What Should You Serve With Mussels?

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Do you need some inspiration on what to serve with mussels? Thankfully, there are several wonderful coupling alternatives for this sweet and salty shellfish. There are several side dishes to go with this versatile shellfish.

You may pick for something heavy or something lighter; whatever your choice, these delectable sides will make a terrific complement. This list includes anything from salad and vegetables to something a bit unusual.

8 Delicious Side Dishes for Mussels

1. Crusty Rolls

Although normal bread can suffice, there is something extra special about a crusty roll even on the best of days. The textural contrast will be enhanced if you use a crusty roll with mussels.

If you prefer sourdough bread, try heating a beautiful crisp sourdough roll, the steaming hot roll slavered in butter or a little olive oil is a fantastic compliment.

You may also go for something with more taste, like garlic bread. Garlic bread in the shape of french sticks (crisp and firm) is commonly available in most supermarkets, but if you want, you may simply create your own.

2. Lardons

Bacon lardons are a superb French innovation. Stuff your mussels with a few of these juicy and crunchy bacon bits to make them pop with all of those flavors all at once.

Lardons should be oven-baked or fried until they start to crisp up on the exterior, about an inch long and up to half an inch thick.

If you want our recommendation, go for the smoked type, which will enhance the tastes of these salty cured bits of pig.

Combine these with any of the other side dishes on this list to make a very filling feast.

3. Rice

Rice is basic, yet it goes so well with seafood, and mussels are no exception. Rice is adaptable and can absorb the tastes of the food surrounding it, allowing the mussels to be the star of the show.

If you like a stickier texture that absorbs more flavor from the mussels, combine them with soft white rice or calrose rice.

4. Asparagus

There seemed to be no limit to the variety of dishes that asparagus complements. The only issue here is the way of cooking.

For a rich taste, pan-fry your asparagus with a little garlic and butter. After cooked, finish with a sprinkling of salt and a squeeze of lemon.

Since asparagus is frequently a touch stiff, it provides an excellent accompaniment to mussels. This side dish comes to life when you combine the natural tastes with some added additions.

5. French Fries

If eaten separately, French fries may be an excellent complement to mussels. Getting a crisp and tasty french fry in between mussel dishes is a treat in and of itself.

6. Mushrooms

Mushrooms perfectly compliment the taste profiles, and you can combine them with the bacon lardons to make an enormously meaty meal.

Use portobello or button mushrooms that can be cooked whole, and remember to add enough of garlic and butter to make a rich meal appropriate for many a great restaurant entrée.

7. Salads

Most salads will pair nicely with mussels, but for greater textural contrast, choose something with more crunch.

In such cases, a low-dressing slaw or a Caesar salad may be effective.

You could even wing it and use any items you have on hand! Most salads pair well with mussels, as long as you don’t smother them with sauce, which may result in taste contamination!

8. Kimchi

I wanted to include this since it works amazingly well. Kimchi is a popular Korean side dish prepared from fermented vegetables, most often napa cabbage or radish. It is then fermented and well-seasoned with a variety of seasonings.

Kimchi has a rich taste and may be spicy because to the spices. I like this excellent side with mussels because of the extra heat. There are so many levels of taste, the crunch, and then the fire.


Mussels are a seafood staple for good reason, but there’s no need to always eat them that way. It is generally preferable to mix them with something delectable that breathes fresh life into this traditional meal. You should now have some fresh ideas for what to serve with mussels that everyone will appreciate!


What side dishes go with mussels?

What Should You Serve With Mussels? (20 Easy Ideas)
Bread. Mussels are high in protein, so mix them with carbohydrates for a filling lunch. French Fries. Saffron Rice. Garlic Bread. Sweet Potato Fries. Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges. Toasted Baguette. Tomato Sauce.
Additional details…•April 28, 2021

What goes with mussels as main course?

What is the ideal main course to accompany a mussels starter?
Filet mignon with all the frills…
Pasta with salmon, sun-dried tomato cream sauce, and spinach…
Rack of lamb roasted with garlic and herbs and served with smashed potatoes…
Piccata chicken with velvety mashed potatoes…
Charcuterie board with meat and cheese.
Jun 10, 2022

What do the French serve with mussels?

The most renowned blue mussel meal in France is moules frites, which are mussels cooked in a wine and herb broth and eaten with French fries, chips, and mayonnaise on the side.

How many mussels do you need per person?

2 pounds mussels per person for a main course. The black-colored “blue mussel” is the most prevalent, although green-shelled New Zealand mussels are also popular. Mussels are offered live, with their shells securely closed, but some may “gape” open little. You should purchase 1 to 1 1.

Are mussels an appetizer or entree?

This steamed mussels dish requires just a few basic ingredients and can be served as a light appetizer or as a robust meal when coupled with pasta.

What is the main food of oysters and mussels?

Most shellfish are at the bottom of the food chain and feed largely on phytoplankton and zooplankton. Many shellfish, particularly crustaceans, are closely related to insects and arachnids; crustaceans are one of the major subphyla of the phylum Arthropoda.

How do you eat classy mussels?

“Remove the center and use it to eat all of your mussels. As a result, it’s quite lovely.” She gave an example. Certainly, using a mussel shell as a tool to extract and consume the bellies is considerably more respectable than selecting with fingers and more easier than using forks, which need cleaning.

Are mussels a healthy meal?

Mussels are high in protein, iron, selenium, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also low in saturated fat, so they’re a natural gourmet gift you can feel good about. To top it all off, they are one of the simplest seafoods to prepare.

How do Italians eat mussels?

The mussels are customarily cooked open, and the liquid is saved to make a rich tomato sauce. They’re packed with a tasty mixture of cheese and breadcrumbs, tied with thread, then cooked in tomato sauce.

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