prepare. And it can stand on its own as a filling, well-balanced supper. These delicious side dishes should inspire you to think of different ways to serve ham and bean soup.


What goes good with bean soup?

These are 18 of the best things to offer with ham and bean soup at the dinner table.
Cornbread. Cornbread is a popular accompaniment to ham and bean soup! … Scalloped or Au Gratin Potatoes…. Arugala Salad…. Corn on the Cob…. Roasted Sweet Potatoes…. Coleslaw…. Applesauce…. French Fries.
More to come…
•Dec 2, 2022

What to serve with navy bean soup?

What should you serve with Navy Bean Soup? His Navy Bean Soup is substantial and warm, packed with protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables, so it doesn’t need many sides. I like to serve it with crusty bread, dinner rolls, or cornbread, as well as a large green salad, wedge salad, and fruit salad.

What to eat with ham hocks and beans?

Beans with ham hocks may be eaten with crusty bread, cornbread, or crackers. A simple side salad or roasted veggies would also be delicious.

What sides go with 15 bean soup?

What are the greatest accompaniments to 15-bean soup? Cornbread, greens, garlic bread, and quesadillas are the best accompaniments to 15-bean soup.

What can I serve with soup instead of bread?

Broccoli Rabe Made Simple.
Jul 26, 2022 8. Braised Bacon with Kale…
8 8. Ricotta, Sage, and Pine Nut Spaghetti Squash…
Grilled Green Beans with Harissa…….
6 8 Garlicky Roasted Broccoli.
5th. Quick Skillet Kale with Lemon and Garlic.
4 Cauliflower in the Air Fryer…
3 Sweet Snap Peas….
2 Soup Vegetable Sides 1

What is healthiest thing to eat with soup?

These side dishes will round out any dinner, whether it’s a fresh salad, a crisp breadstick, or a piece of crostini. Kale Salad with Balsamic & Parmesan and Handmade Breadsticks with Chard are both wonderful and go nicely with chowders, stews, and other dishes.

What can I put in bean soup to prevent gas?

You may reduce the gassy qualities by adding a little baking soda to your mixture. The baking soda aids in the breakdown of some of the beans’ inherent gas-producing carbohydrates.

What to serve soup in at a soup party?

Arrange a large stack of bowls on the table. If you don’t have 20 bowls (I surely don’t!) use disposable bowls; just make sure the disposable bowls are robust enough to carry hot soup. Sutsy Party’s are my favorites since they’re sturdy, cute, and biodegradable.

What’s the difference between great northern beans and navy beans?

What exactly are Great Northern Beans? Medium-sized beans that are larger than Navy beans but smaller than Cannellini beans. Great Northern beans have a moderate, nutty taste and solid body. They keep their form better than Navy beans in soups and stews.

What is the best side dish of pork and beans?

Here’s the quick solution. Beef ribs, fried chicken, hotdogs, or grilled cheese are the greatest side dishes with pork and beans. Mopping up sauce is easy with cornbread, biscuits, or potato wedges. Serve cucumber and tomato salad or southern coleslaw as a lighter side.

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