What To Serve with Toad In The Hole

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Looking for some tasty side dish ideas to go with your toad in the hole?

Toad in the hole is a typical English meal that comprises of battered sausages. Yorkshire Pudding is the name given to this renowned batter from the county of Yorkshire. For the final touch, pour steaming hot homemade onion gravy over the top to soak into the batter and sausage.

Some individuals prefer to offer veggies with their toad in the hole, while others do not. There is much discussion over whether veggies should be provided and whether or not extra carbs should be given with the meal.

This often leads to confusion regarding what to serve with toad in the hole and what not to serve with it.

We’ll look at the greatest conventional and non-traditional side dishes to offer with toad in the hole in this list article.

Lets get stuck in!


What To Serve with Toad In The Hole

Nothing goes better with toad in the hole than luscious entire chantenay carrots. You don’t have any? Choose any kind you like. They complement the onion gravy so beautifully that the only point of contention should be how much crunch you want in your carrots.

If you want to go above and beyond, try honey-glazed carrots for a sweet and savory combination.

Roast potatoes

What To Serve with Toad In The Hole

If you’re serving meat with gravy in England, someone will invariably want crispy oven-baked roast potatoes.

While it isn’t a typical side dish to offer with toad in the hole, a couple wonderful roast potatoes would undoubtedly enrich the meal.


Garden green peas are a nice and gentle companion to toad in the hole. Serve them all on their own or with a side dish like roast potatoes or carrots. They are usually a terrific veggie to offer with any meal that includes gravy and Yorkshire pudding.

Mashed potatoes

Again, not a traditional accompaniment to toad in the hole, but an increasing popularity across the United Kingdom is mashed potato or mash.

With a dab of English mustard, a sprinkle of salt, a splash of whole milk, and plenty of butter, you’ll have a delightful side dish of mash to accompany your toad in the hole.

Green beans

Green beans are another excellent food to accompany your toad in the hole. To illustrate what we mean, combine mouthfuls of toad in the hole and green beans with delectable dabs of onion gravy.


With so many varieties of cabbage to pick from, you may be wondering which to use, but don’t worry. Green cabbage, a ubiquitous and widely available vegetable across the UK, is one of the traditional vegetables to serve with toad in the hole. If you want to try something different, this is one of the vegetarian options.


If you’re not a fan of cabbage, you might try broccoli or another kind of broccoli, such as purple sprouting broccoli.

Broccoli appears to pair nicely with any kind of gravy, but it pairs so well with the rich and delicious onion sauce served with toad in the hole that it has to be a top consideration for a vegetable choice in this meal.


Boiled spinach is a wonderful option for serving with toad in the hole since it readily pairs with large mouthfuls of sausage and gravy for a delightful combination of tastes.

While this isn’t a typical vegetable to serve with toad in the hole, it’s nevertheless a fantastic alternative that you won’t regret if you like spinach.

When it comes to spinach, it may have a strong taste, so be careful not to overcook it, as this might result in it being bitter.


If you enjoy cabbage but want to try something unusual and non-traditional, serve it with toad in the hole. It is crunchier than cabbage and has a more distinct taste, which may improve the whole dish and offer another depth to your dinner.


What veg goes with toad in the hole?

What to Serve With Toad in the Hole
Fresh Salad for Toad in the Hole.
Roasted potatoes.
Asparagus & Tomatoes.
Kale Salad.
Cabbage Salad.
Tomato and Cucumber Salad.

What do you put in a toad in the hole?

Stir in the mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and stock gradually until smooth and thickened to your preference. Serve the toad in the hole with gravy on the side.

Why is my toad in the hole soggy in the middle?

If your toad in the hole is soggy and stodgy in the centre after cooking, it’s not cooked through and hasn’t risen correctly – read the explanations above under ‘Why Does My Toad In The Hole Not Rise?’ You might also be using too many sausages for the tin and batter, or they are too close together.

Is toad in the hole a dessert?

Toad in the hole, also known as sausage toad, is a classic English meal made of sausages dipped in Yorkshire pudding batter and served with onion sauce and vegetables. Other meats, such as rump steak and lamb’s kidney, have been used in the past to produce the meal.

What is the food for the toad?

Crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms are popular choices. Flies, moths, and ants may also be fed to your toad.

How do you keep toad in the hole from sticking to the bottom?

Wait around 5 minutes after cooking before attempting to remove the Toad in a Hole from the tin to prevent it from sticking. Instead of attempting to chop it out as soon as it’s cooked, the batter is more likely to lift in one piece!

What is the best tray for toad in the hole?

If feasible, use a metal (or enamel-coated metal) baking dish – a big, relatively deep dish is ideal. Using a metal tin means the tin it will get hotter and the heat distribution will be more even.

Why didn t my toad in the hole batter rise?

However, the batter is most likely not frying correctly owing to the dish. Stoneware heats very slowly and does not provide the quick burst of heat that the batter needs to rise effectively.

What oil is best for toad in the hole?

Who doesn’t like a hefty amount of Toad in the Hole? The high burn point of Hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil makes it suitable for the high temperatures required to prepare the ultimate Yorkshire pudding.

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